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Australian Gold SPF 15 Continuous Spray Bronzer, 6 Ounce

Australian Gold continuous sprays provide quick and easy application while ensuring even coverage. Plus they are 100% formula inside, no propellant added.

Key features

  • Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection
  • Fine Finish Technology provides fast drying mist that is not sticky or tacky
  • Water Resistant – 80 minutes
  • 360 degree spray provides even, all-over coverage
  • Australian Gold signature fragrance

Honest reviews


Nothing to go too crazy for

I guess it’s my fault for not researching it enough. I thought this would give me an actual bronzer tan.. but no, the sunscreen itself is tinted. Other than that, the product works like normal sunscreen.. I didn’t notice anything special

Rosalinda Sciota, IL


I’m extremely pale and need sunscreen all the time in the summer, so I’ve tried everything. Here’s a list of its qualities:-Smells like bubble gum-Offers good SPF 15 protection-Bronzes my pale skin if I use enough and kind of rub it in-Gets all over things around you when you apply it (seems to come of of clothes and towels, though)-If you start sweating, it can kind of bead up and come off-Looks great on my legs when I’m heading to the pool in a cute sundress-Best for inactive sunny activities when you won’t be sweating too much or getting too wet.I mostly keep it on hand to use as a quick bronzer to go out in the evening. I use something else to lay out with.

Vivian La Plata, MD

Even coverage (IF the nozzle doesn’t get clogged)

I’m a huge fan of the Australian Gold line [[ASIN:B003HU2WVU Australian Gold SPF 30 Continuous Spray Clear, 6 ounce], for example, is a PHENOMENAL product] but this one isn’t quite as great as the others. The nozzle gets clogged up (I noticed that a couple of reviewers wrote that as well) which essentially makes it unusable if this happens to a particular bottle (so carry a spare sunscreen in your bag if you’re bringing this along). The bronzer is really nice but if you’re not careful (OR have little kids distracting you when you put this on OR the nozzle gets clogged OR you’re sweaty at all when you put this on) you’ll end up with splotches – which I’ve found is not the world’s most attractive look, at least for me. (Also, I noticed some reviewers wrote that this gets all over everything; I didn’t notice that but then I was busy being distracted by the broken nozzle) 🙂 On the plus side, this product smells really nice (as do all the Australian Gold products) and it’s a nice addition at the start of the summer when you’re relatively pale.

Lisa Colesburg, IA

Always liked…

This is not the first time I buy it and still love the product. Works great , no complains, would buy again.

Michael Franklin, ME

Light Golden Bronze with SPF

This is my favorite spray, but not always available in drugstores, so am thankful to find it on-line. Always apply spray 10-15 minutes before needed. Provides an even, healthy glow without the guilt.

Cindy Marion, AL