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Australian Gold Body Kisses Daily Moisturizer – 22.0 oz

This tan prolonging daily moisturizer contains hemp seed extract with triple-action anti-aging & slimming properties.

Key features

  • Hemp Seed Extract: Moisture intense extract that smoothes, softens and hydrates skin
  • Amplified Moisture Blend: Natural humectants condition skin for 24-hour continuous intense hydration
  • Lipocare Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Formula: Triple action slimming blend with body-contouring for visibly firm shape
  • Fragrance: Fresh Rain
  • 22 oz

Honest reviews


It’s a lotion, nothing special.

I read all the rave review on here and thought this was the lotion I have been looking for. I am really quite new at tanning and I don’t do any of that indoor tanning bed stuff. I am a natual tanner all the way, with the real sun and everything. After buying the product and recieving it of coarse, I’ve laid out (tanning) I’d say three to four times, not getting much of a tan yet. I have used the lotion after each tanning (after a shower.) It has a strong smell, (kind of like candy) but it doesn’t stay strong after a few minutes of wearing it. It doesn’t seem to last all day though like some have said, but I do have dry skin most of the time. It really doesn’t seem much better than a regular lotion you could buy for 3 or 4 dollars instead of the $20.00 (don’t forget the shipping cost)for these tanning lotions. I guess I don’t really know what I expected, maybe a miracle lotion that left my tan looking wonderful for weeks…or something like that. This is not that lotion. I don’t think I would buy it again because of the price. Now let the price down to $4.00 and I will buy it all day long because it is a nice lotion.

Vilma Ramsey, IN

Dried my skin out

Moisturizer? No. At first it made my skin amazing soft, but as the lotion wore off my skin got so ashy and dry. I had to return it, which proved to also be a terrible process.

Delores Hanson, MA

This lotion smells so good…

I received a sample of this lotion with something I purchased from my tanning salon. It smelled so good when I put it on and it made my skin feel good too. So of course, I ordered a bottle. As far as if it made me darker, I can’t tell. I’m getting darker, but I do use the Designer Skin 14KT Gold tanning lotion, so I don’t know if it has anything to do with this lotion or if it’s because of the 14KT Gold or just the combination. So, my suggestion is to get them both and see how you like them. I hope this helps with your decision.

Nona Diller, NE

Broke me out!!!

At first I loved this lotion but then I realized it was making the eczema on my hands flare up and it was also making my chest/shoulders/& back break out in pimples/blackheads. It’s a very thick lotion, is probably why it’s clogging my pores. If you have very dry skin then it would probably work for you. Also it smells like fermented fruit…

Tommie Drexel, NC

Smells great, feels great, best lotion EVER!

I have never used an after tan lotion before, until this stuff, and now I dont know how i went without it! my skin usually doesnt get passed a certain point, but with this stuff i got SOOOO dark! It was crazy how fast I got so dark, I would recomend this to everyone! It smells great too. I take it in the tanning salon with me and apply it immediatly after I get out of the bed, I also use the Eternal Youth tanning lotion and that really helped get my great color too, This after tan lotion keeps your tan for sooo long! buy it! It will be worth the money! 🙂

Sondra Urbana, IL

My favorite

My favorite lotion ever, it smells amazing and a bottle lasts a good while. Definitely a great price too, I highly recommend

Viola Glassboro, NJ

I would recommend

Definitely worth the low price and effortlessness of an online purchase. Everyone knows salons sell all these types of lotions for over 100% profit. Therefor people cannot even afford to try these out.. but if you buy them online its almost always worth a shot I feel. Anyhow the lotion hydrates my skin wonderfully. The smell is reminiscent of laughy taffy or some kind of girly cocktail. One I have had this on for awhile no bad post sweet smell or anything bad at all. My boyfriend likes the smell a lot he said it reminds him of some kind of silly putty kids play with. anyway lol…. I think this stuff helped my skin look more healthy and brown rather than turn red like I do if i’m dry after tanning. I would say definitely try it.

Tracie Telford, TN

oh geez

seriously, who beyond the age of 12 wants to smell like chemical strawberries? the cream itself is good, but oh the stench… had to leave it in my work bathroom for people to use as handlotion. yuk.

Esther Woodlake, TX


Love the smell on this lotion. Made my tan last longer and smelled so good….used my entire cruise and my husband constantly noticed the sweet smell! He never notices that kinda stuff lol! Would absolutely buy again when i start tanning again. Also awesome price…my tanning salon was charging 40$! No way! I’m sticking with Amazon!

Ruth Arlington, IA

Smells really good and doesn’t feel thick on your skin

I love fake baking but have fair skin so I have to use an after lotion to help preserve my tan. This lotion has a nice sweet smell that doesn’t linger for a long time. It’s also pretty thin so you don’t have to feel like you have a residue left from it getting all over your clothes. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to extend there tan and keep their skin soft.

Kayla East Meadow, NY


I am using Kisses right now and like it very much. It absorbs into my skin good and smells nice also.

Monika Big Clifty, KY


this bottle was way bigger than i expected. so it was def worth the money. smells great and leaves skin soft, not greasy.

Veronica Warner, OK

Smells so good

I love this lotion. It smells so good and really does make your skin feel soft and smooth. It seems to do exactly what it says to do and it is an amazing price! The bottle is huge and it is so much less expensive then anywhere else. The order was shipped quickly and came shortly after I ordered it. It rubs in nicely and leaves my skin smelling great!

Joy Lehi, UT

love kisses

I love this lotion it firms and makes my skin so soft always after a shower dont dry off just put it on and let your skin drinkit up

Theresa Richland, NJ


leaves skin soft. smells like roses and sweet fruit. wounderful smell. good feel smooth like silicone. moisture keeps well. nice

Hazel Wyatt, IN

very moisterizing

my daughter says this stuff rocks, it smells a little like beer so if you dont like that scent then steer away but it does its job for sure

Dana Dingmans Ferry, PA

Smells like Hempz lotion, only better

I recommend this lotion for Anybody, not just us tanners. It smells just like Hempz lotion. Only better, & I’ll tell you why.. It has Firming (anti-wrinkle) formula. Also “firming” helps to reduce cellulite. The consistency of the lotion is pretty thick. So it lasts longer – not only in the bottle but hydrating your skin as well.** Ingredients in this lotion contain Vitamins A,C, & E. Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, & a few different Root, Sprout, & Seed Extracts. Etc.So it’s good for All skin, especially those that go to the tanning salon, post-tan. Keeps your skin hydrated, exactly what you need to maintain that beautiful color, & smelling fresh!

Sheri Saint Joe, AR

not my favorite scent

I ordered this based on everyone’s reviews of the wonderful smell this lotion has. Well…it’s just not for me. The scent is TOO sweet, and smells like stinky candy to me, for some reason. It feels just like the forever after lotion, which is awesome, but the smell is overwhelming. i can’t use it. i should have smelled it in person beforehand!

Susanna San Pablo, CA

OK…don’t care for the smell

Very thick. Don’t care much for the smell but seems to moisturize well. Used after sun exposure and after shower.

Megan Harrison Valley, PA


Very Happy with this moisturizer. Smells great and makes my skin sooo soft. Plus reasonably priced. I use this everyday after a shower.

Luann Newsoms, VA

love it

smells great makes your skin smooth and hydrates your skin very inexpensive good stuff would recommend this after tanning or showering

Ollie Salley, SC

Kisses review

For as thick as this stuff is I expected it to be more moisturizing! The smell is pleasant. Overall a good product but I had higher expectations based on the previous reviews.

Ila Dillon, CO

Great lotion!

I just got this yesterday, but thought I needed to leave a review because I love it so much! First of all, it’s not greasy like a lot of lotions. It goes on smooth, soaks in really well, but leaves my skin SO SILKY SOFT!!!I put it on after tanning yesterday, and woke up still feeling like pure silk.It smells fresh and fruity. I can’t really place the exact scent, but it’s good. It’s a little strong at first, but definitely yummy once you put it on your skin!I also really like that a little goes a long way, and it comes in a nice big (22 oz.) bottle vs. the same price I’ve paid for much smaller.It helped cover up the "after tan" smell quite well, too, but I am definitely putting it on more than just after tanning!Definitely good stuff if you like a fresh and fruity smell with purely silkaliscious skin!

Deana Ventress, LA

Love It!

Smells great! I absolutely love this lotion! I use it after every shower, and the forever after is used after tanning. I love both of them!

Mercedes Check, VA

love it smell and everything.

One of my best purchases had it before and bought again, cheap and smells soooo good does exactly what it says will always use this if just even for lotion. Best ever.

Goldie Erie, KS

Good Stuff

I like the smell of this product. It leaves my old, DARK. Skin feeling soft. It lasts all day. I have another bottle on the way as I comment.

Olga Montgomery, AL

Love the smell

I’ve used hemp lotion before and liked it but hot diggity do I love this stuff. It smells awesome to me and comes at a great price. I will be buying again.

Rocio Johnstown, NY

Works miracles

This lotion works amazing! The firming I do not see but the moisture works. It smells so gross though…I use after a shower and let it dry. I am african american and truly it makes my skin appear lighter lol. I bought it at my salon. She was holding it for someone else but knew I had come in often to buy it. It was 22 dollars…

Rebekah Essex, IL


I love this moisturizer!!! It has such a nice smell to it. The price is right! It helps keep your tan too!!! I would definitely buy it again!!

Shannon Mount Alto, WV


Oh my god this stuff smells so GOOD!! It leaves your skin so smooth and moisturized. The price is amazing and it was worth it. It lasts you a long time too! I’ll use this when i get out of the shower and it does help your prolong your tan.

Hazel West Linn, OR