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Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner 8 Fl Oz

Protect those precious ‘dos against damage with the ultimate softening and strengthening spray. Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner Spray keeps your bouncy mane strong, soft and better protected. Winner of Teen Vogue Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards.

Key features

  • Helps protect hair against damage
  • Ideal for compromised or damaged ‘dos, it’s great for all hair types.
  • Accented with Australian Silk Protein
  • This leave-in conditioner is the ultimate softening and strengthening spray to keep your hair strong, soft and better protected
  • Winner of Teen Vogue Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards

Honest reviews


The best

I have used conditioning sprays by dove, loreal (costs $9 a bottle!) and frizz ease. This stuff is by far the best and only $3 a bottle at the store. I haven’t gotten my hair cut since FEB and it is now NOV and I dont’ have any split ends. I use it on my son too because he gets “crib head” or whatever it is called where their hair is all nappy in the back from how they lay on it, even though he is 2. This is the best priced and best working spray. I use sulfate free shampoo, skip the conditioner and just use this. I have naturally curly hair if that makes a difference, it is a tiny bit coarse, it isn’t thick or thin. This stuff doesn’t weigh my hair down either or make it oily, I still only wash my hair every other day.

Alana Poplar Grove, AR

Thank God and thank aussie 🙂

Smells good holds well is easier to apply and I can take it with me and spray it when I need it. I’m sticking with this one it makes hair soft shiny smooth silky and it smells amazing. Really good for long curly hair. 😀 Im buying more tomorrow.

Wilma Potwin, KS

Great Light Product at Great Price

I have very dry, thick, coarse, curly hair. Was skeptical about this product because of the cheap price, but I had used Aussie products years ago, and thought I’d try it. LOVED IT!Pros:Nice Scent. Light, and freshLeaves my hair shiny and softDe-tanglesInexpensivePrevents the “frizzies”Not heavy, greasy, or waxyRefreshes my curlsAs a side note, I use this product first, after towel drying. I then also use a conditioning balm, and sometimes a bit of gel. I find that I can “refresh” my curls the second day after shampooing with this product and it looks great. No bed head!

Arlene Pflugerville, TX

Aussie Conditioner

A really good, inexpensive spray on, leave in conditioner. Comb, spray and you’re on your way. Has a very mild coconut sent that reminds me of the water/ocean..

Eileen Crescent, OR

Good but used to be amazing. They took the tea tree oil out!

I bought a bottle of this a few years ago and it had tea tree in it and it was absolutely amazing stuff and really great for my itchy scalp. My hair never looked better. Now, they’ve replaced the tea tree with aloe and it now has a better pina colada type smell. Delicious, summery smell, by the way. Without the tea tree, the product is not as good as it used to be, but I will continue using it because the ingredient list is top notch and the smell is so yummy. There’s really no need to spend more money buying salon products when you can get stuff that’s just as good or better for a fraction of the cost. One bottle of this is $2.50 at my local Wal-mart. You can’t beat that!

Miriam Saxton, PA

Great to use!

I’m becoming obsessed with hair products so now I always like to have something in my hair even when I’m not styling it. I love this product because it’s a spray, and it’s quick to use. It doesn’t leave my hands sticky, and I can put it in my hair as soon as I get out of the shower. I use it before I use other hair products too. Plus, it smells really good!I mostly love it because it’s a spray and not a cream. It’s cheap, and I will definitely be buying this again when I run out.

Margie Ontario, CA

It’s conditioning.

This smells amazing, and it’s worth using the rest of the bottle for that reason alone.After using this, once my hair is dry, my hair is very soft. I’m not sure I’ve noticed any lasting results, though.I dislike the spray-pump applicator, as it gets tiring trying to get all your hair wet spraying it like that. If it were a trigger sprayer I’d appreciate it more.Overall, I probably won’t be buying this again.

Rhea Jamestown, IN

Aussie Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner

This product smells great. It has a coconut/beachy/light smell that fades so it is not overpowering at all. I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner, then spray it on my dry hair and comb thru. It leaves my hair super soft and smooth. I even used it a day after washing my hair when I woke in the morning to smooth out bed head. It does not leave your hair greasy or weighed down at all. Not sure how that is possible but I love it. I have atomic pink hair and it does not fade my color.

Sabrina Blissfield, MI

Not at All What I Expected

In my quest to find the best products for my hair, I purchased this leave-in on a whim, thinking the spray bottle would add convenience to my overall hair regimen. I was so wrong. This product left my hair extremely dry and difficult to manage. I expected it to work like other leave-ins and provide moisture, but all it did was suck the moisture out and leave behind something resembling a helmet. lol The bottle states that the product contains silk protein, but I think there is more protein than moisturizing ingredients, hence the hard hair. I will not be purchasing this again in the future and would not recommend it to anyone.

Jillian Egan, SD

Holy grail in dry climate

I live in dry desert climate and use this everyday on clean soaking wet hair. I scrunch out excess water and scrunch in Aussie volumizing mousse. This combo is better than any high end products I’ve tried and I try everything.

Lola Hooper, NE

Susie leave in treatment

I was looking for a good leave in and this had pretty good reviews however,I do not like it, maybe if I was 13 actually I gave mine to my 13 year old niece. The smell is too fruity childish I’m 36 I don’t want to smell that fruity.

Helene New London, NH
★★★★★’s alright

i thought it was going to be more of a detangling conditioner sort of spray productthis just leaves my hair smelling really good..oh well i still like it

Marina Wilson, MI

All Time Favorite!

Such a great product for a great price. I use these on my hair and also my 2 little girls hair after a bath. It smells great and really takes out tangles leaving hair silky. When it gets about half empty I just fill up with water and it still works really well b/c it’s so concentrated.

Brigitte Christopher, IL

Great for taming frizz & protecting ends

I’ve used this for years, and it’s a must-have for helping to keep my heap of curls controlled and conditioned. I use a little every night after I shower and occasionally in the morning, and it really helps to keep my curly hair from tangling and the ends from splitting/frizzing. It also has a pleasant, light scent, and it’s a good deal price-wise compared to other leave-in conditioners (many of which I’ve tried and not been nearly as impressed with).The only drawback is that I have very thick hair and thus go through a bottle of this in a month — I wish it went a little further. Still, for the price it’s hard to beat.

Rachelle Bethera, SC

Smells awesome

I use this to help with the tangles ….it smells like the beach ! Coconuts ! I thought the price was for 1 but was very happy to get 3 bottles of this !! SO a great value ! You spray in and leave it …my hair is soft and shiny…it does not weigh it down at all. I put one bottle in my beach bag !

Maryellen Forest, LA

Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner

I love ALLLLLLL of Aussie’s hair products. but this has to be my favorite by far. it leaves your hair smelling amazing and helps keep it manageable.

Latoya Cameron Mills, NY

Awesome scent and it works!

I have not been able to find this conditioner anywhere until I spotted it on Amazon. Because it’s a spray mist, it’s much easier to control where and how much I want to apply, which I like because my hair is fine and most bottled conditioners weigh it down, even after ample rinsing. This spray also enhances the highlights in my hair – I don’t know why since it’s not meant to do that, but I don’t mind. The scent is wonderful and light. I purchased a 3/pk for about $11 with free Prime shipping so for now, I’m a happy camper! Thanks again Amazon…..

Lois Daleville, VA

Aussies Hair insurance

Great product, love it, please don’t discontinue it or try to improve. does the job for me now, very convenient to use and pack for travel

Lorie Wadmalaw Island, SC

This is My Favorite Leave in Conditioner

This is my favorite leave in conditioner because the smell is great, and I use it when I braid my hair to capture fly aways. Its really fun.

Robert Fithian, IL

Great detangler, not sure about long term hair repair

Never tried this brand before, I have super damaged hair from recently going from red to pink to platinum to black, this helps as a detangler, though I don’t think is actually doing anything to long term improve my damaged hair (I don’t think any product would though). What I like most is it doesn’t make my hair oily or greasy and I can still go 2 days between washings without getting the greasy look a lot of leave in products have over time. I give 3 stars because I’m just not wowed, still looking for something that will actually help repair my hair. As just a detangler it would be a 5 though.

Augusta Miami, NM

For curly hair, better than styling stuff

Since using this, I need nothing else for natural curls. I use a small plastic bottle (the .97 bottles that walmart sells in the ‘travel size’ bins work for me.) to mix 1/3 water to 2/3 conditioner. This gives a good mix for morning for waking up dead head curls. The bottle I use gives more spray per squirt so I’m able to really wet my hair, as needed, and don’t get hand cramps from using the conditioner’s pump spray.I use the condition ‘straight’ for rainy or damp days to battle frizz. Even if I get caught in the rain, the conditioner will help hair dry without frizzing. The conditioner’s bottle pump is a little stiff and if you’ve got a lot of hair, you may want to get another plastic bottle to use it straight, to avoid hand cramps. I don’t; but, for arthritis sufferers, it may be necessary.I also use it ‘straight’ as hair spray for ‘setting’ a style. It doesn’t make hair stiff, but does hold the curls and hair will feel soft to the touch.Also, getting this via Subscribe and Save saves money as well as assuring I won’t run out.

Adela Easton, MO

A nice-smelling, light leave-in

This is a very nice leave-in that won’t weight your hair down or leave it greasy–that said, I think for people with dry hair (myself included), I don’t feel it’s enough to totally moisturize our hair like it needs to be. But this is a very good, every day leave-in that smells soooo good! I use it on my ends when I’m putting up my hair at night, and it works great!

Francisca Bergheim, TX

Five Stars

smell good and light weighted leave in conditioner.

Luann Hodgen, OK

Great product!

I love the smell of this leave-in conditioner and it does a really nice job of keeping my hair untangled! I would recommend this! It is also a really good buy and a good price for three of them! I was able to buy one at Walmart first and once I saw I liked the product, I was so excited to see this deal online!

Bobbi Sheridan, MI

Really Nice Light Leave in Conditioner

No grease or oil. Just a nice leave in conditioner that deals with dry looking frizzy hair. Worked with my hair type – good stuff!

Belinda Gaylord, MI

Awesome Aussie

I have used this Aussie product for years. I have dry hair that tends to get frizzy, especially in the humid weather of the South. This product keeps your hair soft and smooth. I love the smell of all the Aussie products and buying this through Amazon’s subscribe and save program, you get this at a great savings. I would recommend this product to anyone!!

Luisa West Kill, NY


Aussie products are amazing anc affordable! I love the hair insurance. I have fine long hair and with this I can easily work through the knots after a wash. And it smells delicious!

Ramona Acworth, NH


I use this after my morning shower, and it makes my hair easy to brush out. It’s sort of a no-tangle-guarantee for me. Perhaps people with different hair types may find other things work better for them, but I have thick, straight, and long blonde hair, and it’s the best I’ve come across.

Ophelia Crawfordsville, OR

3b hair

I use this on my daughters hair. Her hair is curly 3b. After washing her mid-back length hair she gets a lot of shrinkage and loss of curl after it dries. This doesn’t help with the shrinkage but it does help retain the curl. Her hair is soft and smells great.

Jenna Clarkedale, AR

Favorite leave in conditioner

This leave in conditioner is great. It smells good and can be used to control frizzy hair during the day if the humidity gets to it (even though the directions say to apply to wet hair only).

Stephanie Perkins, WV