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Auric Blends – Patchouli Amber Body Oil

Amber Patchouly… Auric Blends Fine Perfume Oil… 1/3 Oz Roll-on Bottle…

Key features

  • Amber Patchouly
  • Auric Blends Fine Perfume Oil
  • 1/3 Oz Roll-on Bottle

Honest reviews


Smelled Like Cleaning Product

Smells like cleaning fluid and not a bit alluring even for toilet scrubbing ! Do not like this at all .

Patty Lohn, TX

A little old-lady-ish…

Been trying to find a less expensive amber-patchouli blend than my beloved Carnival Wax Black Amber. I really tried this for about two weeks, but really just did not care for. Kind of reminds me of an old-lady scent. I tossed it:( Other people may like, but I’ll stick with Black Amber. Anyone know any oils that smell identical to Carnival Wax Black Amber, please share!!! It’s very pricey for a small amount, yet I am addicted.

Sonya Redwood Falls, MN


I was restocking some old faves to feed my Auric Blends body oil addiction and was feeling adventurous and decided to try something new. My initial impression was YUCK! this is going in the trash. Well, took another chance and put some behind my ears. Cut to 4 hours later doing some cardio at the gym and I’m thinking that someone sure does have some nice perfume……yeah, it was me. Try it. You may be surprised.UPDATEIt’s been a week and I must say, this stuff is kind of awesome. It changes so drastically when worn compared to the horrible smell in the bottle. My husband who hates Patchouli told me he really loves the smell, which was a big surprise to me. It mixes nicely with most other oils, it adds a touch of earthy to anything sweet or musky.

Susanne Montrose, AR

Best scent

the store I used to get this at in the Haight closed down… stupid rent hikes! glad I found it here:)

Kathleen Ayer, MA

manly smell

I’m a chic & I thought I’d give this a whirl… I’m trying to eliminate "perfumes" from my life & replace them with oils that smell amazing, instead. A safer alternative 🙂 This one was a little to manly smelling to me… similar to what you might smell on a guys aftershave or men’s soap possibly. Not the most feminine smell…. but I still wear this from time to time. And best of all, I’ve had no allergic reactions to this. Would recommend for a man!

Marva West Chester, OH


Irritating smell. I smelled it on someone else at the gym and loved it. So much that I had to find her, compliment her and ask what it was. So I went to amazon looked it up and bought it. It gives me the worst headache. Strong and annoying smell. Smells like some kind of freshener for a car or a litter box. I haven’t received any compliments either.It’s very strong. I smelled another one by this branch which was jasmine and Amber…. Much softer.

Caitlin Lake Hughes, CA

I love this

I have opened this Bottle a Bunch of times. It smells very nice. I am going to wear it tomorrow and see how it lasts. I find this brand to have a punch at the beginning and then goes dead quickly. I think they need to do something so the sent lasts through the day. I don’t want to keep putting it on each time I go Potty, LOL..

Barbara Chepachet, RI

Nice size, great price, wonderful scent

Perfume goes on wonderfully strong though it wares off a bit thoughout the day but does not dissapear which is nice.For a while it smells almost like cinnamon patchouly-ish, but as it wears on more towards the end of the day you will still gets pleasent whiffs of the Patchouly scent, and leaves your clothes smelling good too.

Pam Powers Lake, WI

Amber Patchouli

Very Warm and Earthy – stays on my skin all day. I have to use a very small amount of this one as it’s strong.

Holly Lonaconing, MD

Like it very much.

This oil is very concentrated & only takes about 1 short roll & it lasts all day for me. I would recommend it for anyone that likes Patchouli fragrance.

Opal Stratton, ME