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Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Creme, 2 oz

Vitamin C Renewal Cream by Avalon Organics 2 oz Cream Intense Defense with Vitamin C Renewal Cream This product replaces Vitamin C Renewal Cream. The antioxidant-intensive formula in the bottle remains unchanged. The antioxidant-intensive formula in the jar remains unchanged. RENEWAL CREAM is a rich emollient moisturizer that encourages collagen and elastin production to strengthen skin’s underlying support structure so the surface feels soft and resilient and signs of aging fade. Standards Certified by QAI to NSF ANSI 305 the American National Standard for personal care products containing organic ingredients Contains 70 organic content 100 vegetarian ingredients Directions Applying to freshly cleansed face and neck completes an antioxidant-intensive regimen. Maximize results by using at night while skin undergoes its natural renewal cycle. Intense Defense Sheer Moisture SPF 10 is recommended if sun exposure is expected. Other Ingredients Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice(1) Aqua (Water) C

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This is better than all the expensive ones I have tried

I started using this product when I just did not want to spend another 45.00 for my usual Origins face cream. I was skeptical at first but when I found out that it not only has Vitamin C but White Tea too, I was willing to give it a shot. Both are wonderful topical antioxidants and even Origins could not offer both in one product.That was over a year ago and I have not gone back. In fact, I use the entire line of Avalon Vitamin C now. The cleansing milk, facial serum, balancing toner and this cream. My skin absolutely glows like never before, my dry-as-the-desert skin problem is resolved, I never have breakouts and I look forward to my regimen every night and morning.Oh! The scent of this product is great. It is a clean citrus smell that does not linger too long – just perfect for feeling refreshed.Great stuff.

Ola Grampian, PA

i swear by this stuff

I absolutely love the Vitamin C renewal cream. I am on my second bottle now and i swear by it. It leaves my skin feeling “renewed” as it says it should. My skin just drinks it up- its a bit thick, but i dont seem to have a problem with it- it goes on smooth and wears well under makeup.I have noticed a dramatic change in my skin tone since i stared using this product. Dark spots are beginning to diminish, and my overall skin tone has gotten better. I would recommend this to anyone that has normal to dry skin. Its perfect and refreshing.

Annmarie Liberty, ME


This is the only face cream my daughter can use. It is perfect for sensitive skin and it smells great!

Lou Barboursville, VA

avalon organics vit c face cream

I haven’t used this yet. It has to be partnered with the phytoceramide to work. This was recommended by Dr. Oz for reversing the signs of aging, hydrating the skin. Along with the phytoceramide this will be a face lift without having to spend the money it costs for one.

Chasity Drew, MS

Hard to spread, especially on neck

This cream is thick and not the easiest to spread so I use more, which may be by design. It contains an unknown amount of vitamin c (What’s the big secret?). I use it twice a day with Avalon’s orange cleanser. I also take photoceramide supplements. After a month’s use, my skin feels smoother but my age spots have not changed. I am going to make my own vit c serum to see if it affects my age spots. There is a recipe for DIY vit c serum at

Maxine Elliott, IA

Good but not my favorite……..

Good but not my favorite……..It’s organic and has vitamin C which is why I bought it but no big or anything special will not buy again. I like Complex 15 cheaper and better …just not for me!~

James Gilmanton, NH


VERY strong orange smell. I don’t know about anyone else, but I prefer NOT to smell like an orange. I always buy unscented items so they don’t clash with my perfume. May be a great cream, but…. I am hoping the smell fades….and fast! Makes me wonder if I’ll attract flies when/if I go out with this cream on.It says it can be used under makeup. Don’t think I’d wear this cream out of doors.Update: The smell DOES fade after about 5 minutes, though my dog can still smell it. Not sure if I just got used to it or if it faded completely.It would be nice if they could, somehow, remove the smell.Update: The cream does seem to do a good job of moisturizing.

Whitney Bethlehem, PA

Eh…Nothing special

I decided to try this because i need some “glow” on my skin. I’ve used it for two months (at first i used it morning & night for three weeks, but then i only used it at night.) and I’m almost out. Pretty expensive if you ask me. I don’t know, but my skin feels dull as usual. Even though the cream is thick, i didn’t feel really moisturized. It just didn’t work for me.

Terrie Tatamy, PA

it’s okay

I have dry skin and i didn’t find this to be moisturizing enough for me. I’m in search of another night cream. Although it does smell great.

Dianna Goodwin, SD

Overwhelming Scent

This is a moisturizing product with an Overwhelming orange scent. When I tried it on my face, my eyes watered For 20 minutes. Will use it on my feet and will not repurchase.

Judy Oscar, OK

Really impressed

I went to get a facial and the lady told me that I should be using skin care products with vitamin C due to my skin type. I am very fair with freckles and sensitive skin-oily combination skin. She said that photo damage should be my biggest concern. So I went to Amazon and found this product (as well as the Vitamin C Gel Cleanser) with great reviews at a reasonable price. I have used both this and the cleanser for a short amount of time and can already notice a difference! My hyper-pigmentation seems muted and my skin is very smooth and calm. It hasn’t caused any irritation what so ever. I have used other common store brands as well as other VERY expensive department store brands and I can honestly say that this seems to provide me with the best results so far. I will continue to purchase this.

Germaine Mount Lemmon, AZ

Good product.

If this stuff is truly non-toxic, it’s earned five stars from me. I use it twice daily and my skin stays smooth and clear. It’s light, no odor, and my facial skin feels good after I apply it.

Marta Chino Hills, CA

Great daytime moisturizer

I like this daytime cream, it moisturizes without being too greasy. I also found it nonirrittating to my sensitive skin, as some vitamin C products can be. It sometimes needs to be applied more than once during the dry winter weather.

Nina Taholah, WA

Great product!

Combine it with Hayluronic Acid Serum and see your skin morph into the skin you should’ve been born with and you probably have but didn’t have the “tools” to take care of it. Well, now you do. Recommend.07/06/14I wanted to add this: I had a huge patch of darkened skin on my forehead and it was there for years, but after using this cream- it’s gone. And not only that: vitamin C evens the tone of your skin – I’m a living prove. Do yourself a favor and for $13 bucks make your skin look gorges.

Meredith Arlington, IN


I like the consistency… .the smell….the results seem good . No irritation . I mix with argon oil . Its great .

Robbie Boyes, MT

Vitamin C Renewal Facial Cream, 2 oz

I bought this to try after watching Dr. Oz. The dermatologists said to use vitamin C. I like it so far but have only used about a week.

Trina Stow, OH

No results, just breakouts!

I’ve never had anything but positive results from vitamin C, except for when I tried this product. I stopped putting it on my face because it consistently gave me pimples.

Carla Hanksville, UT

Great cream!! love it

I use this along with the serum, cleanser, and toner every night. It keeps my skin bright, even, hydrated and clear. My skin looks amazing. It helped clear some discoloration. I have dry sensitive skin and am 37. I am very happy with this cream. I will buy again…last a long time. Completely absorbs and hydrates. Smells amazing.

Aurelia North Haverhill, NH

IT WAS wonderful

They have changed the formula and now it stings and turns your face red. It also now has a fake, naseauting chemically orangy smell. I can’t believe they ruined such a perfect product. I recommend eucerin q10 anti-wrinkle sensitive skin creme is GREAT and has vitamin C too and is unscented! NO fake orangy/ chemically orangy smell as the newer avalon has.

Sonya Gibbonsville, ID

I love this product

I just love the smell of this stuff and also it feels so soothing when I put it on my face. very nice product

Tracey Falls Church, VA

night cream

not too heavy and has a very nice scent and the price is very reasonable . I would purchase again.

Corrine Hodgen, OK

Very moisturizing

This cream is is so smooth, and creamy.I especially like to use it on my neck and chest area. Makes it look very smooth and almost blurred.

Tia Strathmore, CA

Good item

Vitamin C is good for the skin, keeps it young. I use on arms too, when skin gets too dry

Johnnie Waters, MI