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Aussie Moist Shampoo With Pump 29.2 Fl Oz

With aussie moist shampoo, it’s a cinch to say goodbye dry hair, hello silky softness. Accented with natural aloe, moist shampoo gives your thirsty do a replenishing, quenching fix.

Key features

  • Aussie Mega Moist Shampoo quenches thirsty locks in a flash
  • Leaves hair clean, fresh and ready to be styled
  • Nourish and cleanse your hair with moisture
  • Savor scents of California orange, radiant grapefruit and succulent lime with freesia and violet
  • One 29.2 fl oz pump bottle

Honest reviews


Ausie Moist Shampoo

This has to be the absolute best shampoo I have ever used. The smell is great, the lather is wonderful, and someone can get up to 100 pumps from this one bottle, which is great! My hair is so thick, I cant get 100 uses, but its VERY close! These last for months, and the lather and smell never wear out. I would recommend this for anyone, especially those who have dry hair.

Janis Pittsburg, IL

Works well for oily hair too!

I have oily, fine, hair that is almost like a child’s hair. Because of my hair type, I have to switch shampoos often to minimize buildup (plus I like using trying out new smells). My hair does not get dry at all, but I wanted to try this shampoo because of the smell and because I love Aussie products. Imagine my surprise when this shampoo left my hair cleaner and with less buildup than any other shampoo I have ever tried! Honestly, I don’t know why they don’t market this for oily hair! I have been using this shampoo now for over a year without switching to a different shampoo. It also leaves my hair feeling very light after it dries, and so so soft and shiny. So, I cannot rate it as a person with dry hair, and the effectiveness it has with dry hair, but if you are a person with fine/oily hair, you really should try this shampoo.Bottom Line: The smell is awesome (so clean smelling and you can smell it all day), it reduces buildup and leaves hair very light, and softens hair.

Maureen Harrisburg, OR

Arrived fast!!

Arrived fast well packaged. Love Aussie, great for dry hair. Have used this for a long time and still love it. The pump is nice.

Ellen Thompsontown, PA

Great pump

I love this shampoo & conditioner because it smells good and is great for my curly hair. I use very little shampoo and way too much conditioner every week to keep my hair in good health so these pumps are perfect for my needs. The only complaint I have is that there is A LOT left in the container once you get down to the end, so to use it all you need to throw away the pump and shake it upside, which is not ideal (but is the case with many hair products).

Bobbi Dixfield, ME

Love it!

This shampoo gives my hair so much moisture and offers a lot of slip. It’s almost as if I don’t need a conditioner after my wash, but I do use one any way. I love the smell and the consistency of this product.

Della Wells, MN

absolutely not

smells good, thats about it. i have a sensitive scalp but my sister doesn’t. this shampoo left the same burning affect on our scalp

Jodi Hawick, MN

aussie moist shampoo

this shampoo is amazing it really helps your hair and the price is amazing i would recomend this shampoo its amazing.

Cathleen Welling, OK