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Australian Gold SPF 30 Spray Gel with Bronzer, 8 Ounce

Natural caramel bronzer enriches skin with an instant bronzed glow for a radiant-looking tan.

Key features

  • Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection
  • Exotic oils soften and moisturize skin for beautiful color
  • Aloe Vera provides natural soothing and skin conditioning
  • Water Resistant – 80 minutes
  • Australian Gold signature fragrance

Honest reviews


Best smelling sunscreen

I’ve never tried a sunscreen with built in bronzer before, let alone one with at least SPF 30 (the recommended amount by dermatologists). Unlike other sunscreens, this does not give you a ghostly cast and the added bonus is the smell. It doesn’t have that typical sunscreen odor/spray tan odor (yuck) but a tropical island smoothie smell. So far, I haven’t seen it stain my clothes. I am not sure if this product causes breakouts as I’ve only used it on my body.Update- Used it all summer and found out some interesting tidbits. Even though it may not bronze you, you will notice dark stains coming out when you shower. So, it is a bit like light makeup and the consistency (a tan colored cream) reminds me of tinted moisturizer. The “bronze” is the shimmer you get from the sunscreen which for me (an olive toned person) brings out my tan. On a brighter note, this sunscreen doesn’t make you feel goopy and greasy. You may feel heaviness on your skin if you put a lot on but that goes away in minutes. My next step is trying the spray version of this. Too bad Amazon doesn’t carry it. 🙂

Kristin Horicon, WI


These smell fantastic and go on easily – and they’re not sticky at all. They really do have a bronzer added to them, as well; I notice instant color as soon as I put it on. If you prefer the same product in a spray (easier to apply) try this:Australian Gold SPF 15 Continuous Spray Bronzer, 6 OunceIt’s also a really great product.

Brittney Vinalhaven, ME

Nice price from amazon..

very glittery for a spray with bronzer, keep in mind if you have sensitive skin, or if your husband plans to use it 😉

Felicia White Plains, KY

what a combo!!

sunscreen AND a bronzer!! love this stuff!! keeps you from burning but you still get some color. what more can a gal ask for?? i’m an aussie gold fan and haven’t been disappointed yet!!

Minerva Norton, WV

Don’t expect much color.

I use the SPF 8 version of this and with only 30 minutes in the sun, I look tan. This will not let you get any sun tan.

Tonya Mineral Springs, NC

Something far different than ever before!

I am a 25 year old, Caucasian, fair-skinned blonde. I burn unprotected in the sun in 30 minutes during high sunlight times during the afternoon. I have never in my life been able to tan without burning. The back label on this product claims to keep you from tanning or burning, but I was able to get a decently golden tan in the Bahamas, by using this every day according to the instructions. The front label also reads that it has instant bronzer. If I’d seen that before I purchased it, I probably wouldn’t have. Turns out, there is nothing bronzing or self-tanning in this product. I applied a skin patch test twice a day for 3 days when I first bought it, just to make sure. (Self tanners always make my skin look orangey.)I also wore this on my skin while wearing a white bathing suit cover up, and there was no bronze-colored rub-off. The lotion appears shimmery and bronze-ish in the container, but it does not apply to your skin in a way that fulfills any hopes of actual bronzing. I also have fairly oily skin, and this did not make my face break out. I paid $8 at Wal Mart for this, and I’m glad I did. I’ve recommended this to multiple friends. Another key note is that for the best results, you should follow the instructions on the back label regarding how long before exposure you should apply, and when you should reapply, etc.

Tonya Douglass, KS

Very nice Option!

Unfortunately I mis-read the description and thought this was also a self tanner. However, being a redhead I do wear sunscreen everywhere every day and this is a nice smelling, nice texture product-which I continue to use!

Lorna Mojave, CA