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Aveda Control Paste Finishing Paste with Organic Flax Seed, 1.7-Ounce Jar

Aveda Control Paste Finishing Paste with Organic Flax Seed delivers a pliable hold, low sheen, piece-y definition for all hair types. People tested. Made in USA.

Key features

  • One 1.7-ounce jar of finishing paste
  • Leaves hair pliable enough to play with
  • For a pliable hold with low sheen
  • For all hair types
  • Made in the United States

Honest reviews


check pricing

Good product, but Amazon artificially inflates the retail cost to make it seem like a good deal when it is cheaper to buy from a store or from Aveda directly.

Marianne Byromville, GA

The Right Stuff For Thr Right Job

I cut my hair very short and then bleached it nearly white…kind of feel like I’m channeling Billy Idol or Andy Warhol. My hair is now damaged and breaking. This stuf (used very sparingly daily on damp or dry hair restores moisture and allows minimal damage from hair dryer.P.S. I usually warm it to emulsify it in the palm of my hands then add 3 – 4 drops of pure jojoba oil. Works great. Now I won’t be able to live without it until my hair grows back.

Amber Wheatland, IA

The best!

I occasionally try a different paste, thinking I can save a few bucks… and always come back to Aveda. This stuff is absolutely the best!

Mae Carthage, IL

Doesn’t provide great hold

My hair is currently cut into a layered bob that reaches about two inches past my ears, and I’m trying to grow it out a bit more. This product was recommended to me on a beauty forum as a great product to “piece out” the layers. While I love the smell and the texture of it, I’ve found that it just doesn’t hold my layers in place in a lasting way.According to the product description, Control Paste is meant to help create texture: “Loose and piece-y, or stand-up and messy-new Control Paste gives hair a high-textured, low-sheen look that’s smooth, not sticky.” When I first apply it, the layers in my hair really stand out, but they disappear in less than an hour. I’ve even tried zapping my hair with hairspray, and have tried layering other products on top of the Control Paste, but nothing seems to keep those layers standing out. Perhaps my hair is too thick, but the layers just sink back into the rest of my hair a short while after using this.I’ve also experimented with various methods for applying it, and it seems to work best if you emulsify it between your fingertips (not in your palms) for a few seconds, and then use your fingertips to go down individual chunks or sections of that hair that you want to piece out.One thing I do really like about this is that it’s great for keeping those pesky gray hairs flat. I get my hair colored, but the grays love to stick up along my part and hair line, and this does an excellent job of smoothing them down and keeping them there all day.Overall, I love the idea of using an organic product on my hair, but this just doesn’t provide the lasting hold I need to bring out my hair’s texture and layers, even though it’s designed to do just that. For that reason, I would give it 3 1/2 stars.

Gena Mc Dowell, VA

Been a fan for years

I have short, piece-y blonde hair, and I swear by Aveda products (plus it smells AWESOME). I rub it between my hands w/ Aveda’s Light Elements fluid (after blow-dry) and bam – I’m out the door. BUT, but I have to say, the prices I’ve seen on Amazon are way too high for this stuff..

Leola Hurley, NM

Great and not sticky

This product works well for longer hair as well, you should not be using more than a nickel sized amount otherwise it will be overwhelmingly sticky and gunky. I just dab my finger in it and smooth it on my edges then brush it down, and i also just place a little on the ends of my bangs to keep them place and not flying everywhere. The great thing is that this product doesn’t build up.

Thelma Moxee, WA