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Aussie Hair Insurance Split End Hair Protector 5 Fl Oz

Hair Insurance Collection view larger Check Out Our Other Collections view larger Find the Perfect Styler For Your ‘Do. Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner Hair Insurance Split-End Protector (This Product) Aussome Volume Styling Mousse Aussome Volume Texturizing Gel Key Feature Aloe, Silk Extract Aloe, Silk Extract Wild Cherry Bark Wild Cherry Bark Volume ✔ ✔ Moisture ✔ ✔ Shine Damage Control ✔ ✔ Anti-Humidity Oil Control Strengthening ✔ ✔ Curl Defining Hold ✔ Heat Protection ✔ Size Options 8 oz. 5 oz. 6 oz. 7 oz. Ingredients Water, stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, dimethicone, glutamic acid, benzyl alcohol, fragrance, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, silk extract, citric acid, disodium edta, sodium chloride, methylisothiazolinone.

Key features

  • Discontinued by Manufacturer
  • Helps prevent split or damaged ends
  • No worries guarantee
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back call within 30 days of purchase requirements include sending unused product and original, dated cash receipts this offer is limited to one per name, household or address
  • Add some roo to your do

Honest reviews


*Love it to death*

Aussie is my favorite hair care brand. I honestly love all of their stuff! I’m 17 and have had trouale with split ends, shedding, and lots of breakage especially when i wash my hair. I wash my hair twice a week and sometimes three times depending on how much product is in my hair. And every time i wash my hair, my hair sheds badly. Btw i have long hair (stops to the bottom of my bra). So i decided to try this. I was skeptical while deciding whether os not to buy it, but since itp was by aussie, i was like ”oh what the hey, i since its fro m aussie, its got to be something special and plus there were only 3 left”! So the next morning i washed my hair (i love clean hair.. dont we all haha) and used the split end protector on my wet hair and blow dried as usual. And after blowdrying i flat ironed my hair and c6aed through it with my everyday skinny tooth rattail comb and guess what? I had only 2 little strands of hair on the comb when i usually have about 20 strands on it. I am so happy! Breakage gone bye bye!

Evangeline Garrison, MN


As usual, I am surprised by Aussie products. For so cheap, you’d think they suck. Except that every Aussie product I’ve ever tried, I’ve fallen in love with (3 Minute Miracle is….a miracle). I absolutely love this product. While it does not MEND (there is nothing really on the market that can reverse split ends, once you get them, then you keep them) it does exactly what is says it does and PROTECTS your hair. And it smells pretty amazing too. I recommend that you use it as more of a leave in conditioner, but apply more liberally to the ends of your hair. Your hair will be happyyyyy!

Rachel Nipomo, CA

Nice product

Feels good on my hair and product smells so nice. I think that’s the first thing people usually mention. The price isn’t bad when you compare it to other items, I haven’t used the product long enough to see if its saving me from split end damage but I think if your blow drying your hair everyday and styling, I’m sure were asking for damaged hair. I doubt there’s anything on the market that’s 100% foul proof and if there is its probably way more than I wanna spend.

Ernestine Pioche, NV


I used this on my ends and mid way up my hair woww! This stuff works. I used it to put my hair in a protective style and once I removed the tight style (I had applied this beforehand on my ends and mid way) my hair was softer I think than usual! It’s like Conditioner in a bottle 🙂 God bless you guys!

Twila Pawleys Island, SC

Seems to work well

I bought this because my fine hair has been suffering from the harsh winters here in New England, and I wanted to finally see if I could do something to prevent my hair from getting super dry and developing split ends, as it usually does.I had a coupon clipped, so I bought this two-pack for about 3 bucks (awesome!)After I shower, I combine one pump of this along with a small dollop of coconut oil in my hands and work it through the bottoms of my tresses. It dries a little bit greasy-looking, but once I brush out the ends, it looks really great and moisturized. I look forward to seeing how this routine works against the upcoming cold weather.

Eugenia Coleman, FL

Aussie split end protector

I use a TINY bit of this on dry hair if my ends are looking frizzy. Then I comb my hair and the ends feel super soft and smooth. They are a tad damaged from bleaching but look in much better shape after using the split end protector, the leave in conditioner and/or the 3 minute miracle. The bottle is only 5 ounces which is small but you really only use a small amount so it should last a while. It smells awesome. It has a beachy/coconut/fruit smell but not overpowering and the smell fades after a little while. My hair is dyed atomic pink and this product does not fade the color. Great product!

Leola Quilcene, WA

Does As Promised!!!

I was suffering from dry, spit ends, and fly away hair. I tried every expensive brand of shampo my salon sold and was disappointed with every single one of them (not to mention a waste of my money). One little squirt of this product and my hair is soft,shiny, and has no fly away hairs!!!! Amazing product for the price. Would highly recommend it to anyone with dry hair.

Emilia Brownsboro, TX

Ive used better

Before this product Ive been using the garnier split protector but it seems theyve discontinued it. This aussie cream leaves my hair feeling weighed down. I put this in my hair after a shower and when my hair dries it feels gross. Like i rubbed toothpaste in it. I dont really see it doing much to my hair like the garnier did. I have long straight hair and its a bit coarse.

Elaine Meador, WV

A new staple for me

I have 4B natural hair, I love this stuff its awesome. My hair has been splititng because of heat damage that i’ve been managing and this works. It really moisturizes my hair too! My hair is soo soft right now and moisturized. The smell is great also I love it! I used it along with the Garnier fructis argan oil treatment and a spritz of pure coconut oil and my hair hasnt felt this soft without the greasy feeling in a long time

Edwina Mc Alisterville, PA

My Hairdresser Noticed!

At first I didn’t think this product did much… I’ve been trying to grow my hair out, so I’m always very careful with it anyway, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. My hairdresser noticed it was healthier! See, I usually I get a trim every 2-3 months, but with this stuff I could wait 5 months without getting much damage! She said it was the ammount of damage you might expect after a month. So, she cut less off, about .5 inch 🙂 I’m just happy I get to keep more of my hair that is so painstakingly slow to grow, but have it still looking healthy. A+, Aussie!I wish they hadn’t stopped selling it at Hannaford (New England grocery store) or Rite Aid (drugstore). Oh well, I’ll just buy it online.

Jordan Youngwood, PA

Another great Aussie product

It works really well. I use it on my hair every day, even when it’s not wet and it keeps the ends smooth and silky. My hair looks healthier and smells nice

Roslyn Hayfork, CA

Works for thick african-american natural hair

I bought this for my daughter to use on her african-american thick curly coarse hair. She swears by this stuff so I have purchased about four bottles for her since they are only 4oz.

Kelley Graymont, IL

Aussie Split End Protector, 5 Ounce (Pack of 2)

great product , just not for me Has to much oil in it. for my hair type. But the spray leave in spit end conditioner they made is great.

Gay Mathis, TX


This product works well, but I have recently switched to using macadamia oil for my hair (concentrating on the ends), and I find that that works better. This product is creamy and just doesn’t feel as organic. It does work though.

Dana Olmito, TX