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Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel, 8.5 Ounces

Aveda Confixor Conditioning Fixative

Key features

  • Contains morikue protein-conditions and fortifies
  • Light weight styling product for medium hold
  • Creates definition, suitable for fine to medium hair

Honest reviews


Worst gel I’ve tried. Ever.

Wow. This gel is great if you want your hair to: A) Have NO shine whatsoever. B) Smell like an herbal field, and I don’t mean in a good way, this stuff smells like rancid chamomile tea. C) Want a very loose hold with excessive greasiness and NO I didn’t use too much I’ve tried many times with varying amounts, from pea to nickel size) and D) Feel like there is an opaque film of gunk on your hair that makes it look worse than if you had just air dried it straight out of the shower. Horrible stuff. Thank goodness it wasn’t too terribly expensive, I am tossing the bottle out. Ants will probably attack it in my garbage, the smell is so sickly sweet. For reference, I have 3A type curly hair. What I WOULD recommend for use on my type of hair – Redken 08 liquid, Versastyler (the old formula, not the new stuff), Aquage uplifting mousse, and Thermafuse eSculpt. These aren’t as gunky and filmy, and won’t leave you smelling like rancid chamomile tea.

Hallie Kensington, OH

Not too impressed.

I don’t feel like this product makes any difference in the way that I can style my hair. The scent is strong, so I don’t use alot of it. I don’t want other people to wonder what that smell is. Basically, I don’t think it is worth the price.

Jeannine Clarksburg, OH

The Very Best

I have used this for years and love it. It is a bit expensive but it just takes a little bit and the fragrance is fantastic. I love it when my husband tells me my hair smells good.

Helen Shelby, MI

use this all the time and have for years

it does seems to dry ones hair out a bit but smells wonderful and truthfully I have used it with a couple other products now for several years – so drying my hair out or not I keep coming back to it.

Emilia Hamer, ID

Yummy Product, from scent to hair ”fixing”, making thin hair have volume

I have baby fine hair, and without product, it’s wispy and all over the place, even without wind. The problem with fine and thin hair is that most products weigh it down, and flatten it. The after shampoo ”fixer” is divine. The fragrance, alone, is intoxicating. I’ve never had anyone not love the way it smells, and these days, many people are fragrance haters, scolding people for wearing cologne.Even people who hate scent on other people love Confixor’s smell. The only way to describe it is like the rain forest, or how the Garden of Eden smells. Seriously, aside from the fragrance, it provides my hair with control, shine, and helps it to look twice as thick as it actually is.

Blanca Shedd, OR