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Aubrey Organics Sea Buckthorn & Cucumber with Ester-C Moisturizing Cream, 4-Ounce Bottle

Aubrey Sea Buckthorn & Cucumber with Ester-C Moisturizing Cream is a silky-smooth daytime moisturizer offers protection, restores moisture and softness and invigorates dull, dry skin on contact.

Key features

  • Vegan
  • Combination dry skin
  • No animal testing

Honest reviews


Doesn’t moisturize well.

I really love the smell of this lotion. It has a mild, clean scent. Kind of hard to describe! I suppose it does smell like a floral cucumber.The lotion comes out a thick, shimmery yellow color. Not the most pleasing thing to the eye, but luckily I notice no residual color after application (& I’m extremely fair skinned).Absorption is so-so. I have to use a little water to get it to properly absorb, otherwise it just sits on top of my skin. After massaging it in with water, I have to say that my skin doesn’t look very much more hydrated than before, and certainly doesn’t feel as supple as I’d like (I get better results with Ecco Bella).I really want to love this lotion, but it just doesn’t cut it for me! The scent is the best part.

Saundra Sumner, MI

all natural moisterizer for the daytime

This is a great moisturizer in my opinion. It is an orangy-peachy color, and from my experience, so are other sea buckthorn products. I really like to use this moisturizer b/c it really feels refreshing on my skin. I dont have an issue with the orange color. it blends in once you put it on. It’s creamy and i use a small amount per day. The bottle is fairly big. I think it’s a great price and a great product. my skin is definatly smooth & loves to drink up this lotion.

Roxanne Rogers, OH


I’ll use this face lotion until they stop making it. My husband likes it as well for after shaving (he used to use Curel sensitive)The smell is nice, just cucumbers, but dissipates fairly quickly, very unisex.The texture is awesome, very light, so I wouldn’t recommend for dry skin (although I have used it on very dry days and two layers was perfect).It is a golden color and slightly thicker than typical drugstore brands. No burning, itching, etc. and I’m sensitive to colors/smells, but since this is all-natural there have been no issues.Highly recommended.

Gina Lafe, AR

Pretty good

This moisturizer works pretty well for me. I like the fact that it’s organic, but 2 drawbacks are 1) no sunscreen properties, and 2) if you use too much your skin will look more brown because of the natural color of the moisturizer. Overall though, I like it.

Berta Deane, KY

Works great

This is such a power packed product at such a low cost. And you can really trust this brand. It got rid of the dry krapy skin on my neck and leaves a nice healthy looking tint, like a slight self tanner.

Carissa Tyrone, GA

Aubrey Organics Sea Buckthorn & Cucumber with Ester-C Moisturizing Cream, 4-Ounce Bottle

I really like it. It does not leave a peach-colored residue on the face like someone mentioned it. It is very moisturizing, I checked ph it is around 5. Will buy again, the bottle is 4oz and will last

Ruth Bellamy, AL