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Aubrey Organics – Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo – 11oz

The sweet smell of success for your hair. Achieve ultra-softness and manageability with this moisture-intensive shampoo. Restorative herbal emollients rehydrate hair fiber to overcome dryness and brittleness and leave hair irresistibly fragrant and silky-soft to the touch. Also recommended for bleached or highlighted hair.

Key features

  • For dry, bleached or highlighted hair
  • Organic Rosa Mosqueta Oil moisturizes & provides nutrients; improves hair texture
  • Honeysuckle Oil adds a soft, floral scent
  • Organic Aloe replenishes moisture
  • Made in USA

Honest reviews


Does notvlather or clean my hair well

I am caucasian with thick, long hair. Perhaps for a different txpe of air this may work, but it barely lathers and actually once applied actually feels like it gums up my haur. It takes several long washings with lots of shampoo for my hair to reel clean and it feels awful. Perhps this lack of kather and slipperiness is common with organic shampoos, but i did not lime tge feelimb at all.

Ollie Normandy Beach, NJ

Perfect product for the switch from conventional to healthy

I recently attended a health seminar that made me realize that every thing you put on your body ends up inside your body – it enters your bloodstream through your skin and eventually circulates to all your internal organs. So basically, if you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin. So I decided to throw away all my chemical-ridden drugstore beauty products and start buying all organic. Soap and lotion are easy, but I was unsure how the shampoo would go. As mucb as I want to be natural, my hair is very long and needs to look good. I am happy to report that this shampoo did not dissapoint. It leaves my hair as shiny, bouncy and healthy looking as my Pantene used to. My only negative feedback is that the smell is very strong – it’s floral but kind of in an unappealing way. I don’t really care for it. It’s almost like roses mixed with sulfur or something. But luckily, you only smell it while shampooing and once your hair dries the smell is pretty much gone. I am going to experiment with some other shampoos in the Aubrey line to see if any have a better fragrance. The Chamomile volumizing shampoo (not the blue chamomile) is next on my list. Chamomile sounds much more mild smelling than rose, so we’ll see how that goes. In the meantime I am still using the Rose – the smell is not enough of a deterrent to make me stop using it.

Jeannette Lake Norden, SD

Dry, Dry, and Dry!

This shampoo did a number on my hair! My hair is curly and this product made my hair feel sooooo dry and damaged. Lets not talk about the smell, OMG! It was bad, please dont buy this stuff.

Abby Brandon, MS

Winner for African American Natural Hair

I am an African American woman with very tightly coiled dry hair. I had my last relaxer over a year ago and have been working with natural hair for the first time in about 20 years. I have tried a LOT of products. Going Natural is very popular right now in oru community and it is not easy finding products that can make our hair manageable and truly soft especially the hair texture that I have. I highly recommend all of the shampoos and conditioners. They are remarkable and for the FIRST time I am getting what I expect from a product. The fact that the products are also safe for my hair and my health is reason to celebrate. You must try this product. My favorite is Honeysuckle Rose but I also have and love GP Protein, Island Naturals and one other that escapes me at the moment. They are all fantastic and worth the price. Try these products your hair will feel heathier and have a better texture than you could have imagined. You will also be doing a great thing for your health. So many cosmetic products are toxic nowadays. Companies do not have to disclose what they are really using. I checked Aubrey Organics on the EWG website that studies the toxicity of cosmetics and they got very good scores. This is an all around win, win product. I just wish they would make a larger bottle. Additonally Honeysuckle Rose has a great fragrance. Some of the the others dont smell as good as this one but they work just as well.

Maryanne Satin, TX

Smells wonderful, but you should definitely use conditioner with this

Have you ever drank sweet aloe juice you might find in some oriental grocery store? Have you ever drank really high quality green tea freshly brewed with leaves NOT in a bag?To me, this shampoo smells very intensely like a mix of really really nice green tea and a hint of aloe juice or something — and it smells pretty sweet. But what the scent is actually coming from is probably all those floral and herbal extracts, because this shampoo has no green tea in it whatsoever 😛 (I know, it’s not green tea I’m just saying it smells a lot like it to me).This is probably the best-smelling shampoo I’ve ever used in my life — granted I love the smell of fruit like mangoes, peaches and pears, there’s just something EVEN BETTER about the smell of green tea in a shampoo. Probably because when I think green tea, I think CLEANSING — whereas mangoes peaches and pears, sure they’re very sweet and healthy, but if you were to slather yourself with those sweet fruits (instead of wet green tea bags), you’d probably get all sticky and kind of yucky.As far as being an effective shampoo, this is very good at de-greasing and just in general, cleaning I guess. I haven’t tried using it by itself in one showering session, however, I’d imagine if I went without the matching conditioner, my past-shoulder length hair would be a bit harder to manage.I love how this has no sulfates, mineral oils, parabens or other weird synthetic chemicals in it. but that’s what probably makes this stuff so expensive compared to conventional shampoos.I wish they’d sell these in larger containers, or at least make them cheaper.

Maggie Norway, OR

Use it with the conditioner. Didn’t like the smell but it works amazingly well.

OK, let me set the scene with the mess that my hair was before I started my new haircare regime. I am Caucasian with very long and thick wavy hair that just does not like to behave. I suffer from several chronic illnesses and as a result my hair was in pretty bad shape thanks to a lack of nutrients and neglect. It was very dry and impossible to de-tangle and was driving me crazy, nothing was working for it.I bought this even though I don’t shampoo too often (and the conditioner to match) to use regularly as a part of a moisture-only routine as I wanted to avoid using anything with protein added for my ‘regular’ washes (as opposed to deep conditioning days). I’d read some recommendations of this product online and I liked that it’s fairly natural.When I received the actual product and opened the bottle, it smelled pretty disgusting to me; it’s very herbal in an unpleasant way, to the point of smelling almost like chemicals, if that makes any sense. When I used the shampoo I was worried because it didn’t feel nice on my hair after rinsing, and the conditioner didn’t really feel like it was doing any good either. Nevertheless, I combed the conditioner gently through my hair and rinsed it out at the end of my shower. The smell once it was mixed a little wasn’t quite so bad but I still wouldn’t describe it as nice, to my tastes at least.I detangled my hair with a wide-toothed comb and it seemed to be easier than usual. But I didn’t notice how incredible my hair felt until I dried it off. I felt like blow-drying my hair which I don’t often do, and from the very first section I was stunned at how silky and easily manageable my hair had become again. Seriously I cannot praise this stuff enough; I have not used it long term but for it to have done my hair this much good from one simple sitting, I’m pretty amazed – especially considering how skeptical I was. This product is definitely worth a try considering it’s not that expensive, and the bottles aren’t exactly small so it will last quite a while.For the good that it does to my hair, I can forgive the smell; it actually doesn’t smell at all unpleasant once the hair is dry and if you’ve applied other products it mixes well – you know that smell your hair gets when you’ve just been to a salon to get your hair washed, cut etc? That’s what it smells like to me after, which is nice lol. If it bothers me when I use it regularly I’ll just mix in another oil to make it smell better. The main point is, this stuff works for me and I’m really happy about it!I will say that before I used these two products, I had done a deep cleansing and balancing/conditioning treatment in order to fix the foundations of my hair as much as possible, so this also adds to the reasons why my hair is feeling much better than before. However I do feel that this and its conditioner really works well with my hair type and I definitely have this product to thank for how well my hair is doing on only day 2 of my routine. I can recommend it to anyone with moisture problems with their hair.If you don’t want to buy both the shampoo and conditioner I’d say go with just the conditioner, but I feel that they both helped each other out and work well together as they should.

Andrea Monclova, OH

Wouldn’t buy it again

It smells great but I would never call it moisturizing. I’ve been trying to avoid using conditioners and unfortunately with this shampoo I had to. But it lathers better than most organic shampoos. It’s not awful, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

Bernadette Council Bluffs, IA

Got a reaction to this, and tangled hair.

This cleaned my scalp well but made my hand itch really bad during the shower. I took the shampoo and used it in another shower stall, got the same reaction on my hand. And, only with this shampoo, nothing else. Even though this shampoo cleans my scalp well, it is a bit drying and tangled my hair. Plus, the smell is really strong, lingers on me for days end, and I am not fond of the smell. I used to hear that this is a good product, but it went downhill once they changed the formula. I wonder if I would’ve had better luck with the old formula.

Debora Manhattan Beach, CA

Nice Shampoo…

I love that it is Natural. It drys out your hair, be sure to use a conditioner after. I would buy again.

Stella Sarita, TX

Like Aubrey

Again order this product because I could not make it to health food store where I usually purchase from. I like Aubrey products so I hope this product is the same

Gussie Karnak, IL

Excellent shampoo!!

This is an excellent shampoo that has a lovely, soft scent. If you want a shampoo that really is natural (unlike most shampoos from so-called natural companies), try any Aubrey Organics shampoo. I like this one in particular for it’s scent. My hair is always soft, shiny, & silky after using Aubrey products. This has a matching conditioner that works really well, too.

Abby Bullard, TX

It’ll do in a crunch

I really want to like Aubrey Organics products but they just don’t do it for me the way the Eulence brand does. I mean they aren’t horrible, but they aren’t remarkable either. They’re fine in a pinch. I do like the smell of this shampoo and it does clean the hair without stripping.

Doreen Lake Huntington, NY

my hair loves it

this shampoo worked excellent on my natural black hair. I ordered it by mistake and decided to use it. Great smelling and lots of suds, nice slip, I would recommend it to any one looking for a moisturizer shampoo

Ingrid Frederick, PA

Seems to work.

This shampoo has made a good difference. I recommended for those with dry scalp. Works fast as little as two applications.

Marcia Hillsboro, TX

good smell is rare among Aubrey shampoos!!!

Smell is very nice, very rare in Audbery shampoo and conditioner family:)Cleaning power is good. My hair needs shampooing every 3-4 days. When I apply this shampoo, my hair is very clean, but I can hardly run my finger through hair after shampooing, I wonder what ingredient cause this.After shampooing, I apply its pairing conditioner, which is also ok. After applying conditioner, my hair feel soft.I don’t think this pair would do any frizz control or any shine adds-on effect. I can observe my hair is soft and clean after usage.I would love to find something that also manage my hair frizzes though!no success yet

Marquita Wheeler, MS

Reasonably priced option without nasty chemicals

Nearly every shampoo out there that is marketed as being sulfate-free, organic, natural, or the like, is still riddled with chemical junk. Many of them, for example, don’t have sodium laurel sulfate, but they have something nearly identical or sometimes even worse. It’s sad and insulting that so many companies have no qualms about committing that kind of deception or downright fraud against consumers. Why not just succeed at business by offering a truly desired honest product?This one, as far as I can tell, is for the price the best option. I can’t (and didn’t want to) spend a lot on something so simplistic as shampoo. This one isn’t cheap exactly but it’s within reasonable reach especially for someone with really needs it due to chemical sensitivities.I will note that this contains quite a lot of herb extracts, and I suppose there might be some risk that the occasional person would be sensitive to one of those, but I think the overall mix is quite dilute of any one particular such ingredient. The product works well, smells acceptable, and comes in a convenient to use and usefully sized container that stand well and stable in the shower without any leaking. I also bought the conditioner and it is excellent too.I will stick with this brand in the hopes that they don’t change up the formula to something worse. That has happened to me already with about six different brands I’ve used in the past, that used to be good. I guess they figured that people wouldn’t notice. Anyway, hopefully Aubrey keeps this product as a safe and nonirritating option.

Pauline Au Gres, MI

Nice floral scent

Of all the Aubrey organic shampoos I have tried, this is the one I most prefer. Its all-natural formula gets my hair clean and leaves it smelling floral and feminine. Doesn’t dry or strip hair.The corresponding conditioner is a little thick, but I added some water to the bottle and found it was just right. It leaves my hair silky-soft and manageable. Again, the floral scent is a huge plus. I would recommend these products for any woman with normal to dry hair.

Anastasia Dowell, MD

Strong smell

The shampoo worked for its intended purpose, however I felt the sent was really strong. It also lathered poorly (which organic shampoo does do) but I felt like I needed more just to be clean. Tired a different brand and that ones seems to lather a bit better. I probably won’t be using this again as the strong odor was just too much for me.

Sophia Prudenville, MI


I use this and the matching conditioner on my girls’ very curly red hair. Taming curly hair is a brutal operation. This stuff is a big help. Wash, rinse, add conditioner and comb it out. Then let it sit a few minutes. Really, Really great.

Suzette Powers Lake, WI

Doesn’t suds

In all fairness, this was my first foray into a less-chemical shampoo.I find that while the smell of this shampoo is okay, it doesn’t suds…like at all. So, I’m not a fan of this brand and found another brand (also without these chemicals) I prefer. Just not the right one for me.

Kirsten Miller Place, NY

luv it

I love this. It doesn’t lather because It truly is sulfate free. And it leave my kinky hair nice and soft.

Socorro Poplar Ridge, NY

Okay but not great

I used it. It was no better than the 99 cent store shampoo or the shampoo for sale for 99 cents in any store. Do not waste your money.

Sylvia Goshen, VA

Really Nice Natural Shampoo – smells great!

The Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo works just as well as other much more expensive shampoos that have harmful ingredients. It did not perform magic with my hair, but I’m so pleased to have found a shampoo that cleans well, smells fantastic, and has all natural ingredients. Since I have thick hair, I divide it in half and put a dime sized portion of the soap on each half. That way (since this shampoo doens’t have the harmful suds-creating ingredient that most other soaps have) I feel like my hair is evenly cleaned.

Jimmie Hydro, OK

Not bad

I love the smell, and the low-lather is not a problem at all, but the shampoo just felt really weird in my hair. Perhaps it’s just something I my hair needs to get used to. Regardless, this is a purchase I don’t think went to waste. 🙂

Michele Spring City, PA


Absolutely love the shampoo. Extremely moisturizing and goes well with the matching conditioner. This is the first time trying both shampoo and conditioner and highly recommend both.

Lindsey Meadow Lands, PA