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Auric Blends – Egyptian Goddess Body Oil

Auric Blends perfumes combine exotic ingredients with unique aromas for a fragrance experience unparalleled anywhere in the world. This gorgeously scented Egyptian Goddess body oil comes in a 1/3 oz. roll-on bottle and will delight the mind as well as the body.

Key features

  • Officially Licensed Merchandise
  • Brand New Quality Product
  • Music, Sports & Entertainment Item

Honest reviews


Old Lady Scent

I really wanted to enjoy this scent. It did warm as I rubbed my wrists together. A little goes a long way and it does last all day. If I enjoyed the way it smelled it would be one of the best deals out there. I have smelled this smell on several old ladies before. I’m looking for a younger sultry scent. Does not smell like the description :(My best description would be old powder that back in the day women used to coat themselves in. It didn’t smell good then & it doesn’t smell good now. I just had my hubby take a wiff and he threw his head back and said eewww that smells like old lady. Sorry!

Sophia Saint Francis, ME

What’s to love?

After reading the reviews I decided to take a chance and buy a perfume I’ve never smelt before. Won’t be making that mistake again. It smells like cheap dollar store perfume. I held up my wrist to everyone in my family and asked if they like it and everyone wrinkled their noses and said not at all. To add insult to injury, I had to jump through hoops corresponding with the seller and Amazon over the course of over 2 weeks. Don’t make this mistake. Don’t buy a perfume until you can smell it first.

Pamela Marrowbone, KY

Not the right scent for me…

You get a good amount of this product for the money, and after reading a ton of rave reviews for the scent online I was convinced that I’d love it. Not so much…it smells kinda old-lady-ish. It’s not the spicy/musky/floral scent that I was hoping for.

Clarice Windham, ME

Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess Body Oil

I had caught a whiff of this on a nurse while working in the operating room. It was a breath of fresh air, and I had to find out what it was. She said it was Egyptian musk and she got it at a beauty supply store and it was inexpensive. I could not find it there, so I took a chance and ordered it online. I just knew it smelled like clean laundry, so I googled around till I was convinced this product was what I wanted. I am very pleased with the fragrance. It is just strong enough. My boyfriend likes it and it is so mild I don’t get sick from it. I like the clean scent.I think somebody should invent a deodorizer for hockey gear with this scent, lol.

Lawanda Craig, IA

Not what I was hoping for!

Not as good as the love scent. It’s ok but I would not order again. A little to strong for my senses!

Ina Pennington Gap, VA


Something is wrong here with quality control. There are many people here raving about this and many receiving bottles with no smell . I got the no smell ! I am disappoointed as I suspect the product has merit because of so many great reviews. My neighbor could not smell it either .I ordered another bottle of oil that was great . However , this goddess formula smelled like veggie oil . ZILCH . Someone needs to correct this before customers give up.

Geraldine Golden Eagle, IL

Auric blends Egyptian goddess body oil

Shipping was okay. I like the smell of this and I would buy this again. I wear this to work. It lasts long.

Carey Landrum, SC


great to keep in a makeup bag to reapply if you like during the day. Egyptian musk is one of my favorites. this one smells very nice.

Melisa New Liberty, KY


I wore this and I could not believe how many people wanted to hug me and the commits they gave me you have to try this and lasts a long time too

Eleanor Vinton, CA


This smells bad in the bottle,thought maybe body heat would improve the smell. Suprise, cant smell it at all. Total waste of money . choose another fragrance if you want to have a soft scent, this has none.

Sharlene Marblemount, WA

Very disappointing, waste of money!!

I’ve purchased Egyptian Goddess oil in the passed and have loved it! It has been my favorite scent! This is the first time I’m purchased from this seller, and when I opened the bottle, I was very disappointed. There is absolutely no smell, whatsoever! I don’t know if they are diluting it down or using old oils, or what. Do not buy from this seller! Waste of money!

Leah Fairburn, SD

Definitely Give It A Chance To Shine Before Judging!

EDIT: 12/31/13 ***REVIEWERS*** I have learned from other users of this product that Auric Blends has changed the Egyptian Goddess scent in the last six months or so. It seems my review is not of the original scent and according to them, the original scent is far superior than the new watered down and altered scent which is what I have reviewed. PLEASE TAKE CAUTION that the older reviews of this scent are reviews of the scent you can no longer attain and the more recent reviews, like mine, are reviews of this different version of Egyptian Goddess. It’s a shame but let this knowledge aid you in your decision about this. Please pay attention to only the more recent reviews of this scented oil. Thank you.***Okay so I just received this roll on oil perfume and the moment I opened it, I sniffed the bottle. I could barely smell anything so here I am confused and wondering if the less positive reviews were true and this perfume really had little to no scent! Not only that, but the scent wasn’t sweet although I don’t think I really knew what to expect.Still I decided to give it a chance; I rolled some on my arm. 10 minutes later, I notice I can smell it a bit. I brought my arm up and sniffed- aahhhh! There it is, the scent was much stronger! The perfume needs a bit of heat to strengthen up and emanate properly so definitely don’t judge it by sniffing the bottle.As for the scent, a lot of reviews are very general about the actual scent so you might not know what to expect of the scent. I’m definitely growing to like the scent, myself. I gave it 4 stars because it wasn’t what I was used to but it’s definitely not an offensive smell.The smell is not sweet. There is a slight musk to it and the smell really does change according to your body chemistry. Sometimes it smells like incense to me, or an earthy and warm scent, sometimes it smells like a fresh river, and other times it smells like a sensual massage oil with a bit of spice to it. It’s really difficult to describe now that I’m trying, haha!BUT I can definitely say the scent is correctly named. When I smell this perfume, I imagine being in a lavish Egyptian temple as a queen with a papyrus-laden river flowing nearby. It smells “queenly,” it smells exotic and regal. No old lady nonsense, but a scent gives off an aura of mystery, sensuality, and power. It’s lightly scented so it’s nothing that will make you sneeze.If you’d like to sweeten it a little bit, a drop of Pure Instinct blends with it quite nicely, I must say! It still retains its aura but with a non-clashing hint of sweetness.I’m used to more sweet and floral scents so this is quite the change for me, but I am certainly adapting quickly. I only applied the oil to my arm near my wrist and it’s been 5 hours and I can still smell it in a pleasant and non-overpowering way.It’s a keeper!

Rosie Beauty, KY

Smells good, buuuuuut….

This stuff smells wonderful in the bottle but after about maybe 20 minutes on your skin it doesn’t smell like anything. The roller ball applicator is really cool, I just wish the scent was a little stronger and lasted longer.

Betsy Snow Lake, AR

love it

I cannot get enough of this body oil, I wish it came in a huge bottle I love love love this

Marcia Sumneytown, PA

Sultry scent!!!

This is definitely a deliciously spicy scent. If you like deeper scents with a little more musk then you will definitely like this. It’s a little too heavy for my taste to wear during the day, but it’s perfect to wear out in the evening. Very sultry! The perfume oil LASTS! If you put it on your wrists before you go out in the evening, you’ll wake up the next morning still smelling wonderful!

Ernestine Amory, MS

I love love love the smell

I love this smell and it smells so good on me but I am finding that it is losing its potency after only a couple of weeks. It isn’t as strong as it was when I opened it and I’m having a really hard time getting it to stay on me. I would love this if it was stronger.

Angelique Fontana, KS


Addictive scent. It fits right in your makeup kit and it makes you feel sexy wearing it. I love it!

Inez Mukwonago, WI

Nice smelling oil

This is a nice smelling oil, I am not in love with it. It is not what I expected, I expected more of a spicy/balsamic and heady musk. It is a little sweet smelling for me but I will try other oils as they cost next to nothing. This came before the estimated delivery date so I am happy with this seller.

Lourdes Saint James, MD

Very nice

This light warm scent is very pleasant. The fragrance also lasts without fade much longer than most I have purchased in my life. I also love the roller ball better than sprays as you have more control of the amount applied and the location so I can put it right where I want it. All of that and a great price. I will definately be order more.

Gracie Sondheimer, LA

Pretty smell

Felt like I had to keep putting this on and the smell is so light its hard to smell it. It came in a Big box with one in it and pkg good. I just hope it smells better as time goes on. I like to smell my Perfume. It was to light of a smell as far as I am concerned. So far I think its a 50/50 with Auric Perfume. I have bought some other brands that smell stronger and last.

Kara Victorville, CA

Exotic and Seductive

I first came across this sensual smelling oil years ago at a local drug store, but the business went under, and I was never able to locate this little product down until I recently, when I found it here on Amazon. Needless to say, I am ecstatic. This small, glass roll-on lasts for a very long time. You apply just a bit on your wrists and behind your ears, and it will last all day, afternoon, and evening. It’s just a gorgeous scent, that is worth a try. Impossible to compare it to something else on the market. It will definitely leave an impression on you.

Imelda Chatfield, OH


This little one lasts for a long time and smells delicious. My husband loves it, it is very soft. Tip: keep it away from your clothes.

Jocelyn Shafter, TX

Odd smell

Smells like a restaurant bathroom, or alternatively, my grandma’s house. Not a "Goddess" smell at all. But if you’re into that, buy away.

Gina Litchfield, MI


Not only do I get complements about the way I smell. This oil is a nice accent to other perfumes. I prefer to go with something that has a flowery smell. My personal favorite is Butterfly Flower. (I will post a link below). It’s very light and as the smell of the other perfume fades you get a nice lingering waft of the Egyptian Goddess that you will never be. It’s kind of heart breaking because you smell it all day.DO NOT rub this on your wrist! It is an oil. It is shiny and it does not like your bracelets! It wants your bracelet to be ugly and dirty while somehow managing to smell like heaven. You will have to wash your bracelet with dawn because it is an oil and therefore water is not enough… by all means try jewelry cleaner. That said. I have learned my lesson and I dab the roller behind my ears and on my antecubital.

Rocio Shawmut, MT

Auric Blends Memories from the 90s!

I have fond memories of Auric Memories when the roll ons first came out in the mid 90s. There was a sort of ‘hippie-new age’ shop which opened around the corner of the office building where it worked. You could be incense, dream catchersand ‘boot leg’ Grateful CDs under the counter.There appeared one day a display of roll on oils with a dream catcher logo on the side of the bottled.I was immediately intrigued with the exotic scents and names. So I picked up a few as they were inexpensive.Names like Night Queen, Black Coconut and Egyptian Goddess were novel back then. And the oils had such a strong, different scent.So I got hooked on them. No Eternity or Escape for me any more.Over the years the line has grown to include new scents, solid fragrance and now lotion! The large bottle of Egyptian Goddess appeared one day and it was a bargain for such a huge size.I do recall the scent seems lighter now but it can be cranked up by adding other scents from the line.Not sure whether there is any truth to the oils being ‘diluted’. E Goddess and a few other Auric scents tend to appear and re-appear during the course of the day.Am fond of the entire line of products.Just a little testimomy to an old friend that still remains affordable.As long as they still make them I will remain a repeat customer.And Amazon along with the many outstanding sellers on Amazon make is possible.

Teresa Odessa, WA

Smells good for a temporary time period

I do enjoy the scent, but I couldn’t even smell it 30 minutes after application. This kind of defeats the purpose of applying a scent at all.

Lou Burnside, IL

Better Than Some

I like getting it in person, but the last time I bought Egyptian Goddess online, the smell was really "off". It just wasn’t right, and gave me an awful headache. I decided to give it one last try, and I’m glad I did!

Lynn Lovejoy, GA

Smells nice but you can BARELY smell is

The smell is nice but the problem is that you can barely smell it. I even took the bottle and rolled it ALL over me and asked others if they could smell it and they could barely smell it as well. If you could actually smell the scent, I think it would be nice. Maybe I just got a bad batch??

Geraldine Lineboro, MD

Delicious scent

Love the Auric Blends oils. Low price, great quality, and a little goes a very long way. The Egyptian Goddess scent is wonderful and warm. A little floral without being "sweet". Great stuff. They ship fast too.Will continue buying these

Carolyn Witherbee, NY

I don’t like it.

I don’t like it. So sad I believe other review and but it without smell it first. The smell is for an old lady.

Luann Three Oaks, MI