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Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Rose Hip Moisturizing Cream, 4-Ounce Bottle

Rich, moisturizing formula smoothes and hydrates dry skin on contact with nutrient-rich organic Rosa Mosqueta oil and other emollients. An excellent source of linolenic and linoleic acids, essential for healthy skin.

Key features

  • Rosa Mosqueta (rose hip seed) oil
  • For dry skin
  • Smoothes and hydrates

Honest reviews


Review from a Retin A user

I use Retin A and well that means REALLY DRY SKIN. I’ve tried many things, and actually my skin has gotten pretty used to the Retin A. I don’t have break out problems, and purely using Retin A for wrinkle prevention.This really is great for dry skin. I am not too fond of the smell, but it’s not overbearing or anything. I love the way it comes on smooth and I can feel that my skin absorbs this really well. I liked this so much I just purchased the oil. A little of this goes a long way as well. I’d say a dime size drop for your entire face and neck.** ON ANOTHER NOTE: SHIPPING IS MORE LIKE FIVE DOLLARS AND NOT THE NINETY NINE CENTS STATED HERE.

Madelyn Williamsburg, NM

Decent lotion, but wouldn’t buy it again

Pros:All naturalMild fragranceAffordableFirst ingredient is coconut base, not waterCons:Doesn’t last all dayMight be good for dry skin, but not very dry skinDoes not moisturize very deeplyBottle is difficult to use

Gertrude Auburn, NH

Excellent Dry Skin Moisturizer with Natural Ingredients

I truly love and appreciate the fact that Aubrey Organics DOES indeed use ONLY natural and organic ingredients in their cosmetic line, unlike many other companies who claim to be “organic” while their products contain petroleum based components and additives.Since discovering Aubrey, I have given up on all the other commercially produced skin and hair products and have used theirs for many years exclusively.My skin is fairly dry, so this formula is ideal for me. As another reviewer pointed out, it might be too rich for other skin types. Yes, most definitely. If you have oily skin, this would not be the best choice for you, however for dry or even mixed skin type it’s most wonderful little helper. I’d even put a little organic avocado or argan oil in it to make it little richer.It has kept my skin supple, moisturized, completely eliminating the unpleasant ‘pulling at your face’ feeling that dry skin produces, of course it never clogs my pores and just feels wonderful to put on.I would recommend this to anyone with dry skin wholeheartedly!!(Just to be consistent in my reviews, I should point out that only recently have I started making my own skin moisturizer that I am very fond of – using shea butter, argan, coconut and avocado oil with just couple of drops of lavender oil… it’s fun and easy to make and nourishing for both my skin and hair, so admittedly, I have not been using Aubrey as much as I used to. Anyone can make their own concoction just as easily, but if you want to stick with commercial moisturizers, this one is definitely perfect way to go!).

Lacey Lambrook, AR


Tried it a few times, and I’m not crazy about it.It creates that filmy feeling of stuff just sitting on your skin. Doesn’t absorb and moisturize.After letting it be for a time I had to rinse if off, and my skin felt as dry as ever.

Lynne Bradford, RI

Moisturizes Without Grease and Alcohol free

Purchased this at an Earthfare store as I was wanting a chemical free facial moisturizer. I am using Dry Skin “1”. The first ingredient is Coconut Fatty Acid Cream Base. No drying alcohol in the ingredients. I apply it after my vitamin C/Ferulic acid has a chance to absorb in the mornings, and before my sun screen and foundation. It SLIDES on-so silky it is amazing. Easy to blend. Then it instantly absorbs and leaves a completely non -greasy base for my sunscreen and foundation. Skin just feels dewy and wonderful.It would be nice if the manufacturer could add a chemical-free spf 30 or greater component without changing the non-greasy feature. That would save an extra step in my regimen. Also, I purchase from Amazon often so will definitely be doing price comparison shopping when I re-stock.

Loretta Minford, OH

luxurious feel

This lotion is so velvety and smells amazing. It reminds me of Jergens as far as smell because it has the almond oils; they give it a sweet, rich smell. My skin looks moisturized, not oily, and feels soft. I think this is my new favorite.

Charlene Cambridge, IA

Saved me from an allergic reaction to new makeup

I recently tried to switch to a more natural foundation with less chemicals. Everything was okay for a week or so, but then my face started to itch and feel irritated. I developed a rash along my jaw line with a lot of red itchy pimples. I looked at my face closely in a magnifying mirror and realized all the skin on my cheeks was very dried out and was actually becoming flaky. I just had a really bad reaction to the new makeup, so I went to my dermatologist and she gave me a trial sized tube of a pharmaceutical cream that costs like $200 a tube (Protopic). I should have known something was up when she also gave me a coupon for $40 OFF my prescription! Well – after reading the side effects on the cream (lymphoma has been reported in animal testing (animal testing?!?! what jerks), there was no way I was going to use it on my face. I needed something fast – so I read the reviews on Amazon of many of the Aubrey products and went out to my local Vitamin Shoppe to buy them. I was able to find not only this moisturizing cream, but also the cleansing cream and toner in this same Rosa Mosqueta line. I also bought a moisturizing mask from Aubrey that is designed for sensitive skin – it’s called Vegecol.I’m happy to say this stuff calmed things down immediately and my skin just drank it up. I was a little concerned because the Rose Mosqueta products have a fairly intense fragrance (it reminds me of the original Jergen’s hand lotion), and I thought it might make things worse, but I was wrong. It was just extremely calming and moisturizing and my skin recovered in only a few days. Also, the fragrance fades to a pleasant level that I actually enjoy shortly after I finish my morning make-up.This line of products will now be my every day skin care routine, along with nightly applications of Sibu Seabuckthorn Oil (for roseacea I no longer have :)). I feel very good about this manufacturer – no parabens, organic ingredients, products that work, no animal testing, prices are very reasonable and product is readily available. Defintely recommend this for irritated, dried out, sensitive skin. I look forward to trying more of their stuff.

Flossie Nottoway, VA

I love the Aubrey products.

I have supper sensitive mature skin. This product works great. It soaks in and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. My face feels very soft.

Mara Kingsville, OH

Doesn’t Clog My Pores

I really hesitated to buy anything to moisturize my face and other dry spots because my skin is so sensitive that most products make me break out in an itchy rash and acne. This product didn’t do that at all, plus it felt really good on my skin…not greasy at all. The result was a soft feeling skin with no oily residue. Smells pretty good, too. Expensive, but worth every penny for quality.

Ollie Selma, OR