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At Last Naturals MSM Herbal Moisturizing Bar 3 oz

Our Herbal Moisturizing Bar contains MSM, one of nature’s richest sources of organic sulfur. Often called nature’s beauty mineral, sulfur plays an essential role in the health and maintenance of collagen and elastin, which help keep your skin smooth, supplement and wrinkle-free. Each bar is naturally scented with Essential oils or Orange and enriched with pure, botanical extracts and antioxidants. Leaves your skin free of impurities and healthy looking. To complement our soap’s moisturizing effect, apply At Last Naturals’ MSM Moisturizing Cream after each use.

Key features

  • Our Herbal Moisturizing Bar contains MSM, one of nature’s richest sources of organic sulfur
  • Often called nature’s beauty mineral, sulfur plays an essential role in the health and maintenance of collagen and elastin
  • Keep your skin smooth, supplement and wrinkle-free

Honest reviews


Not Bad

I have acne-prone, dry, oily and sensitive skin… basically a disaster. I have heard good things about MSM and sulfur based soaps for acne, so I decided to give it a try since I really like the sulfur mask from Proaciv. While this soap has not necessarily done wonders for my skin, it does have some good qualities. I have been using it 1-2 times daily for about 3-4 weeks. I like that the soap is not over-drying, especially for a bar soap, but I would recommend using a light lotion with it. I try and use as instructed and let the soap sit on my face for about a few minutes while I do other things, like brushing teeth. My skin is soft after use and seems to be producing slightly less oil. I ordered another brand of sulfur soap to try after this bar, Grisi, and I am interested to see which one is better.EDIT (2/1/2010):I now have been usingGrisi Sulfur Soap for Acne – 6 packwhich has 10% sulfur and .1% bio-sulfur for a few weeks and it treats my acne symptoms much better. I really like the Born Again MSM soap and will continue using it as a body bar but not for my face.

Louise Daytona Beach, FL


OMG! I do not even know where to begin. Okay, So basically I am currently losing weight and Ive been slathering a prescription retinoid and a high potency vitamin C serum on my body and stretch marks, and Ive been taking countless vitamins and supplements for skin health.And I have seen an improvement in my skin thus far from what I have been doing…BUT!!! I decided to try this soap just to give my regimen a little bit of a “kick” or “boost” and ummmm..this soap has TRANSFORMED my skin and completely exceeded my expectations in a matter of 3 days. Its amazing! I can barely see my stretch marks. My skin is soooooooo soft and smooth and taught, I can’t stop touching it.And the darkness inbetween my thighs and under my arms is fading like crazy!! My skin is soo even toned, and smooth, Im just soo excited!!I have never enjoyed shower time so much in my entire life. This soap is magical!!I will be purchasing about 50 more bars!!

Amparo Sandy, UT

Good, mild facial cleanser

Just a brief review – this soap is gentle on my skin and keeps things calm. I feel like it has improved my skin tone. I will definitely re-order. Smell is pleasant and doesn’t really linger very long after your through washing. I use in conjunction with an MSM cream and, of course, my beloved Siba Sea Buckthorn oil. If you have rosacea – see my review.

Gayle Timmonsville, SC

It’s to bad because I really loved the smell.

After reading all the reviews I bought it to use after dermarolling, I have never had acne or bad skin, I just wanted to get my pores smaller, and reading that msm is good for collagen reproduction I was SOLD, but this stuff really drys and almost feels like burns my skin, I think I had an allergic reaction to the lotion, I had to get up and wash it off, and then I had purchased the soap bar, now I think my skin is just allergic to msm straight to my face. But please don’t take my review as the one that doesn’t allow you to try their product, I’m just sharing my experience.

Theresa Sunnyvale, TX

The best soap I’ve used to clear my skin!

This soap is great! I’ve used about 6 or 7 different soaps to clear my skin and so far this one has worked the best. I used it after the Dudu Osun African Black soap didn’t really cut it. My skin felt clean after I used it, the scent is mild, and it creates a nice rich lather.

Marjorie Opheim, MT

wish I had found this sooner

It seems to leave your skin softer than anything else I’ve used. I purchased it originally as pain management which it seems to be effective with the added bonus of luxurious lather and clean rinsing without unnecessary dryness.

Patrica Phil Campbell, AL

Excellent product!

I am currently having some serious skin problems on both of my legs (from a candida skin fungus). The bottom line is the integrity of the skin on my legs have been severely comprised. I have scars that are black, ugly and itch something awful. I had to stop wearing shorts by mid July. I heard about MSM and through research I decided to try some skin care products which contain MSM. I washed my legs with this soap (after spending a small fortune attempting to find a soap that not only would not irritate my skin but would alleviate the intense itch), after one use of the soap, which was slightly and mildly irritating initially, my legs did not itch all day and they looked better. When I used the soap the next day it was less irritating. I then applied some cream and lotion that I ordered that contain MSM. You will need to make sure that MSM is one of the first three ingredients in the product. I have since ordered three more bars. If you research the ingredients in the soap, there are natural ingredients that promote skin health. MSM, according to my research has antifungal and antibacterial properties with a high amount of sulfur that is suppose to be very beneficial for the skin. The soap is pricey but as we all know it costs to be healthy.

Geneva Enning, SD

At Last Naturals MSM Herbal Moisturizing Bar cleared up my acne

The at last naturals msm soap cleared up my cystic acne a lot and itmoisturize my skin in the process. I would recommend this productto anyone who wanting clearer skin.

Evelyn Freetown, IN

MSM soap

Like this soap and use it as a hand soap all the time. Don’t know if it really does anything other than clean but it is good for that.

Pansy Bronson, KS