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Australian Gold JWOWW Shimmering Body Lotion, 10 oz.

Light up the room as your body glimmers with perfection. The perfect accessory for your tan is this lightweight body shimmer that catches light as it radiates you into perfection! Skin Conditioners saturate skin leaving it soft and smooth to the touch. Pleasure your skin with a rich moisturizer that will have you feeling as confident as JWOWW.

Key features

  • BRAND NEW PRODUCT for 2012 – 10 oz. bottle
  • Vitamin Complex – Helps energize and rejuvinate skin with Antioxidants
  • CONDITIONS and MOISTURIZES – Provides 2-way moisturization by attracting moisture to the skin and preventing loss of moisture.
  • HYDRATING BASE – Vitamins, natural oils and conditioners/moisturizers work together to help keep skin soft & supple to illuminate for a healthy glow Shimmer Gorgeous golden shimmer is light enough for day and stunning enough for night
  • 100% Guaranteed to be Authentic from Sunless Liquidators!

Honest reviews


Wife loves it!!!

My wife actually bought this so I’ll let her type it up:”I LOVE THIS LOTION!! I bought this at Suntan City on sale ($25, much cheaper on Amazon). It makes my skin feel like silk, and smells amazing. It is a great tan extender and I love the shimmer.

Carmela White Rock, SC

Nice lotion

Love this lotion, scent is nice, Snooki’s lotion has a better scent, but that is just my opinion. I enjoy both and swap up every other time. Worth the purchase.

Debora Almyra, AR

Awesome lotion for tanners!

I love this lotion, I’m a frequent tanner and spray tanner. This has a great smell, and it enhances the look of your tan and body kind of like a more flawless effect. I was worried about the shimmer, I hate any lotions with shimmer, glitter, etc. but this is just a minimal shimmer and to my surprise that’s what makes it look so good! So if your a tanner bed or spray, using an after tan moisturizer really makes a big difference. I am an ex tanning salon employee so I know the truths and sales "Truths" well lol. But using a moisturizer or tan extender truly makes a huge difference in the life of your tan. The price compared to in salon price is insane and by that I mean you wont find this cheaper ever lol. Anyway purchase with no worries its a great product as I have noticed with mostly all jwow branded tanning products. If you love a tan you will love this and checkout her lotions, must say my favorites! You get so much color from them and this lotion makes you look great, benefits of the ingredients needed to prolong tan life but best part is the shimmer! Its not a very noticeable shimmer, just enough to make this lotion have a little something extra! Buy!!

Margret Fairdealing, MO


I love the smell of this and I love to put it on before going out because it definitely gives my tan an extra boost and glow. Love it! 🙂

Rhea Clymer, NY

Love it

I love this lotion. I use it right after tanning in the beds. Very moisturizing and only slight shimmer, not really noticeable at all. I use it and go back to work. It has a pleasant smell too — nothing too strong. I think it may be a little pricey for the amount but it is better to get it on Amazon than pay almost double at the salon.

Jeannie Rembert, SC

Two Stars

Not enough shimmer comes off easy

Desiree Nahcotta, WA