Aveda Blue Malva Conditioner, 8.5-Ounce Tube

Aveda Blue Malva Color Conditioner – Adds silvery brightness to gray hair and neutralizes brassy tones in all shades. Formulated with blue malva and coneflower to help impart wanted moisture and brightness.

Key features

  • Neutralizes brassy tones in all hair shades
  • Intensive conditioning formula rejuvenates and refreshes color, leaving hair shiny, silky and manageable
  • Deep-conditions

Honest reviews


I was a skeptic…but now I’m a believer.

I am not a natural blonde and I bleach nearly black hair to pale blonde every once in a while and brassiness is always a pain to deal with, even when I useL’Oreal Paris Colorist Secrets Brass Banisher Hair Treatment, it turns brassy pretty quickly. In the past, I’d triedClairol Shimmer Lights Original Conditioning Shampoo(which smells terrible but does a fairly good job and mid-line priced),John Frieda Sheer Blonde Color Renew Tone, Restoring Shampoo, 8.45 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 2)(which doesn’t work at all and at 7-10 bucks, you get what you paid for…), thenJoico Color Endure Shampoo, 10-ounce(which didn’t so much get rid of my brassiness but made it even throughout, but it’s highly recommended to use the conditioner and it’s a bit pricey). I’d heard of Aveda’s Blue Malva shampoo/conditioner but it had me cringing at the price–the 33 oz (the only size it comes in) is a whopping 50 bucks while the conditioner ranges from 20-30 bucks for 8.5 oz. I’ve tried other brands, mostly salon brand products, and while each did an okay job, the price and the end result didn’t really impress me. Until now.Keep in mind, that depending on the product, you either need the shampoo OR conditioner, or, you use BOTH but on alternating days; or, you use either every few days or once a week for a certain length of time, and cover it with a plastic bag. Scared? Don’t be. So, let’s say you use a conditioner OR shampoo every 2-3 days and leave it in for 20 minutes each time, but if you use the shampoo in conjunction with the matching conditioner, the directions have you doing that same routine just in a different format and in less time for either the shampoo/conditioner throughout the week. That means, you’d probably be doing 5-10 minutes for shampoo/conditioner but every other day. To say it in another way: if you use the shampoo OR conditioner, 1-2 times a week, that being one day you use the shampoo and the other time the conditioner, and you leave it in for a lot longer, say, 30-40 min each time and sometimes using a plastic cap to help things along, it all evens out to be about the same in terms of timing and how long the product is in your hair. The shampoo and conditioner are pretty much the same except the conditioner has extra oils/lotions/etc in it to keep your hair from drying out, keep it smooth and not smell. That’s why I use the conditioner only. Does everything the shampoo does, but keeps my hair hydrated.Ultimately, it’s really about finding a balance for your own hair type and seeing how the product takes to your hair. Trial and error, and it’s really hard to error. Some people need to be more aggressive while others get away with using a brass banisher sparingly. Also, the major issue in using any brass banisher, be it in a shampoo/conditioner duo or something like L’Oreal’s Brass Banisher, is…the dreaded dry, straw-like hair. Shimmer Lights dried out my hair, a lot. John Frieda, well, since it didn’t do anything for my brassiness, dryness wasn’t even an issue. Joico tended to dry out of my hair but not like Shimmer Lights and Aveda’s Blue Malva leaves my hair a tad dry but as long as I use a moisture rich hair mask or conditioner specifically made for color-treated hair, it feels okay. Since I bleach my hair, the over-processing will always leave my hair a bit on the dry side but Aveda’s conditioner doesn’t leave it feeling like it’s about to snap in two. Again, hair masks are a MUST, even if whatever product you use doesn’t suck all the moisture from your hair. I use it every other day. It helps, believe you me.Hair type: fine/oily. I use the Blue Malva conditioner every 7-10 days. I leave it in the roots for 10 min before putting it on the rest of my hair. I leave it in for 40-50 minutes, sometimes put a plastic bag over it, and my hair is BRASS FREE for a good week. Yeah, a total of 1 hour; however, at 2 times a week, I can work with that. Watch TV, read a few chapters of my trashy romance novel, and presto!So, okay, the price still has me cringe and I go through the Aveda Blue Malva Conditioner like crazy but folks, this stuff WORKS, every time and without fail. The other products I’ve used have never truly gotten rid of the brass, just faded it out and didn’t really banish it. Some get that nice ashy-silver tone to their hair but I only get that on finer parts of my hair around my hairline. In the end, having something that I can just grab from the shower, leave it and gets rid of that ugly orange-y hue, even if only for a week at a time, is sooooo worth every penny!!! I plan on buying the shampoo soon and using both. Five stars and THEN some!

Shelia Angelus Oaks, CA

Excellent for Blondes

I love the Blue Malva Conditioner and theAVEDA by Aveda: Blue Malva Color Shampoo 33.8 OZ. I have naturally blonde hair with lots of highlights that are affected by the seasons (lighter in the summer; darker in the winter). My hair is also very fine. Therefore, I have to be really careful about which shampoos I use in order to avoid my hair turning brassy, heavy, and oily. I’ve struggled with conditioners because of both my color and my hair texture. But the Blue Malva Conditioner is excellent and has never left my hair too heavy or brassy. I use the conditioner about once a week with the Blue Malva Shampoo. It leaves my hair soft, true to color, and light weight. I have extremely sensitive skin and have never had a problem with breakouts or itchiness from this shampoo. I highly recommend it to blondes!

Cynthia La Jara, CO

Great conditioner for blonde hair!

The first time I used this, it cleared out all the brass! I will most def buy this product again. & yes, there is a purplish tint. (=

Toni Schnellville, IN


If you have allergies, stay away from anything aveda or your skin will break out big time! All of their products cause breakouts for sensitive skin!

Caroline Warren, ME

Excellent whitening product

Love this stuff. Would use it over and over again, and I do.Takes the brassiness out of your hair.

Nelly Oologah, OK

love Love LOVE !!!

I have ombre hair that melts from copepr red to platinum blond and I add this at least once a week to the blonde ends which keeps them looking bright. My ONLY note: It does make the shower floor look a little messy — just know you may have to bleach your tub a little more often.

Bobbie Nixon, TX