Australian Gold Jwoww Ultimate 50X Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion, 13.5 Fluid Ounce

Powerful instant and delayed bronzers give skin darker, richer more radiant color. Paired with moisturizers that will hydrate and immerse skin in a blanket of velvety softness. A dominating combination of immediate and delayed bronzers that give skin the perfect color. An irresistible mixture of moisturizers mixed with shea butter to quench skin while providing a sealant to keep skin hydrated to help you keep your color longer. A mixture of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to nourish and support healthy, glowing skin.

Key features

  • 50x black bronzer
  • Powerful instant and delayed bronzers
  • Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Irresistible mixture of moisturizers
  • Italian kiss fragrance

Honest reviews



I had so many times started to order this lotion and finally after not being able to tan for a week and a half do to medical reasons I wanted a lotion that would help me get back the color I lost quick… I had seen some other reviews that stated this lotion to be amazing so I thought I would give it a try. Within two uses I’m as dark as I was before I had to stop tanning…. this lotion really is great… a light sent that keeps you from smelling funny after tanning. I hight recommened this lotion.

Esmeralda Townsend, VA


I actually was going to replace my tanning bed bulbs thinking I wasnt getting a good tan due to them. But first I was going to find a good lotion and try it, DUHHH that was my problem the whole time, my bulbs are fine! IT was the fact that i wasnt using a good lotion, I used this 3x already, Friday, Sunday & Tuesday and JWOOOOWWWWW I am so golden dark! Not orange at all! Highly Recommend this, it makes my skin so soft also and smells good.

Dolly Stuarts Draft, VA

LOVE this lotion!! =)

This lotion is AMAZING! JWOWW got it perfect when making this lotion!! It reminds me of being on the beach, & does not streak at all. The bronzers in it I can tell work immediately & I only have to tan once a week to maintain my color. Delivered so quickly, safely packaged & the price is unbeatable! Triple the price in salons! I highly recommend this seller & lotion to anyone looking for a great deal AND a great tan!! =)

Anne Dryden, ME

did not work

i got a better tan with baby oil and iodine i used this for 1 week every day by the pool and never even had tan lines and i have olive skindejuan neilson280 wheeler rdgray, ga 31032

Judi Port Trevorton, PA

Nice bronzer

Great bronzer, the aroma is not that bad, plus after tanning there is still a nice fragrance, unlike some products after you have tanned.

Dawn Dunnellon, FL

Not a good product

I have medium toned skin, and this product gives an OK color.. However, it makes me brake out, and after tanning it smells like stinky feet. Also, the bottle is extremely stiff, which makes it hard to squeeze out the lotion. Waste of money.

Odessa Kaplan, LA

simply amazing

I love, love, love this lotion. I have tried all JWOWW’s products and this one is definitely the best. It has an amazing scent that even smells good even after tanning, not like the usual burnt skin smell. It is creamy and super moisturizing, and does not streak. It also makes me really dark!

Eve Tennant, IA


I really Was impressed by this product works great for me. I have told Many peopleabout it and I have almost used all of it up. Great product

Tammi Bloomington, TX

Works Great!!!

This stuff really tans you well. The smell is perfect for a woman or a man. Goes on easily and doesn’t feel greasey.

Hollie Salisbury Center, NY

Seems to work well

I went on a spree and bought several brands of bronzer for indoor tanning. I have this one and the One and Done. I alternate between those two and the Snookie brand. They all seem to do what they say. I can’t really tell that one is any better than the other. They have all helped to increase my color and all are very moisturizing. They also have a pleasant smell. I will continue to use them. They are of high quality and are more reasonably priced than the same bottle at the tanning salon.

Sallie Banner, MS

Super happy with my purchase!!!

I love this lotion for several reasons—1. Works well, and turns you a dark bronze! Especially for new or experienced tanners looking for fast color!2. Doesn’t tingle or burn on your skin! Has a nice scent to it!Loveee this product!

Patsy Pullman, MI


Love this lotion it is def nice. It smells nice and it gets you tan fast! I am bronzed now and I am fair skinned

Gracie Richland, IN