Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother 3.4 oz

This treatment helps styling faster & easier exclusive plant extracts from organic aloe, maize & guar bean imparts a smooth surface on hair organic tapioca combats humidity up to 12 hours wheat protein shields off surface damage for heat styling deliciously scented with fresh spicy citrus-floral to use: apply to damp hair after shampoo & conditioner…

Key features

  • Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother3.4oz/100ml

Honest reviews


hair stuff

I did not read the product description and therefore it is not something I will use often my dog does not like it

Marcella Shutesbury, MA

Dont Do IT

I was so hopeful about this product. I have to say, it smells nice. But that is it. It does nothing, and I mean nothing for my fine, curly hair. Total waste of money.Very disappointed…… Tried it b4 styling, as a leave in, as mentioned in the other reviews. And it simply does nothing. Infact, I think it may make my hair feel worse :((

Janette Maxwell, IA

Lovely 🙂

I bought this stuff today at aveda, and I love it. It smells great, and it makes my hair so soft. I use it before I blow dried my hair and it dried super fast, and was really soft and calm after. I usually have a ton of baby hairs sticking up all over the place like I got electrocuted, but this stuff made it go away and made them flatten out! Finally!

Gale Richville, MI

Excellent product

I bought the shampoo, conditioner, straightener, and smoother, and I am very pleased. Well worth the price. My hair hasn’t felt this smooth and silky in years. The scent is nice and the results are great. Excellent product.

Nell Yukon, WV

As always, Aveda delivers.

I use it daily as a leave-in conditioner and it has significantly enhanced the health in my hair. No split ends anymore! It weightlessly tames frizz, protects against heat, adds shine, and strengthens. Get it. You won’t regret it.

Zelda Amity, AR

and it smells nice. Although still had fussy ends after blow drying …

You will at least notice that you used a straightener product with thus, and it smells nice. Although still had fussy ends after blow drying with product.

Sonya Willington, CT

It Works Well

I really like this stuff. It straightens my hair so well with just a little drop. It is cah-razy expensive, though. It smells like pepper and flowers. I’m not honestly comfortable spending this much on a hair-straightening product. It does work wicked-good, I must admit.

Carolina Williford, AR