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Australian Gold Fierce D Fense Intensifier Tanning Lotion 10 oz.

Discover the deep, dark secrets of the Outback and prepare for some Fierce D FenseTM for your skin. Delay no more and reconnect with nature’s harmony by protecting and hydrating for decadently smooth, healthy skin and dramatically deep tan color. Sexy Sun Fragrance

Key features

  • Exotic Desert Blend – Unique proprietary blend of exotic desert pea flower and desert harvest fruits for intense moisturization
  • Lotus Flower Water – Soothes, protects and provides the powerful moisturization for longer lasting color
  • Vitamin Drink – Enriched with Vitamin A, E and Pro Vitamin D
  • Tanning Blend – Lusciously moisturizes, revealing healthy smooth skin that is even-toned to perfection
  • Tan Fresh Blend – Helps increase after-tan freshness and eliminate odor with sexy sun fragrance

Honest reviews


Easily one of the best accelerators.

This is one of my favorite accelerators, and it always gets me super dark. It smells really good (fruity/coconut scent), and it’s very moisturizing. It is a pretty thick lotion, so I don’t use it much in the summer, but you could.

Noemi Lefors, TX

My favorite Australian Gold Product

I’ve always been a hardcore Designer Skin fan. But, after smelling this lotion at my local salon, I couldn’t help but try it! It is without a doubt one of the best smelling tanning lotions that I’ve ever had. Like the other reviewer said, it is very thick and very moisturizing. I saw immediate results within the first few times of using this, and I already had an amazing base tan. I highly recommend this product. The smell alone is worth it!

Luella Rochester, MN


I Love this tanning lotion. Goes on smooth. Very thick and very moisturizing. Good color. Better than others I have tried.

Aline Cucumber, WV

Great product without a bronzer

I love this because there is no bronzer so it won’t stain your clothes. Nice, soothing mild coconut smell. Moisturing too.

John Ignacio, CO

Love the smell of it

Great product. Have been using it for over a year. Moisturises well, helps to develop good color. Definitely would recommend.

Claudine Fields, OR

Good Lotion.

Great stuff. Goes on well,isnt greasey. Smells good and isnt strong. Last but not least this product tans you very well.

Dee Fannin, TX

?? Not sure about this stuff yet

I used this and liked that it was thick with moisturizers and I loved the after smell so originally i gave it 5 stars. However, the next day I noticed that my skin was a bit irritated which is odd because I can use a strong tingle bronzer like bombshell and my skin is fine. I’m going to use it a few more times and see maybe if it was a fluke then I will update this accordingly . I don’t believe I received a fake product

Valerie South Salem, OH

A guys review

I was using a different product at the tanning salon and I noticed that my skin was a dirty brown color and very dry. Saw that they had the God D Fense but the price was high so i checked Amazon and was happy with the price so I decided to give it a try. My tan suddenly looked more natural and my skin was less dry. The smell was very faint and I did not notice it after a few times using. All in all this is not a very girly tanning lotion and as a man it worked well for me.

Valarie Orleans, MA