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Avalon Organics Shampoo, Biotin B-Complex, Thickening, 14-Ounces

Consciousness in cosmetics. Fortified with biotin, saw palmetto and wheat protein for a healthy scalp and thicker, fuller hair. Our pledge. Your assurance. Safe, effective, pro-organic hair care without artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or parabens. EU Cosmetics Directive Compliant. Maintain healthy scalp. Nourish follicles. Help restore thinning hair. Strengthen hair strands. Boost body and volume. pH balanced. Gentle for daily use. No sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate. No parabens, harsh preservative or grapefruit seed extract. 100% vegetarian ingredients. No animal testing.

Key features

  • For fine, lifeless or thinning hair
  • Made with a healing complex of B vitamins – biotin, niacin and panthenol
  • Nourishes the hair and scalp for added body and shine
  • Increases scalp circulation and stimulation of hair follicles
  • Helps strengthen hair strands and boost body and volume for a healthy scalp and thicker, fuller looking hair

Honest reviews


5 Star Shampoo

My husband, age 72, has had a problem with losing hair in recent years. He also has very fine limp hair. After using this shampoo, I noticed the fullness of his hair and he hasn’t lost hair since using this product. He also uses the conditioner. My husband shampoos his hair daily.There is NO shampoo on the market that will regrow hair despite what the infomericals tout. But by using this shampoo you can maintain the hair you do have.I then decided to try it on myself. Yes, I have had some hair thinning too (age 65). Since using this shampoo, my hair never looked so good. Full volume and it is wonderful smelling. Light not perfumey. I was breaking out on my scalp but not anymore. This shampoo treats your scalp also. I do not use the conditioner as the shampoo leaves my hair very soft, which is enough for me.I like the fact that the ingredients are organic. No sulfates, etc. I found that purchasing the 3 pack from works out to be a good savings. For the price I would pay for 2 bottles, I get an extra bottle free.We are sold on this product and would highly recommend it to anyone with hair and/or scalp problems.

Rachelle Heber Springs, AR

Does everything it promises

This is a wonderful shampoo which does everything it promises for fine, limp hair like mine. I love it and my hair looks great.I am an older gal (an aging baby-boomer) with thinning hair, living in a very humid climate which makes my fine hair hang dull and lifelessly. I am particular about the products I use as well, preferring organic without parabens or synthetic fragrances. For my moneyAvalon Organics Shampoo, Biotin B-Complex, Thickening, 14-Ounces (Pack of 3)fits the bill beautifully. My hair feels thicker and stronger with more body, volume and shine. The ends are less split or broken. My sensitive scalp also feels nourished and more healthy. What’s more, I don’t need to shampoo my hair as often. Having very long hair like I do, that’s especially nice for me. Finally, the natural fragrance of the herbs is subtle and fresh and not at all perfumey.This is yet another fine product from Avalon Organics and paired with its conditioner, it really is the perfect formula for healthier scalp and thicker, fuller hair.I have also discovered that purchasing it from Amazon is much less expensive than at the local health food store, by as much as $3 to $4 per bottle! Once again Amazon offers an amazing value!

Lois Teasdale, UT

Excellent Formula And Price…

For starters I want to make sure everyone knows I am a man. I say that for its obvious that for whatever reason the great many reviews available for this shampoo and many like it are from women. Perhaps its because more women are interested in approaching a thin hair problem from a standpoint of using a special shampoo, since actually losing it like men is not very likely. Or perhaps it is because a lot of men just don’t like leaving reviews for products such as this. In any event, I do use this shampoo and find it very effective, and a bargain for what ingredients it has. I’m an older man who’s hair has seen healthier days, and I am taking all the steps I can to make sure that my hair won’t be something just reminisced about in my memoirs. There is no real hair growth shampoo as far as I know, but a true thickening shampoo does do the job of making the best out of what you have. It works just as well as far as lathering as any other shampoo, is nice and thick and rich, and as far as the smell, I think it is very subtle. On other words, not really the most aromatic shampoo I have used to be sure, but not very strong in that area in any event. It carries a light medicinal scent that is not that bad at all in my opinion. As far as the way it works, the softness it leaves you with in your hair is nothing like I have felt in any other shampoo. It is definitely a thicker, more abundant feeling that can be well felt and seen. I have been using this Avalon brand for some time now and not only like the feel of how it leaves my hair, but I like the price too. A quick search of thickening shampoos here on Amazon will show you that any vanity by us in this area does not come cheap. Most thickening shampoos cost much more than this to be sure. I have never tried one of the more expensive brands, nor do I plan too. I am most satisfied with this Avalon brand and am keeping it in stock as part of my anti hair thinning arsenal from now on. In conclusion, I highly recommend this shampoo for any man or woman that is in need or want of such a formula. It leaves your hair with a most luxurious feel and is well worth buying in the three pack offered. A sound reasonable investment in your hair for sure…

Viola Wynona, OK

New formula?

It seems they’ve changed the formula since I bought this shampoo last. It’s runnier and takes a lot more product to work up a lather in my hair. The consistency is similar to aloe gel. I still really like the shampoo, but I may start looking for something more concentrated so I don’t have to use as much.I have very fine, shoulder-length hair and need at least a tablespoon to get a full lather. Now I go through the shampoo so quickly it’s not cost-effective.

Julia Mid Hudson, NY

Great smelling, not much else

I thought I would give this a try since it was organic. I didn’t notice any thickening after about 6 bottles over 6 months. It smells good, but that is about the only positive that I had from it. I have since moved on to other products that provide more bang for the buck. I would probably stick with it if I cared about organic skin care products though.

Lilly Lockwood, CA

ph balanced and cruelty free

Package says 70 percent organic ingredients . . .nice. It smells yum. Doesn’t sud up like chemical products, due to the absence of lauryl sulfate. That is what I wanted though. After getting used to that difference, it is just like any other shampoo . . .minus the animal and earth hurting parts.

Mable Reedsport, OR

I was hoping it would help with thinning hair

I’ve been using this shampoo for several months, almost a year. My hair is medium-thickness, naturally wavy and frizzy and thinning at the top. I wish I could say it’s helped with the thinning but it hasn’t.

Harriet Hartville, OH