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Avalon Organics Intense Defense with Vitamin C Facial Serum, 1 Ounce

It’s in our name: Avalon Organics. Our commitment to organic agriculture extends beyond personal care formulation to a passion for home-grown sustainability, a cleaner global environment and, of course, personal health. Our dedication to these ideals is summarized in our pledge, Consciousness in Cosmetics: To honor our bodies and the world we live in by creating an extraordinary range of truly effective personal care products that are inherently pure, safe and certified to the Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients. Each of our products is made with organic ingredients, including botanicals, extracts and essential oils. We honor ourselves, our planet and our users with the Consciousness in Cosmetics promise. We urge you to take time to honor yourself every day.

Key features

  • Intense Defense treatment stimulates cellular renewal and provides photo-aging defense
  • Targets sagging and lines as antioxidants reactivate cellular renewal and help produce collagen and elastin
  • Vitamin C Renewal uses powerful ascorbic acid that neutralizes free radicals and boosts collagen and elastin production
  • Cruelty-free cosmetics, no animal testing and 100% vegetarian

Honest reviews


Radiant Skin

After trying the Vitamin C Moisture Plus Lotion with SPF 15, I noticed that Vitamin C creams showed amazing results. My skin was tighter, firmer and looked more toned. In fact, I felt that my skin looked younger.This is perhaps one of the best anti-aging secrets around. At least when you apply vitamins topically, you can see fast results.This topical serum will improve your skin circulation, clarity, tone and even the texture. It will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, especially when applied with an extra helping of aloe vera gel.This is a highly concentrated formula. You will be tempted to use this all over your body. I put a bit of this serum with all my skin lotions for an all-over body treat. You can apply this before your face moisturizer or mix it in with your body creams.This specific Vitality Serum has Activated vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate). This is a stabilized form of Vitamin C. It is a powerful antioxidant that defends against the damaging effects of free-radicals. Once you read about free-radicals in Stephen Cherniske’s book: The Metabolic Plan, you understand the war you are in and your body needs assistance!This product is not tested on animals and has 100% vegetarian ingredients! It will protect your skin from the signs of aging, stimulate cell renewal and make your skin look radiant.70% Certified Organic Ingredients including: Botanical Infusion of Green Tea, Papaya and Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (vitamin C), Vegetable Squalane, Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E), Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), Rose Hips Extract, Borage Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Allantoin, Cocoa Butter, Retinyl Palmitate (vitamin A), Ergocalciferol (vitamin D), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Rose Essence, Xanthan Gum, Vegetable Glycerine, Sodium Citrate, Methyl/Propylparaben, Orange Oil, Beta CaroteneI’ve also noticed that the “orange oil” makes me feel happy. I think it lifts your mood a bit each time you use this product.This product has a wonderful scent. I’ve also used Source Naturals Skin Eternal Serum which has a more lemon scent and is also highly recommended. Skin Eternal Serum also has Vitamin C, but has added products like alpha-lipoic Acid, Lavender oil and Chamomile Flower Extract.~The Rebecca Review

Fern Medway, MA

Just Received

I’m giving this a 3 star because there is no label telling the contents, from what I’ve read, they have change the contents. I’ve read that the Vit C has changed and its almost at the bottom of the list. I don’t have a list? I will call the company.I’ve only been using it for a couple of days now, so I can’t rate it otherwise. I will take off a star when I re-rate it because there is no label of contents.

Nichole Southborough, MA

NOT FOR PEOPLE W SCENT ALLERGIES: Causes burning sensation, redness, breakouts, self-doubt

I have fairly but not extremely sensitive skin and have used C serums before with no negative results.It may be the powerful orange scent added to this but this Vitamin C Vitality Serum caused my face to become violently hotly red and itchy when I applied it to either my face or neck.Being the absolute moron that I am, I continued to use it several more times thinking that just might be how it worked and that I needed to tough it out like some kind of boot-camp for my face. MAN-UP WOMAN FACE!I realized though, when I started breaking out in whiteheads on my forehead and chin like the teenager I haven’t been for over 20 years that I needed to toss this product in the trash and move on.If you have semi-sensitive skin or reactions to strong scents, take a pass on this product.

Georgina Hibbing, MN

Not for sensitive skin

I love Vitamin C serums and this one is supposed to be very potent. That along with the hyaluronic acid made me give it a try. Unfortunately, this serum was very irritating to my face. It stung my skin and made my face turn bright red. I was able to keep using it by diluting it with water before applying, but I would not purchase it again. It was effective, but no more than some less expensive serums I have used.

Sabrina North Rim, AZ

It Works Fine, Not Really Fading the Dark Spots

I bought this serum on a recommendation. I think the product works fine, but I’m not blown away by it. I think if I weren’t micro-needling with it probably wouldn’t do much for my skin. I also layer other products over it, so it’s really hard to say with any certainty. All I can say for certain is that I’ve had no problems with it. It’s just not fading my dark spots to my satisfaction. I noticed in other reviews it was pointed out that the formulation has changed; that may be why my results are slow, because I’ve been using this since October.I think I will try another serum to see if I get better results. Not that this one was bad…it’s just I want to try and find something better.

Fern Almont, ND

comparable to ole henriksen truth serum

I wrote a review a while back on the ole henriksen truth serum and while i loved that so much it took away pigmentation that other products I was using couldn’t do, I just didn’t like the price I found my self repurchasing at least twice a month and it really adds up. The truth serum immediantly drys up into your skin you have to mix it with a cream or a essential oil in order to get an even layer all over your face.while the avalon organics serum I can use by it self at night it spreads super easy and I only use maybe less than half a pump any more than that is just to much for my face which brings me to saying its a fraction of the cost as the truth serum only buying a bottle every 2 months or conclusion this serum does the same thing as the truth serum at a fraction of the cost its a great pick me up to dry dull skin gives me the same glow also fades any scarring (with time) but it works greatany questions? comment below

Jeanne Tipton, PA

I regret not buying from Amazon…..

I bought this from Fred Meyer and it cost me $24….I wish I came to Amazon first…Anyways, this product feels and smells great. I use this after my skin needle treatment. I see this as an effective serum for my treatment. I believe it is making the healing process faster. I definitely recommend this to anyone.Update (11/7/11)I realized that using this everyday is causing minimal breakouts. I like the serum but I think I’ll be using this once or twice a week. I think it’s too much for my skin to handle from a daily use of this serum.

Julianne Helmsburg, IN

Break outs

This made my skin break out badly. I had to throw it away after the first use. It didn’t work for me.

Lucinda Demorest, GA

Like it but it caused acne

I like the product. I like the way it made my skin feel tighter and it had a nice smell. I only used it for 2 weeks so it didn’t make any noticeable difference to my skin in that amount of time. I had to stop using it because it caused me to break out. I never get pimples but about a week into using this they began to appear. I tried to wait it out to see if my skin just needed to adjust to a new product but by the second week I was seeing mountains on my face. Bummer, I think I would have loved this product.

Madeleine Hampton, KY


I loved the old formula, I would purchase by bulk since I’m currently overseas and received the new formulated version. NOT HAPPY 🙁 The smell, the ingredients, the color and texture all WRONG! If I had known I would have purchase one to test. I will no longer be purchasing the newer version of this, and will look for a new serum now. The highlight of my morning use to be this serum, not anymore, just waiting to use the last of the last bottle before I start looking elsewhere.

Tessa Pinckneyville, IL

I was sceptical

I bought this based on the reviews I have read, well let me tell you that they are true, I totally love this stuff. I was a Sudden Change fan for a long time. But not any more. Bought the cleanser at Walmart cheaper and I love that too. Makes my skin smooth and I am noticing fine lines vanishing,, AND NO MORE CROWS FEET!!! ya hoo.. Will defintly buy again.

Eliza Little Birch, WV

works just as good as the super expensive stuff

I was using a very expensive department store brand of vitamin C serum. This is a touch more drying but the results are the same as the expensive stuff. Glowing skin with reduction in fine lines. You really don’t need to use a lot of it either. I’m ordering a second bottle which is unusual for me. I really like this stuff and it smells like oranges. I do recommend using a moisturizer over it though day and night. Good stuff in my opinion

Mitzi Roxbury, CT

Too Oily

I bought this from a store. This serum made my skin very oily [and I have dry skin]; so much that I could not use any moisturizer on top of it. It was too greasy so I returned it. After using it for about a week I felt a burning sensation.

Michell Akron, NY

Five Stars

Love this product after a day in the sun or whenever skin is irritated

Joy Willow City, ND

Love this

I use to use Avon skintrition but after 12+ years Avon stopped making it or they changed the formula because I cant find the same thing. So, I was on the search for another vitamin C product and came across this. I have been using this product for about 4 years now and I really like it and it it a lot like the other product. Im 50 and my skin is still nice and tight so I think it is in part to the vitamin C I have used on my face for so many years. The smell is mild and I have never got pimples from using it. If you have dry skin like me though you may want to use another moisturizer or a little Vaseline at night and use this in the day which is what I do.

Julianne Albion, IA


I love this facial serum. It keeps my face moist. It’s light and creamy. One squirt flows over my whole face and neck, and once it has absorbed, I use the facial cream. Very nice.

Alison Chippewa Falls, WI

Don’t wast your money

Bad smell, weird consistency and texture.

Muriel Shingletown, CA


Okay, so I had to review this product because I am blown away! First it smells amazing, but I love citrus smell. It glides right on and absorbs quickly. I will warn you my face felt hot and my skin was a little red. I put the cream on top and went to bed. In the morning my skin looked brighter and more clear…beautiful! Hydrated and some of the more faint pregnancy mask spots were lighter. I love love it! I have worked in skincare for 16 years and have sensitive skin: I get rashes and hives very easily. The warmth and the redness were just the ingredients working. You have to know your skin…know when it is truly an allergic reaction and when it is just active ingredients working. Many great treatments you may feel a tingle etc. especially hydoxy acids or vitamin c products. They are working and it goes away shortly. Serums/treatments tend to be stronger because they go deeper than creams. I even wore it during the day under my moisturizer and makeup. I was a little red at first but then it went away. Did not disturb my makeup at all. My skin was balanced and hydrated all day…very smooth and bright. It feels warm when it is on, but only for a short while. I am using the whole Avalon Vitamin C line and am in love! I will probably only use the serum at night since it is so active and to not waste it. I use the Cream, Milk cleanser, and toner too. I am very very happy I bought this product and highly reccommend.

Mona Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Nicely priced; brightens skin

Avalon Vitality Serum with Vitamin C is a nicely-priced product that helpsbrighten the skin. Its texture is such that it also has acted as a nice primer for my make-up. It is definitely not oily, and I wouldn’t say it moisturizes, but it does treat discolorations and brighten skin. I have mixed it with a light moisturizer, and it goes on well without the pilling action. I would recommend this as a great alternative to high-priced products, with much the same result.

Vivian Allerton, IA

Zesty goodness on my face.

My face is doing pretty good due to this stuff. I noticed a lot of improvement in my skin tone, texture, and clarity within a short time, but it’s not good for under makeup because it becomes greasy with time. I like to use it at night, and it smells like somebody mashed an orange rind into a jar!

Juana Rossville, KS

smells rancid

I was so happy with this product when I ordered it a couple times last year. I could tell it worked well & even got a few compliments. Not sure if it was a combination of this vitamin c serum & the hyaluronic acid I began using at same time. The most recent purchase smells rancid which is rough since it goes on my face. Looking for a replacement.

Sarah Baskett, KY

Avalon Organics have done it again!

I recently put this on my ‘wish list’ on Amazon and my husband purchased it for me along with the Facial Cleansing Milk! I absolutely love both. They make my face soft, hydrated, and clean! This serum is a pump, which makes applying it very easy! I am very into fitness and healthy eating, and now I’m taking it further and taking care of my skin! I am moving away from harsh chemicals and I’m thankful I turned to Avalon Organics.

Valeria Aplington, IA

Love Love Love This

Only been using for a few days, but what a difference!My skin just drinks it up, feels wonderful and the smell is great!After use, my skin is so soft, not at all greasy, no shine!Love it!Update:Been using now for three months, this product has made such a difference in my 56 y/o skin. It is soft and smooth. So well hydrated I no longer have to wear face makeup, just a little light blush and I’m good to go!! Love it!!Skin looks dewey and fresh. Had lots of compliments on my skin.Love this so much I’m ordering other Avalon products.My only complaint is the bottle just isn’t big enough!THANK YOU AVALON FOR A WONDERFUL PRODUCT, THAT WORKS! AT A GREAT PRICE!!YOU HAVE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!

Penny Mountain Ranch, CA

A good buy

A good buy, but it it’s SOO small, will not see much of it working because you need more of it. But I could see it would work. Need to Ordr 2 at a time. To see it work.

Lessie Ulmer, SC

Average serum, stinky scent!

The serum is a light-weight lotion type serum – different from my favorite Body Shop serum which is more like a gel. It may be applied under moisturizer or worn by itself. The scent is not particularly pleasant. In fact, I once used Avalon’s Vitamin C Mosturizer and now I remember why I didn’t purchase it again: the scent! It reminds me of the smell of rotting oranges on the ground. It’s more of a pungent orange scent, sort of like the scent of an orange peel after you zest it, and not the pleasant smell of the fruit of an orange.Overall, this is a decent serum. I like the lightweight feel and it does seem to improve the tone of my skin. But I much prefer a gel-based serum such as the Body Shop’s since gel smooths out the skin much better than this light-weight lotion. But if you’re looking for a light moisturizer, Vitamin C Vitality Facial Serum is certainly acceptable as it does provide some moisture and improves the look of my skin.The pump bottle is okay – does take quite a few pumps to get anything to come out.The big turn-off though, is the scent. I really wish that this had a fresher citrus scent. It would make it much appealing to use.

Ava Leopold, IN

ive used this before and came back to it.

This is the only product that ive come back to use. with daily use, and you HAVE to keep up with it, my deep pitted acne marks start to become less noticeable in a month. It might leave your face a bit dry bc of the citrus acid in it so apply lotion after!

Aileen Harveysburg, OH

love it

Love this I will continue to order this since this really does work. Its a bit pricey and the bottle is so small but it really work! so I guess i can and will over look the small amount.

Jackie Bancroft, NE

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!

I’m an Avalon Organics super fan. I’ve loved every product I’ve ever used from them and this product is one of my favorites. Initially I utilized this and thought that I hadn’t seen much improvement. However, when I looked at pictures from before and after, I noticed there was a difference, so after about three months of not using, I repurchased. I can see a distinct difference in the dark spots that I had in September and how they look now in February. I took pictures at the beginning of each month from September when I started using again and now and there was a significant improvement each month.I use this in conjunction with the vitamin C cleansing milk, the vitamin C toner, and the vitamin C facial moisturizer. Again, all Avalon Organics because I love their products. I’m very comfortable and confident going out without makeup and I NEVER felt that way before. I would recommend to any and everyone and will definitely be repurchasing for life. It’s a staple in my product usage.

Sandy Columbia, IA