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Aveeno Active Naturals Creamy Moisturizing Oil, 12 Ounce

This light body moisturizer locks in moisture all day long to improve the look and feel of skin and leaves skin feeling soft and silky, without the greasy feel of body oil. The breakthrough formula combines natural oatmeal with a blend of oils and rich emollients that work together to moisturize all day long. Aveeno creamy moisturizing oil has a light fragrance, and its fastabsorbing, nongreasy formula smoothes on like a light lotion and absorbs quickly to leave skin silky smooth with no greasy afterfeel. Discover Aveeno active naturals. Simply put, active naturals are Ingredients derived from nature and uniquely formulated to reveal skin’s natural health and beauty. Essential active naturals: skin soothing natural colloidal oatmeal and skinmoisturizing pure oat oil.

Key features

  • Moisturizes all day long
  • Nongreasy
  • Light body moisturizer for silky, soft skin
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews



Love love love this! Oil whipped up into a super lightweight and instantly absorbed souffle! Softens, moisturizes, leaves no greasy or waxy feel – melts into the skin like buttah LOL. Pleasant subtle fragrance. Friendly to sensitve skin.

Becky Hannibal, NY

I like this a little better than SebaMed

The liquid soap at the office is so drying, so I started bringing my own. While my moisturizing soap keeps my hands from being as dry, they are still in need of lasting moisture. Now, instead of being so dry they hurt, they’re just uncomfortable dry. I have been spending tons of money for hand creams that are supposed to be lasting, thick and creamy but so far they have all fallen short. Lately, even the SebaMed which for me moisturizes much better than everything I have tried prior, isn’t emoillent enough so I have to keep reapplying between hand washings. It does make my hands super soft though being 5.5 PH.So far, I like this Aveeno creamy moisturizing oil a little better than the aforementioned product. I use it exclusively as a hand lotion. It has a soft, neutral scent and moisturizes without feeling greasy. I still have to apply it between hand washings but a little less often. Lately I’ve been using them together (I start with Aveeno and end with SebaMed). So far, this has been my best and longest lasting solution. Maybe I’ll experiment by adding quick absorbing, natural oil into it to see if that helps.I bought my Aveeno Creamy Moisturizing Oil at the local drugstore for too much. Amazon lists it for about 40% less so I’m ordering one for the house through Amazon. I’m going to fill some travel sized bottles I have on hand so that I can keep some in my purse.

Ruby Otto, NY

Daily Moisture

I decided I was done with expensive, fragranced moisturizers I could only find at the department stores. This body moisturizer smells nice and gives a nice glow to the skin without being greasy. Application feels very luxurious and I wondered whether it would be too emollient but it soaks into the skin nicely while leaving a moist appearance to the skin which lasts pretty much all day. Some moisturizers I could feel sitting on my skin all day – even once I’d get into bed at night, like I had a layer of plastic coating on my skin but Aveeno Creamy Moisturizing Oil seems to be perfect. Usually, I don’t get through one bottle of any product before I move on, however, I just purchased my third bottle of this. I think it’s a keeper!

Marlene Powderhorn, CO

Moist and Lasting

I buy this product for my spouse, who favors it over the Aveeno Lotion Moisturizer. He says that this product stays on with his hydrocortisone cream.He says that the product keeps his hands from drying out and it doesn’t easily wash off. Contrary to what I thought, it doesn’t leave an oily residue. I prefer to buy it online, as not many local stores stock it. I received the product within the time promised and in excellent condition. I will continue to purchase this product as long as my spouse uses it. I recommend this moisturizing oil to anyone needing long-lasting skin moisture.

Jessica Bowmansville, PA

Excellent for dry skin!

I have 3 cats and one little shihtzu that is piddle pad trained so I wash my hands dozens of times throughout the day. They get so dry that they crack and hurt so I was looking for a good hand cream that didn’t feel heavy or leave a greasy feeling. Hard to find one that does all that, but this one is perfect! It absorbs right in and feels so light, yet leaves my hands feeling so soft. When I first used it, my knuckles were actually so cracked they were bleeding and that cleared up in one day of use. It has an amazing scent as well that make it a total winner. I just ordered another bottle to have in my kitchen. Love it. Totally satisfied with price as well because I have paid much more for a good cream.

Christa Hope, RI


Not greasy and dries smooth on your body. Smells pretty pleasant and clean not so much of the scent but more of the smooth creamy feel.

Cassandra Satsuma, FL

Love it

This product is hard to find on shelves in my area, on the rare occasion I or my mom would see it we would buy up like 3 bottles at a time. I have just started buying it on Amazon instead. I love that it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave my hands greasy (I HATE having greasy hands) but still leaves my hands feeling soft and moisturized. The scent is light and pleasant, similar to the scent of the other aveeno products. I’ll also use it on my legs after shaving and on any other dry/itchy patches I might have on my skin and the oatmeal in it really does seem to help calm the itching.

Lawanda Ridge Farm, IL

It’s the best lotion I’ve ever used

I started using Aveeno Active Naturals Creamy Moisturizing Oil last winter after my skin dried out. I tried several lotions, but nothing seemed to help. I tried this one and was amazed by how much softer my skin felt. It kept it from drying out and took care of the peeling I was experiencing. I also love the scent. I continued to use it all year long, even in the summer. I have a feeling the dry winter air won’t bother my skin this year as long as I keep using this lotion. It’s definitely my favorite lotion. I also recommended it to my own mother, and she loves it as well.

Geneva Powhatan, LA

Great skin care product

I like this product because it is not greasy and it stays on all day. I will recommend it to others.

Brenda Converse, IN