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Australian Gold Moisture Lock Lotion, 16 Ounce

Australian Gold Moisture Lock provides color-extending benefits and are packed with vital ingredients that enrich your skin leaving it luxuriously soft and smooth after each use.

Key features

  • Extends the life of your tan and seals in moisture for a smooth, glowing complexion
  • Contains panthenol and aloe
  • Conditions skin to help lock in color
  • Vitamin E helps to nourish skin
  • Australian Gold signature fragrance

Honest reviews


I didnt like the fragrance

Bought this for our virgin island vacation and it felt nice, was moisturing as an after sun lotion but I wasn’t craztpy about the fragrance. It is kind of tropical but I tend to prefer the Hawaiian tropic sunscreen fragrance- this one is overly pungent sweet.

Josefina Poway, CA


This is the the best skin lotion I’ve ever purchased. I put in on right after a shower. Then again when I get back home after tanning. In the winter I’ll put it on even more often. It is great for the skin and most certainly enhances the appearance of one’s tan. Will purchase again.

Stefanie Fort Defiance, AZ

Hated the smell and arrived damaged

It arrived cracked but EWWW it smelled so bad. it has a coconutish smell with a grandma perfume. Threw away and was refunded w/o a hassle but just thought I’d warn people of the nasty smell

Rocio Opolis, KS

Light Moisturizer!

I really like how this isn’t too thick like most after tan moisturizers. I don’t know what others are talking about when they say it has a "beachy" smell. I would relate the smell more to bubble gum, anywho, it smells great!

Silvia East Charleston, VT

Ok lotion

I was not a big fan of this after tanning lotion, but my daughter loves it and uses it all the time

Tasha Amalia, NM

New at indoor tanning

It has been confusing what lotion to buy for indoor tanning. This is a after tanning lotion only. This is my first one I bought and it works.I have been on a tanning bed 5 times without any lotion. MY skin is red but does not hurt I do have one spot that does hurt a spot that does not get sun.Well, I received the lotion yesterday. I did go tanning when I came back my front looked like a red lobster. Before I sat down I put on the Moister lock lotion. I actually did it twice. By the way the smell is very clean and refreshing. This morning my front is still red but not anything like last night. The area that was hurting does not hurt any more. I feel so good I am going back today for another tanning session.I will keep you updated on this and other lotions I have ordered. I am going to stick with the Australian Gold products which everybody said was the best.

Chris Indian Valley, ID

Smells awesome

I do use self-tanners or sometimes I spray tan at the salons. This lotion is thin but it hydrated my skin. I’m a lotion freak addict as it is, and this texture was fine! It smells great and I felt that it helped my tan lasts longer by keeping my skin supple and shiny!

Lily Mohnton, PA

Creamy Lotion!

I love this lotion, it goes on smooth and creamy and my skin just absolutely drinks it up. Added bonus is it smells pretty good. It’s definitely not a froo froo scent, just a nice clean scent that won’t interfere with your perfume or body spray.

Reyna El Paso, AR

Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender

I just bought this product last week. I sun tan quiet alot where I live and I wanted something to make my tan stay longer. I have put this on everytime after I take a bath. It smells just like being on a beach somewhere which is great. It also makes your skin really soft. I have noticed that it really does make your tan stay longer. I would recommend this as a great product.

Kristine Springville, TN

Best Lotion and Smells Great!

I bought this lotion so I could try to find a solution for my fading tan. I think I found the solution! I love this stuff. It is not greasy and goes on easily and smoothly. It smells so great. I feel like I am on a tropical island. If you love tropical and coconuts then you will love the smell of this lotion. I feel that it works because after just a week my tan looks the same instead of fading like it usually does. I plan on using this all summer so my tan will stay. It’s so frustrating to get some sun and a tan and then have it just fade away. This lotion also helps for dry skin that you can get from too much tanning. I am very happy with it and would highly recommend it.

Tracie Bybee, TN

Smells wonderful

Im not an avid tanner, but when I do go i ALWAYS use this after. It smells wonderful and really helps my skin feel normal and not dry again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Jacklyn Fletcher, NC