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AUBREY Collagen Restorative Moisturizer 1.7 fl.oz

Collagen Restorative Moisturizer by Aubrey Organics 1.7 oz Cream Collagen-based moisturizer helps skin retain its youthful freshness with dermal proteins and herbal skin conditioners. (Not a vegan product.) Delivers 100 pure soluble collagen and elastin onto the skin. Helps attract and retain much-needed moisture. Restores softness and elasticity and helps firm the complexion. May be worn under makeup or used as a night cream. Ingredients Coconut Fatty Acid Cream Base Natural Grain Alcohol Organic Aloe Vera Vegetable Glycerin Soluble Collagen Hydrolyzed Elastin (from bovine sources within the U.S.A.) Allantoin Oak Musk Oil Aubrey’s Preservative (Citrus Seed Extract Vitamins A C and E).

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Most satisfied I’ve ever been

Try it. I want to get that out of the way for the people who are just scanning reviews. For more in depth stuff, read on.I am late 20s, a caucasian woman who works outdoors for a living. I am of English/Germanic/Welsh descent with medium-toned skin. Since I am outside all day every day, my skin is dry from the sun but oily from sweat. I also have sensitive skin, and I’m enough of a hippie that I check what is in my soaps/shampoos/detergents. I discovered Aubrey Organics about nine months ago. I like that they tell you in plain English what their ingredients are, and they don’t use silicone derivatives or petrochemical by-products.I did a lot of research before trying the moisturizer, comparing it to other “natural” products. I break out with pretty much everything on my face, so I tried the sampler pack before I committed to a full-size bottle. I loved it! It actually FEELS good as you apply it. A little bit goes a VERY long way, so the value of the bottle is great!Also try the Cream Facial Cleanser; I like it even more!

Louella Grass Creek, IN

All I can say is WOW…

I am 25-years old and have been suffering from acne breakouts since I was a young teen. I go through periods of great skin to really really bad breakouts. I bought sea buckthorn tea a few weeks ago and was drinking it with great results. I felt very awake and energized throughout the day, so I decided to do some research on sea buckthorn and found many sites that discussed its acne healing qualities, among many other health benefits, so I decided to give a sea buckthorn cleanser a try. I bought the Aubrey Organics cleanser at Whole Foods about a week ago and have been using it and the toner everyday since then with very dramatic results. Before using it, I had a stubborn spot under my nose that had been there about a week and wasn’t showing any signs of going away anytime soon. After just ONE application of the cleanser and toner, the spot had shrunken dramatically and the rest of my face looked much clearer and had a glow to it! My skin usually looks quite dull so this was a big improvement. Everyday I use this product, and everyday my skin just keeps looking better and better. I’m hoping it continues. This product has been a lifesaver for me, and it’s also great because it’s all natural and vegan!

Cleo Indian River, MI

Pleased, but not overwhelmed

This product is pleasant enough, and goes on easily with upward strokes of the face. Only a small amount is necessary to cover the face and neck. I particularly like the design of the bottle….that the product is dispensed through the bottom so that there isn’t the waste that remains in the standard dispensers. May give this one another reorder ~

Ila Lankin, ND

rich & natural night cream

LOVE it!! it’s creamy, smells natural & fresh, a little goes a long way, and my skin loves it. I definatly feel like my skin is softer when i use this cream. amazon has the best price too.

Kelli Lohrville, IA

Great natural face wash

I struggle with pimples (years) and very dry yet oily skin. I recently switched to natural products and this is the first I am trying. When I wash my face with this, I do not need to use a face cream – which is fantastic. When I was using the Clearasil face wash before, I would have to (in fact, all the others I used before) so it is GREAT that I have finally found a product that does not dry out my face horribly.I gave 4 stars because something in it makes my eyes (or around them) sting (not that any goes into my eyes- it’s the aroma??? of it). I think I am getting accustomed to it though but the first few uses were uncomfortable.I have not used it for enough months (I’ll give it 3) to say if it is successful with minimizing pimples – but I can say for now that my face is clear of them. I will update in a few months.Definitely give this a try.

Terry Cannonsburg, MI

For my dry, dry, dry skin it is fantastic!

I’ve been using a product by Kiehl’s that seems to be just a whole lotta oil for years now. Not that it didn’t do a decent job, but to pay $60 for a bottle the same size as this one by Aubrey Organics is out of my reach these days. Besides, the cap on the bottle always, always leaked in my luggage and yes, I know I should have just put it elsewhere, but much of two bottles was lost.At any rate, this Rosa Mosqueta all natural cleanser is not at all oily feeling, but my face feels clean and soft when I’m done which is new. When I paired it with the moisturizing cream it’s a system to die for. I love that the ingredients are natural, the scent is very light and not at all medicinal. Oh, and when paired with the moisturizer my face looks definitely younger than it has been. I don’t suppose that the system erases lines, but maybe the healthy glow of my skin makes a difference.

Bianca Dickens, TX

Very gentle face wash

This leaves your face incredibly soft and moist. Good for sensitive skin. One of my favorites.

Earline Odanah, WI

Alcohol Content

12/1/2012 Update:I’ve been using this for a few weeks now. After I wrote the first review, I started to notice that the cleansing cream smelled like alcohol, and that my skin was more dry than usual. I understand that alcohol is useful to use as a preservative, but it’s so drying. I love Aubrey Organics as a company, but I really wish they would use less alcohol in their products, or stop using it altogether.————————-I’ve never had an acne problem, but I occasionally get a few blemishes when I’m stressed out. Recently, that has been ALL THE TIME. I’ve also been out of my usual beauty/skincare regimen, and my skin has been suffering for it. I bought this cleanser (being a huge fan of Aubrey Organic’s shampoos!), and after using it once, my skin looked visibly better. It was less dry, and this cleanser seems to have put an end to my stress breakouts. Thank you Aubrey Organics!!!

Casey Reesville, OH

This is great for sensitive skin.

This is a wonderful product for sensitive dry mature skin. I have to be very careful because I have reactions to a lot of ingredients. I will certainly buy this again

Lillie San Luis, AZ

Burns eyes and gives pimples

I got a small bottle of this at a natural store, and tried it for a few days. Every time, this would give me teary eyes and where I applied it, I would have pimples. It’s also a very greasy lotion that’s hard to wash off. I’ll stick to coconut oil instead. :/

Kimberly Buena Vista, NM

Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Night Creme with Alpha Lipoic Acid

Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Night Creme with Alpha Lipoic AcidThe BEST night cream. I love to use it in winter. It is very greasy but in the morning my skin glow!Highly recommend it for dry and very dry skin! I like the packaging too.

Justine Rome, IN