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This light oil has a unique skin conditioner designed for use in the shower or bath. Its special formula blends the moisture-retaining properties of mineral oil, with the skin-soothing benefits of natural colloidal oatmeal, to relieve skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth all day.

Key features

  • With natural, soothing oatmeal
  • Moisturizing formula to soothe skin
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth

Honest reviews


Prevents dry skin but be CAREFUL using it

When I poured this out of the bottle in my hand in the shower I noticed a mild scent but I can’t tell you what the scent it. Once out of the shower (and after patting my body down with a towel, NOT rubbing it down) I notice very little scent when I raise my forearm to my nose. My skin feels soft, not greasy the way it can be after using body lotion. I might be able to skip the heavy body lotions this winter if I use this each time I shower. Time will tell.DO be careful with this – have a mat on the bathtub or shower basin so you don’t slip. It’s not extremely greasy, but it is oily.

Susanne Brooksville, MS

Great product

I use this last in the shower with a pouf sponge. I barely rinse afterwards and lightly pat dry with a towel. Leaves my skin feeling soft and silky. My skin is dry and itchy in the winter and this has been my perfect cure! Wished I had known about it years ago.

Georgina Piermont, NH

love love love this bath oil

I am older and live in the southern California desert. This stuff is amazing. I use it both after my shower and often on dry skin as well.

Cathryn Sand Springs, MT

The best product for dry skin!

Love this stuff. Been using it for years now. No dry skin problems and I’m over 60. My mother and sister complained about having some serious dry skin issues. I recommended this and the lotion. Now they have no dry skin and are amazed at the results.

Nita West Louisville, KY

Lightweight moisturizing, good cleansing

I bought this shower oil to mix with Dr. Bronner’s liquid castille soap so that I would stop stripping my skin every shower. The neutral scent allowed the stronger castille scents (peppermint) to stay strong. I felt like my skin stopped drying out every day. One problem was that it prevented the castille soap from making as many suds.By itself, this shower oil is great affordable alternative to the Neutrogena bath oil, but perhaps a little less effective

Kelsey Dearborn, MI

Steven’s Johnson syndrome

I’ve been using this product since 2009, and It has worked miracles for me. I was diagnosed with Steven’s Johnson Syndrome in 2009, with the itching and peeling I was having, I tried several different products with no success. I ended up going to Target and found this product. While it is expensive, it really helps with the itching and dry skin. It’s definitely the best product, I’ve ever tried.

Lilia Woodstock, OH