Avalon Organics CoQ10 Facial Cleansing Milk — 8.5 fl oz

Avalon Organics Wrinkle Therapy Cleansing Milk, 8.5 Fluid Ounce. Wrinkle Therapy with CoQ10 & Rosehip, for lines and wrinkles. This Cleansing Milk contains soap-free, botanical cleansers that gently lift away grime without drying or stripping skin.As skin ages and its cellular metabolism slows, collagen and elastin production gradually deteriorates causing wrinkles and sagging. This slowed metabolism is due in part to a decline in the skin’s natural levels of Co-Enzyme Q10 and other energy sources. Studies show that supplementing the skin’s natural CoQ10 production can help reverse and prevent these visible signs of aging. Wrinkle Therapy features a carefully selected blend of powerful natural wrinkle fighters. CoQ10 will boost skin energy levels to encourage regrowth of collagen and elastin; Rosehip Oil, high in potent antioxidants, provides intense free radical defense and promotes healthy skin rejuvenation; Hyaluronic Acid helps skin attract and retain moisture, resulting in a dewy, resilient and smoother surface texture. When skin is re-energized and its natural defenses are reinforced, it becomes firmer and more elastic, the appearance of lines and wrinkles fade and its overall complexion appears more youthful and healthy. Avalon Organics is grounded in the knowledge that all beauty begins within the Earth. Guided by the wisdom of nature, each product is thoughtfully crafted for optimal effectiveness while meeting a strict organic standard. Formulas contain carefully selected botanicals that are nurtured by the elements then tenderly harvested to nourish the body from the outside in. Deep rooted beauty is at the heart of the Avalon Organics Guiding Principles – ensuring that every product reflects a deep reverence for the planet and all it provides and contributes in its own small way to a holistic lifestyle of health, wellness and sustainability.

Key features

  • Creamy cleanser gently purifies without stripping away moisture
  • Formulated with CoQ10 & rosehip to reverse & prevent visible signs of aging
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • No GMOs, vegan & biodegradable
  • No parabens, harsh sulfates or preservatives, synthetic colors or fragrances, phthalates or animal testing
  • Organics CoQ10 Facial Cleansing Milk was launched by the design house of Avalon Organics
  • 8.5 Ounce Cleanser
  • It is recommended for casual wear

Honest reviews


A bargain for what it does

In one use I immediately felt like my face’s muscular elasticity improved. I recommend it for sensitive skin and it helps to keep the skin’s pH balanced.

Rhonda Titusville, FL

Cleans Well. Sulfate-free. HAPPY CAMPER.

I’ve been using Aveeno Active Smart Essentials face wash for some years now, but when I was running low and went quickly to the local CVS to pick up some more, I noticed the store was out and thought it would be great time to just try something new. I’m in my late 20s and lately have been doing a lot more preventive care and changing of products all of a sudden as needed when you’re body changes.This face wash is awesome! I love the consistency and find it to clean very well without drying (thanks to it being sulfate-free) – even on the lazy days when I don’t feel like taking off my make-up before washing. It’s been about a month now and I can honestly say my skin feels a lot tighter after using this. I follow with Alba Botanica’s oil-free aloe moisturizer (gold! – I’ll review that too). I was surprised to hear that some experienced a burning sensation and thought it to be strong (glad I didn’t read them beforehand). I consider myself to have pretty sensitive skin (I can’t even get an eyebrow wax without breaking out) and this didn’t burn at all! I try to stick to natural products and only explore sulfate-free and paraben-free options…I’ll definitely be buying this once I’m out. On the hunt now for a great eye cream. I’m a happy camper.

June Glad Valley, SD

Love this face wash! Great smell.

I have been using this for months and I LOVE IT. I love the texture, the smell, the way it makes my face feel. All of it. IT’s obviously gentle because I am pretty sensitive and have not been breaking out at all. In fact I wear less make up now than ever in my life.

Ladonna Tarrytown, NY

Feels Nice!

This face wash feels luxurious on the skin. It cleanses very gently and washes off without leaving any residue/greasiness like some other "gentle" solutions do. I was a little worried about acne, though, so I alternate between using this and an exfoliating face wash every few days.

Bobby Fairfield, ND

Good smell and the skin feels refreshing

I am a Asian with dry and sensitive skin. My skin product will irritate my skin or my eyes but not this one.I also really like the smell and how it feels after I washed my face. I hope it can be more creamy so that my skin can feel more protected after washing.

Mildred Grove Hill, AL

Lovely fragrance and natural, gentle cleanser

Avalon makes fantastic products. i have had acne all my life and now even in my ’50’s get blemishes on my nose, though the rest of my skin is drying out due to age. I switched over to Avalon from very expensive line (Yonka) after my sister (dry skin) recommended it. I now use the CoQ10 as well as the Vitamin C (orange bottle) cleansers, toners and moisturizers. Really lovely scent, and lasts a long time because all you need is a little bit for cleansing.

Malinda Orlean, VA

Love the Product

I just received this as a gift for my birthday and I love it. I haven’t used it much, but I absolutely love how it works and how it makes my face feel. It’s non-foaming, since that’s typically an added chemical that’s not needed and I enjoy the scent. My face feels clean and refreshed after using this Cleansing Milk!

Cheryl Knoxville, AL


This is good if you have very dry and not acne prone skin. I only use it every once in a while with my clairsonic, never use it alone. It smells kinda bad, kinda like salt!!

Mona Fairview, NJ

excelllent cleanser for all skin types!

wonderful milk cleanser for those suffering from dry skin even if you have combo skin. I read that it’s best not to use harsh cleansers for the skin. cetaphil and this are great. It’s great that this product has Co Q10.. But what use is it if it all goes down the drain? Maybe keeping on as a mask for a while? I still love it though!

Marcella Isabella, OK

Naturally Healthy Skin

CoQ10 is essential for healthy youthful skin. This naturally occurring nutrient is found in every living cell of your body, and provides the source of all cellular energy for building new cells and tissue for smooth, firm skin. As a powerful antioxidant, CoQ10 neutralizes free-radicals caused by sun and environmental exposure defending your skin against further damage.This is the most delicious cleansing crème. Not only does it smell like a field of flowers, it is 84% organic. This soap-free formula is blended with CoQ10, lavender floral water, Aloe Vera and green tea to help prevent wrinkles and give you a wonderful cleansing experience. It is 100% Vegetarian and there is no animal testing.They say to dampen your skin with warm water first, but I just put this straight onto my face before getting into the shower. It is soap-free so it won’t dry out your skin. I’ve also used it as a moisturizing mask.For a quick face cleanse try smoothing this luscious yet lightweight cream all over your face, just take a warm washcloth and wipe it all off. For a beneficial moisturizer, look up Avalon Active Organics Vitamin C Moisture Plus Lotion with SPF 15. It smells like freshly squeezed orange juice. In fact, the cream is very healing and you can use it anywhere on your body where you need healing.Active Ingredients: Patented Coenzyme Q10 (U.S. Patent No. 4,654,373)Inactive Ingredients: Certified Organic Lavender Floral Water, Herbal Infusion of Certified Organic Green Tea, Chamomile, Althea, Sage, And yarrow, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (from coconut), Stearic Acid (vegetable fatty acids), Certified Organic Safflower Oil, Shea Butter, Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Certified Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Certified Organic Rosemary Extract, Sorbitol, NaPCA, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Methyl/Propylparaben, Pure Essential Oils of Neroli, Bergamot, Mandarin, and Sweet Lavender~The Rebecca Review

Wanda Colchester, IL

So sad to just give three stars! 🙁

Let me start out by saying that I absolutely LOVE Avalon Organics products! That’s why rating this 3 stars really pains me. I purchased this because I’m 33 and started seeing some under eye bags. The reviews were great and because I already love the manufacturer, I just knew that this would do the trick. Unfortunately, because it’s in milk form, it doesn’t really cleanse the face too well. It’s okay if I don’t have any makeup on, but when I do have makeup on, I need to utilize another cleanser before or after application. Otherwise, I would still have residual makeup.With regards to the reduction of wrinkles…didn’t work in that area either. Unfortunately, I will not be repurchasing and cannot recommend for others to purchase. It was just okay and didn’t do what it promised to on the bottle for me. I’m a firm believer that some things work for some and others for others, so this may work for someone else. I definitely recommend the Avalon Organics Vitamin C line. I’ve used almost every product from it and I love it!

Beulah Rociada, NM

If it’s free of toxic chemicals, I really like this cleanser

It’s hard to tell if a product is really natural or organic without checking the Environmental Working Group data. But I use this product anyway and it’s very nice. It leaves my skin soft and clean without perfume.

Connie Perry, NY