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Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner 8 oz.

Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner 8 oz. (Pack of 4)

Key features

  • Quality you can trust from Aussie
  • Great Value!
  • Bulk Pack of 4

Honest reviews


Great Conditioning Power

An all-around excellent conditioner- this stuff conditions and rejuvinates my hair every time I use it. It’s a great go-to conditioner. I can use it whenever and I know it will always leave my hair soft and smooth.I have thick, dry, wavy hair, and I need a good, strong conditioner to keep it in shape. This conditioner works, even on my mop. Leaves my hair silky and manageable, and smells good, also very affordable. Really just a good deal all-around.

Matilda Hanover, CT


Best freaking deep conditioner on the market (besides coconut oil)! I use it once a week on my very long, wavy, fine hair and it helps keep it healthy and strong. Try it!!

Tara Penuelas, PR

It’s Okay.

I found this conditioner at my local Walmart. I think the product works pretty well if you leave it in your hair for more than the recommended 2 minutes and 45 seconds. When you rinse the conditioner out, you can tell your hair is softer (especially if you feel your hair while it’s running under the warm water). The reason why I gave the product 3 stars was because of the smell. I absolutely CAN NOT stand the smell of this product, so I just pinch my nose when I use it. It has a very strong fragrance of coconut and chemicals. I’d recommend you to smell this product in a store before purchasing it online, because the smell STAYS! If you don’t wash your hair every day, count on the smell being there the day after you use it. It’s a plus for coconut lovers, but a negative thing for me.

Jeanie Monticello, MS

Works great!

I’ve read some reviews on here about how this didn’t do anything and/or the smell was bad and lingered.I’ll start by saying that they must have either gotten a bad batch, ranging in really strong smell and/or it was an old batch that wasleft to linger. Either way the ones I got are perfect. The smell is not strong (I should know. My mother has this coconut butter perfume that is stupid strong and I can’t stand it. This is weak in smell compared to that.) and it’s done wonders on my hair. I know this because I bought this specifically because I was going to bleach my hair and needed a deep conditioner and it works.I had to bleach my hair twice and I have since used this conditioner (no shampoo after bleaching) and left it in the 3 minutes, maybe more, to have my hair come out silky smooth. That’s saying a lot from me, because I have naturally curly, thick hair. I’m mixed so I’ve got my fathers hair more than my mom’s, but this did what it was suppose to do. It kept my hair from feeling like straw (as it would after bleaching) and it’s even worked on the tips of my hair which were really fried after the 2 bleaching sessions. Keep in mind that I shower in the morning and at night (I only wash my hair 1 day out of the week. When not bleached.) and was using this each time as I wanted to strengthen my hair again before I tone it.Anyways, it does what I need it to do. Keep my hair from looking like a straw man’s head!

Michelle Crown, PA


I used this in high school and I was a big fan of how soft it made my hair, even with only one use a week. I also enjoyed the smell, a little fruity with a hint of coconut. I eventually ditched aussie for garnier( i use alot of their products) and more expensive salon brands. I picked this up at walmart a few weeks ago because I had just enough extra to treat my dry hair to some deep conditioning. Let me just say that I am not impressed. Maybe they changed the ingredients, maybe it’s just me, but this works just about as well as a normal conditioner and leaves my hair smelling funky. The consistency is nice and creamy and detangled my curls well, but other than that I had no added moisture and my hair was no softer than it is when I just use Dove conditioner. And the smell..I just cant get past that, I dont know about you but I like my hair to smell nice and unless you plan on adding 2 or 3 nice smelling products to your hair you will notice an odd smell after your hair finishes drying. How do I know? Well for the first time EVER, my bf hugged me and said “your hair smells weird”, and you know what, he was right and I had just washed/conditioned/dryed my hair! Im only glad that it’s only 4 bucks down the drain.

Charlene New Era, MI

amazon too expensive. go to drugstore or target

This should only cost about $3 for eight ounces. Sometimes I’ve seen it on sale for $2.50. Prefer using this as my sole conditioner even though it’s a deep trearment. Wish they had this in a much larger size with pump. However, this is $6 each on amazon so buy elsewhere.

Sherri Hughesville, MD

Very nice

I have very thick & curly hair, so I use a deep conditioning treatment twice a week AT LEAST. I have tried several different ones throughout the years and this is one is by far my favorite so far. I love the price, the availability (Drugstore), the smell (Tropical), and of course how it makes my hair so soft and shiny and less frizzy! The only complaint I have would be the bottle. When it gets down to having just a little left, it is very hard to squeeze it out of there.

Beverley Pachuta, MS

Aussie Moist Deep Conditioner.

This conditioner is okay to me. It’s nothing to go and brag about of course. I’ve used it several times and my first few times it made my 4c hair soft but hard after it dried. I have been trying to use it with different cowashing conditioners hoping this would make a difference but not really. The price is good so money wise I’m not dissappointed even though it didn’t work as well as I hoped. This is not a rotation or staple product for me so the hunt continues….

Goldie Havertown, PA


I have tried so many deep conditioners on my brittle, damaged hair. Nothing i have ever used has made my hair as soft and silky as the Aussie 3 minute miracle. I use this everytime i wash my hair (every other day) and my hair has never felt so healthy. I am so glad i have given this a try and will repurchase time and time again!

Tamara Fayette, OH

SAVED my Hair

The bottle is a bit annoying but I absolutely loved this product. Once again I am stunned that something so cheap can make my hair feel like I just walked out of a salon. Every Redkin conditioner I’ve tried cant hold a candle to this. I have medium textured CURRRRLLLYYY hair. Therefore, my hair is ALWAYS dry. Like, I can only wash it twice a week dry. But this, this made my hair so soft and really helped my hair, especially after dying my hair with at home dyes.

Susie Scott, MS

The scent it just a bit overwhelming

I bought this product after reading raving reviews about it online, watching videos and everything from almost every beauty and hair care blog and website out there. They were all saying how perfect this is, because it smells good, because it’s so simple and quick, and especially because it’s so affordable.That is why I immediately jumped and bought myself a pack of 4 instead of trying just one. Well, that was a bit of a rash decision; the product isn’t bad. It really works very well with my hair and with all kinds of hair, it really costs a fraction of the price of most other masks and it’s so simple and fast, it’s amazing. The smell, however, is a bit of a problem for me.I couldn’t pinpoint the smell, it felt like it was changing, constantly.In a nutshell, the scent reminded me of one of those bottles of perfume there are for younger girls who want to feel like adults. You know, the colorful bottles, smaller ones, made for tweens, early teens, those bottles that sit next to the glitter body lotions and stuff. Those things have a very strong sweet scent, and that’s what this smells like.It felt like I was rubbing candy in my hair, and I didn’t like it at all. It’s very very strong.If you like sweet scents or if you don’t mind, I really recommend this from the bottom of my heart.If you’re more sensitive to that type of thing, I would steer clear of this product.

Lidia Bellwood, IL

Good, but nothing extra ordinary.

I’ve been using this for about a month. I love the smell and it does make my hair soft. However, I was expecting it to do a little something extra. It’s just like using regular conditioner, in my opinion. Maybe my hair isn’t as damaged as others so I can’t see a huge difference.I like it, but I will probably buy just regular Aussie conditioner once this runs out.Edit: Two weeks later. I changed my review from three stars to four, because I ran out of this and started using a different conditioner brand. I immediately noticed that the ends of my hair were dryer than when I was using this. Good product.

Carmella Westfall, OR

Deep Conditioner Favorite

This is my favorite deep conditioner. The first time I used it, I was amazed at how soft my hair was. It smelt like coconuts/shea butter forever -I got into the shower the next day and it was still fragrant.I saw a noticeable difference on my hair (other than scent) and considering I have fine virgin hair and don’t use heat products daily, it must of been doing serious work. I’m definitely going to buy more of this when I do run out. It just feels heavenly.For those of you with baths/showers where water tends to puddle, the ‘cap’ of this product is like a no-mess ketchup bottle (really weird, but works well). Store it upside down or on a stand that drains.

Mellisa Hawarden, IA

Not for Extremely Damaged Hair

This product is good only for slightly damaged hair. It will not repair your over-bleached or perm-damaged hair. It is too mild for that kind of damage. It has a very pleasant smell, it is easy enough to use with a short wait time, but you will not see dramatic results.

Olive Donnybrook, ND


This conditioner can get rid of any tangle. I have super tangly hair (especially when wet) and this takes care of it every time. The smell is lovely and the bottle is ingenious!

Meredith Wellsville, MO

Dry, frizzy, unmanagable hair? This is your answer!

After years of torturing my hair with chemicals, I didn’t know what to do with my hair. I accepted it’s fate as a dry, frizzy exchange for a broom. Then suddenly I tried this product….My hair started singing! Okay maybe not literally. But after the first use my hair felt so moisturized and bouncy, I finally achieved that mermaid look you get from spending a day at the beach…. without going to the beach.All my life people commented on how frizzy my hair was… but for the first time someone actually remarked on how healthy it looks. I am sold on this product for life. I’m never using any other conditioner again!

Mavis Stillwater, NJ

Leaves hair shiny and smelling great

I have been a long time believer in this product, I have very long natural virgin hair and it still tends to get dry from heat due to blow drying and styling.The Cons:Not enough in bottleCan leave hair heavy and oily if to much is usedPros:Leaves hair shiny, moisturized and bouncy cutting down on damageSmells like coconutsI would recommend this product to anyone, and the price of this works amazing I like this so much more than the salon products I have tried.

Nikki Nazlini, AZ

Pretty good product especially for price

I had read lots of reviews on this product and went to my local grocery store to find it and it turned out it wasn’t in stock so I bought a different deep conditioner for the time being but 4 months later I was browsing through th hair care isle looking for fun new products to try as I often do, when I noticed they had it, I don’t like it as much and my other deep conditioner (triple moisture deep conditioner) but it was very close call on a plus it has 8 oz I think and my other deep conditioner only has 6 and is a dollar more.

Misty Wabash, AR

Silky hair

I swim every day and my hair is baked, fried, and broiled into a mess of frizz and waves that no comb or brush can get through. This brings it back.I put this on my hair as part of my regular rotation of products after I get out of the pool, then sit outside in the humidity and heat and let it soak in. My hair responds to this like it’s really a miracle.I usually have extremely frizzy hair that waves and is curly in places. On top of that, my hair takes such a beating due to my lifestyle that it needs daily deep conditioning. I like to rotate conditioners on it since it responds better when I keep changing the things I put on it.This gets used once or twice a week and it tames all the frizzies and makes my hair soft and smooth, which let me tell you is not an easy task. I’ve been using this for years and it’s the best drugstore conditioner I have found. Everyone seems to love this. I think this pack of four is a good value. I go through lots of this every month. Try this one, you won’t regret it. I highly reommend it no matter how bad your hair is. The longer you can leave it on the better also.

Yesenia Griswold, IA

another winner for Aussie

I’ll be brief. Aussie products are excellent. I use the volume shampoo, conditioner and this. Hair is soft but not weighed down. Smells great. You can lather this in and it makes hair and skin soft. Doesn’t leave residue. Doesn’t break out. Perfect! !!!!

Tanisha Richton, MS

Does Exactly What It Says

This is one of the best deep conditioners I have ever used. My hair is so shiny, soft, and bouncy after using it that I still can’t believe it’s mine! I really needed a good deep conditioner after an inept stylist fried my hair, and this is really bringing it back to life better than the more expensive ones I’ve tried. I highly recommend this (not to mention that it smells great)!

Jacqueline Vossburg, MS

I like this 🙂

I used Aussie’s 3 minute miracle this morning and it’s a good deep conditioner. I leave it on for four or five minutes instead of three. I put on a leave in from eversleek afterwards and tied my long hair up like I always do. But I’m definitely switching to Aussie.It’s very moisturizing if you let it sit longer than three minutes. I have no fly aways and no frizz! and I usually do. I recommend this to anyone with dry curly/wavy frizz prone hair. Thank my Father God and thank you aussie 🙂

Alisha New Milford, NY

The only conditioner I’ll use

This is the only conditioner that can get my particularly nasty snarls out of my hair. Plus, I love the smell. I don’t leave it on for three minutes and it still works wonders.

Jenifer Calico Rock, AR


I had to pick this stuff up after hearing alot of women rave about it. I loved it!!! I will continue to purchase i wish it was in a huge bottle cuz its really a miracle. It smells great not too overpowering and it instantly quenched. It was such a breeze finger detangling as well. Being that you can pick this up at most stores for under $3 annnd it works i definitely would say go buy!!! go buy at least 3 bottles you wont be dissapointed!

Daphne Merryville, LA

Great bomb!

I love it! My hair when from jet black to Carmel blond, looked great but totally dried out my hair! This product helped so much. After I shampoo my hair felt very knotty, just add 3 min Miracle and wholla!!!

Lucile River Rouge, MI

Go Purple!!!!

I started using this a few years ago, along with the shampoo, and really noticed that my hair is easier to get through after, silkier feeling, and that it enhances the general health of my hair.I’ve tried other conditioners, such as when I’m on trips, but always come back to this one as the results are usually not as good. They might work once or twice, but then my hair starts feeling dried out and unmanagable again. I sometimes also have to leave on the conditioner longer or use more to get anything like the same results as this stuff.Its Go Aussie Purple, that’s all I can say!!! It really IS a 3 minute marvel!

Grace San Manuel, AZ

Literally a miracle, I love this product!!!!!!!

Literally a Miracle.My hair is dull, dry, split, and falling out from years of dyeing and a recent harsh bleaching. This product is AMAZING. In just 3 minutes my hair had so much more moisture. It was incredible. I bought the 3-pack of this and I am so glad I did. This along with a few other Aussie products I’ve ordered (Hair Insurance Split End Protector; Smooth N’ Bloom Conditioner) has improved the health of my hair tremendously.I absolutely ADORE this product and WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE. It’s a real life saver. You have to try it to believe!

Dana Union, NE

Great But the Silicones Could Be Problematic

This is a great deep conditioner. I really love it. However, because of the incredible amount of silicones, you will definitely need a clarifying shampoo to thoroughly cleanse your hair.

Thelma Brooklyn, MS

Works as well as Wen Conditioning Cleanser

I ordered Wen Conditioning Cleanser and was very happy with the product [it worked as advertised] but unhappy with the price. I started experimenting with using just the Wen for near the scalp, but different conditioners on the ends. Aussi 3 minute miracle worked great. Then I decided to just substitute the Aussi product totally. To my surprise, and for a fraction of the cost, it does just as good a job of cleaning as Wen… and I no longer use shampoo at all.

Joy Blairsden-Graeagle, CA

Best value deep conditioner

If you are Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Indian, hispanic or mixed race, you KNOW that most conditioners aren’t gonna cut it.However, most hair “masks” or deep conditioners cost more per ounce than shrimp!Aussie is fantastic. Is it AS good as Neutrogena Triple Moisture mask? No, but it’s about 90% as good. I use the Neutrogena once a week and this Aussie twice a week. Can’t go wrong with Aussie — just be sure to apply it below your ears only and not above!

Leila Prospect, KY