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Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner 11oz

For Dry, Brittle Hair The sweet smell of success for your hair.

Key features

  • For dry, bleached or highlighted hair
  • Organic Shea Butter & Rosa Mosqueta Oil deep-conditions & protects, providing softer hair texture
  • Honeysuckle Oil adds a soft, floral scent
  • Organic Aloe replenishes moisture
  • Made in USA

Honest reviews


Nothing Special

I bought my Honeysuckle from Whole Foods for $10. Everyone said this was a great conditioner. I tried it and it didn’t do anything for my hair. It did not feel stronger, healthier, or softer. My detangling process took the same amount of time. So no, this did not help in that department either. I gave it two stars because the conditioner is all natural, free of harsh chemicals and dyes, and is good for all hair types. It also tamed my frizz also.FYI: I have combo hair. Im transitioning from relaxed to natural so I have chemically straightened hair mixed with 4a natural hair.

Dora Owings, MD

The worst!

I used this back a year ago as I started my journey to dealing with the hair God gave me. I hated this conditioner then because it was too, too thick when applied and it didn’t leave my hair soft or detangled. It ended up in the back of my stash and I moved on. Fast forward to tonight! I pulled this one out thinking how bad could it have been?? Very bad!!! Since I’d moved on to better conditioners I noticed immediately that this one did not instantly soften or detangler, my hair but I kept going. I sat under the dryer and then rinsed, my hair was a dry Tangled mess!!!! I applied detangler, tried to comb it throughand nothing worked. I started to set my hair and noticed the entire back of my hair was poofy and dry!!!! Just like I had been in front of a fan! My hair rejected this soundly!!!!! Fearing breakage I washed my hair again and applied a good deep conditioner. All is well now and I threw this entire bottle in the TRASH!!!Update: I didn’t throw this out. I use it as a pre-poo and it still doesn’t perform well for me, but I’m using it up so maybe my hair will get some kind of benefit.

Malinda Helen, GA


I have very curly, frizzy hair. This is great for my hair, and gives it the moisture it desperately needs.

Lynette Coalwood, WV

Was unimpressed until I dried my hair off to find my hair felt amazing!

OK, let me set the scene with the mess that my hair was before I started my new haircare regime. I am Caucasian with very long and thick wavy hair that just does not like to behave. I suffer from several chronic illnesses and as a result my hair was in pretty bad shape thanks to a lack of nutrients and neglect. It was very dry and impossible to de-tangle and was driving me crazy, nothing was working for it.I bought this conditioner (and the shampoo to match, even though I don’t shampoo often) to use regularly as a part of a moisture-only routine as I wanted to avoid using anything with protein added for my ‘regular’ washes (as opposed to deep conditioning days). I’d read some recommendations of this product online and I liked that it’s fairly natural.When I received the actual product and opened the bottle, it smelled pretty disgusting to me; it’s very herbal in an unpleasant way, to the point of smelling almost like chemicals, if that makes any sense. When I used the shampoo I was worried because it didn’t feel nice on my hair after, and the conditioner didn’t really feel like it was doing any good either. Nevertheless, I combed it gently through my hair and rinsed it out at the end of my shower. The smell once it was mixed a little it wasn’t quite so bad but I still wouldn’t describe it as nice, to my tastes at least.I detangled my hair with a wide-toothed comb and it seemed to be easier than usual. But I didn’t notice how incredible my hair felt until I dried it off. I felt like blow-drying my hair which I don’t often do, and from the very first section I was stunned at how silky and easily manageable my hair had become again. Seriously I cannot praise this stuff enough; I have not used it long term but for it to have done my hair this much good from one simple sitting, I’m pretty amazed – especially considering how sceptical I was. This product is definitely worth a try considering it’s not that expensive, and the bottles aren’t exactly small so it will last quite a while.For the good that it does to my hair, I can forgive the smell; it actually doesn’t smell at all unpleasant once the hair is dry and if you’ve applied other products it mixes well – you know that smell your hair gets when you’ve just been to a salon to get your hair washed, cut etc? That’s what it smells like to me after, which is nice lol. If it bothers me when I use it regularly I’ll just mix in another oil to make it smell better. The main point is, this stuff works for me and I’m really happy about it!I will say that before I used these two products, I had done a deep cleansing and balancing/conditioning treatment in order to fix the foundations of my hair as much as possible, so this also adds to the reasons why my hair is feeling much better than before. However I do feel that this conditioner and its shampoo really works well with my hair type and I definitely have this product to thank for how well my hair is doing on only day 2 of my routine. I can recommend it to anyone with moisture problems with their hair.

Krista Haverstraw, NY


A waste of money. It left my 4a hair feeling dry, stringy and rough. I tried it twice and regretted it both times. I do know about ingredient changes earlier in the year. But since I had never tried it before, I decided to splurge. What a mistake. Save your money.

Elba Gillett, PA

Finally found a great deep conditioner

African American Natural 4A/B hair. I’ve been looking for a conditioner that actually penatrates my hair shaft and makes my hair stronger, this does. I follow the deep conditioning directions except, I sit under a hooded dryer for 10 mins (hair in plastic cap). No, this may not be the best detangler. This conditioner does not make my hair super soft like Giovanni Smooth as Silk but, it strenghtens my hair which prevents breakage and that’s what I’m looking for. I’ve compared shed hair pre Aubrey Organics to post Aubrey Organics shed hair, the post hair is notably stronger. I deep condition my hair as stated above, shampoo, and then apply Giovanni Smooth as Silk mixed with Aubrey Organics for 5 mins, to give me that smooth finish. *****Important note, rinse your hair with cold water to close up the hair cuticle.

Sheree Torch, OH

Expected more

I am an AA woman with 3b/3c/4a hair and while this was conditioning, it wasn’t a spectacular product. It also seemed to leave a film in my hair and my hands every time I touched my hair. Maybe I wasn’t rinsing well enough.

Lara Big Rock, TN

natural and nice

this worked well, it dried my hair out slightly when I added baking soda (changed the ph too much). by it’s self it’s great and softening without any hidden protein.

Alana Samburg, TN

5 Star Conditioner!! CG Friendly!!!

This a great product and will make your hair super soft! If you love a thick conditioner like I do you will love this!! It’s a little on the expensive side, but it is well worth it!

Estela Sandy Hook, MS

One of my favorites

I am in the process of trying all of the Aubrey Organics products. The scent of this is one of my favorites. If you like the smell of Coppertone suntan lotion, you will like the scent of this.I have thin straight hair that is partially colored and I am growing the color out. So part is natural and part is colored. I want to get away from all the chemicals they put into shampoos and thought I would try these.Most natural conditioners do not allow a comb to get through the tangles, but THIS DOES. Will be buying again.

Stacey Pacific Beach, WA

Transformed my hair!

A year ago I quit using chemical products in my hair, because of hair loss & damage. I had been using other natural shampoo & conditioners, until they either became unavailable or stripped my hair. I’ve ordered several different conditioners from Aubrey and love this one the most. It is the scent that is so light & feminine, plus the conditioning power of this stuff id amazing! I put it on with a shower cap an hour before I shower, then shampoo & condition again. When I brush there are no tangles, very little hair loss & my hair is so silky, shiny & full of life! The other day a friend asked if I had dyed my hair because the natural color is coming back out! I also have the shampoo that goes with this condition & it works great to get my hair clean.The softness, shine & life this stuff brings back into you hair is literally amazing.I will not put anything else into my hair again after using these products. The conditioner is thick, yet it does not weigh down hair. I have medium thick, dark, middle of my back Latin hair. This works great for me & my grandmother who has short, dyed hair.The scent isn’t too overpowering, and doesn’t linger. In my opinion this one smells the best.Update 7/24/13I stopped using Aubrey products in my hair about 6 months ago & started trying out the salon brands (Chi, Sebastian) Chi worked very well in my hair, but the price is so expensive that I couldn’t afford to keep buying it. Then I went to store brands like Herbal Essences & Garnier. The only one I have stuck to is Garnier because the ingredients are partially natural & the shampoo doesn’t dry my hair out so bad. A few days ago I started using Aubrey conditioner with the Garnier shampoo & my hair is actually softer, shinier, easier to manage & doesn’t feel so brittle. When I stopped using Aubrey my hair was getting very brittle, dry & had so much split ends that I had to cut 3 inches off the length. I didn’t think it would make a difference if I stopped using Aubrey in my hair and tried something else, but I guess it did, because I didn’t change anything else but the product I was using to cleanse & condition my hair. Now I am using Garnier shampoo, Aubrey conditioner & a wonderful whipped mouse from Bamboo. My hair is shiny, silky & less fall out since going back to Aubrey.Everyone’s hair & budget are different. If you have great luck with Aubrey that is wonderful, I did have a great experience but after a few months my hair was getting weighed down by the conditioners & I tried about all of them to see which one would stop my hair from being so weighed down. My cousin owns a hair salon and told me to change up my brands of shampoo/conditioner every couple of months to keep my hair from getting weighed down & used to a certain product. I’ve done that since stopping using Aubrey within the last 6 months & it worked. I have given my hair a break and now am just using the Aubrey conditioner everyday.

Georgina Rinard, IL

Excellent conditioner!!!

I love this conditioner. It always leaves my hair soft, silky, shiny, and lightly scented (it smells great!). It never weighs my hair down, it does help with frizzies, and you only need to leave it on your hair a couple minutes. Best of all, it’s truly all-natural!!!!! Aubrey Organics also has a matching shampoo for this conditioner. It’s one of my favorites!

Irene Robert, LA

Very nice, just wish they’d sell these in larger containers

I can really smell the difference between conventional conditioners and more natural conditioners that don’t contain substances such as mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfates, parabens or artificial fragrances. This conditioner has a very pleasant floral scent and works great with the shampoo of the same scent, in my experience.I think I’ve learned that I really shouldn’t use too much of this stuff in one go. I have long, straight black hair below-the-shoulder length. I think I should be using like .1 ounce (size of chapstick or something, don’t know any other point of reference to use here?) in one application. This stuff doesn’t really lather, but it’ll spread out quite a bit when you’re washing it out.I think after having used this conditioner for a few weeks now, I’ve noticed my hair is a lot more sleek, straight and easy to comb through. I mean, most conditioners can do this but this conditioner is “stuff your hair can eat,” without synthetic chemical substances. I guess I could say though, styling my hair to be more straight has been easier with the use of this conditioner. It’s a slight difference, but noticeable.I really wish this stuff was cheaper, and/or sold in larger containers.

Alexandria Rollin, MI

Works well for my hair

I have medium-thick density corkscrew curls and this conditioner works very well with my hair. If you’re in to hair typing I would be a 3c-4a but mainly 4a. Great detangler, good slip, and good moisturizer. The smell is so-so.

Nell Paullina, IA

Cynthia, NY

I love all the Aubrey products that I own & use (GBP, Island Spice, Aloe-jojoba) and now the Honeysuckle Rose conditioner. I haven’t tried the shampoo bc I heard it wasn’t that great but I LOVE the conditioner. I use this after I use my heavy protein treatment & it makes my hair very soft & moisturized. It’s very thick which I love & best of all its cruelty free :-). I am african american with fine realxed hair & it works great. I’m going to try this as a leave-in too!

Coleen Fox, AR

Amazing on extremely curly hair

This conditioner is amazing as a deep conditioner (haven’t tried it as a rinse out or Leave in b/c it’s kind of pricy and I have long hair) I do exactly what the directions says but tweak it to my hair needs I apply a small amount about a palm full to dry sometimes damp hair I leave on for anywhere from 1 hour – overnight with a shower cap and hair bonnet then I rinse in the morning OMG my hair is soft not slippery and curls are defined frizz free the smell is ok I didn’t like it at first going from using herbal Essenes long term relationship amazing smelling products to natural was hard but when I’ve seen that this product does what it says the smell grew on me . I would deffinately reccommend this to anyone with frizzy curly hair and I will be purchasing this again before my bottle runs out

Hester Valhermoso Springs, AL

Great for thick hair!

I love this conditioner! I have used it on dry hair, wet hair and even deep conditioned overnight with it. This product is great for thick, kinky hair. Especially those of us who are transitioning and or natural. I would definitely recommend it. The only thing I don’t like about this conditioner is the consistency. I like my conditioners to be thick, but this conditioner was so thick it’s hard to squeeze out the bottle. I find that adding 4-5 tablespoons of water to it does the trick.

Deanne Ellenton, FL

Great staple

Good for co-washing, detangling, deep conditioner. Work well on low porosity hair. Great value, smells great. Heavy, thick, and creamy.

Gloria Bedford, VA

Amazing conditioner

I absolutely love this nourishing moisturizing conditioner. It smells so good and has tons of slip. This conditioner is second to none. I ordered this on a whim and realized that it’s one of the best choices for my African American textured hair. My hair was very bouncy and noticeably healthy looking. I am now going to order the shampoo. I’m so glad I made this purchase.

Anne Dix, IL

Nice hair but obnoxious smell

I love the way my hair looks with this shampoo – it leaves it soft and shiny. However, the scent is cloying and overwhelming. I couldn’t tolerate the smell enough to buy again.

Sheila Gove, KS

Luv the honeysuckle smell

I use this product to refresh my hair after a week to two weeks much needed refresher. I luv the smell and how soft my curls are after using this product.

Evelyn Tuscumbia, MO

Great for putting REAL moisture in the hair

I read a lot of reviews from people who were upset the formula is different…well let me tell you; for me the formula change was a good thing. I tried this conditioner about 4 years ago and had so much damage from it because it was TOO moisturizing. I wear a relaxer and I don’t think I used enough protein products…anyway, my hair started out soft but morphed into mush and I didn’t understand how to combat it back then.Now I’m more knowledgeable about black hair maintenance and health. This is the only conditioner that actually infuses REAL moisture (NOT cones, sneaky proteins, mineral oils, etc.) into the hair. I could feel the difference immediately. I have been in search of a deep conditioner that would do this for about 3 months- I’ve tried the expensive salon brands to the drugstore stuff. Everything left my hair tangly, hard to comb, or coated. This makes my hair feel like butter! Just naturally soft and manageable and smooth. I was so leery to go back to it but I’m glad I did. I shampoo and do my protein treatment like normal then smooth small amounts all over my hair in small sections, really working the product into my strands. Then I sit under a warm dryer with a processing cap for about 20- 25 mins then rinse.However- take my advice. If you are relaxed and you know you need more protein in your haircare regiment than most, you MUST stay on top of the protein when you use this or you can get out of balance and cause damage. But keep feeding your hair regular doses of protein along with other healthy hair practices and this will make your mane beautiful!

Lynne Greenwood, NE

Rich but light conditioner

After having about six different brands that used to be pretty good end up converting to nasty chemical formulas, I found myself really struggling to find any affordable conditioner that wasn’t laden with garbage. This honestly is the only one I’ve found that is reasonably affordable and seems to be pretty safe, with no sneaky formula variants etc. trying to fool the customer into thinking the product is natural etc. This one is a nice, thick, rich sort of cream. It’s not runny at all, when you squirt it out it forms a sort of ribbon, more like a frosting than a cream. That body makes it easy to apply and distribute through your hair without it immediately running off, and it will stay in your hair until you rinse it out. You can use it as a dry or wet conditioner. It rinses out well and leaves your hair feeling very light but really beautifully conditioned. It feels like perfect natural hair that is soft, shiny, smooth and manageable. Along with the matching shampoo, I will stick with this brand in the hopes they don’t go the route of so many other companies, and end up ruining this good product by starting to use harsh chemicals.

Patti Eastaboga, AL

Who knew?!

This conditioner is great for my 3C biracial (black/white) curls, which tend to be thin and dry. It has the perfect balance of moisture and “slip” for detangling my hair. It smells really good too. The price and shipping costs are phenomenal too. You can’t go wrong! And the fact that it’s an organic product is a major plus.

Melody New Cumberland, WV

Great base for a pumped up deep conditioner.

I have heard rave reviews about this product from so many curlies and naturals. I thought for sure this would become a main component in my weekly regimen. However, I was a teeny weenie bit disappointed because it took A LOT of product to fully saturate my coarse 4b/4c strands. I typically leave my deep conditioner on for about an hour and my hair really didn’t have much reaction to this product.To work with this, I mixed this product with shea butter, a cheapy condish (suave naturals), coconut oil, jojoba oil, and honey and it is wonderful. I love that it is organic and smells great. Will definitely continue to use as a base for my pumped up DC.

April Keysville, GA

Love it!

I love this organic conditioner so much that I bought the organic shampoo as well. I use it mainly for a deep conditioned treatment because it’s so thick. It leaves my hair soft, manageable and smelling great. It’s great for hair if you’re transitioning. I highly recommend this conditioner!

Ella Jackson, NE

Very moisturizing and creamy

I’ve been using the Aubrey BPG protein conditioner for a few years and really like it, but I thought I would try this HRC based on the positive reviews it’s gotten on the Curl Talk forum, which is a site for those who don’t use silicones or sulfates on their curly or wavy hair.This has a wonderful rose smell that isn’t too strong or cloying at all for me (and I can be very sensitive to strong smells). It also is extremely creamy and moisturizing, and it leaves my hair feeling super soft.Since it is so thick, it takes me a bit longer to rinse out, but I love what it does for my hair. Great product!

Mable Wilmore, KY


I love this stuff. it smells really really goood and leaves my hair SUPER moisturized! I use it as a daily moisturizer when my hair is damp since most of the moisturizers out here just arent hitting it =/ very happy I learned about this product=)

Candy Salona, PA

Great Moisture Conditioner

I love this conditioner. I use it about once a week strictly for deep conditoning. I’m not the biggest fan of the smell though (it’s not bad, just smells like old fashion hair products from the ’70’s), but after rinsing it out, and adding other products to my hair I can’t smell it anymore. I just have to deal with it for about an hour.

Verna Mill Valley, CA

Love love love it

This conditioner actually makes my hair softer and less frizzy than just shampoo alone – which is not something I can say about any other conditioner I’ve ever tried. I really like that it is all natural, and it makes my hair feel healthy. And it smells wonderful!

Joyce Chandlersville, OH