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As I Am Leave In Conditioner, 8 Ounce

A great leave in is a vital first step in styling. Smooth it on after cleansing and conditioning. Your finished style will be softer shinier and more manageable. This natural wonder keeps tangles away and provides a great foundation for natural styling. It contains an organic strengthening agent, plus natural ingredients that promote hair growth.

Key features

  • Helps strengthen hair
  • Supports healthy hair growth
  • Prepares your hair for styling

Honest reviews


This is just a mediocre leave-in conditioner for my hair

I will be honest, I don’t require much in terms of leave-in conditioner but I do like it to have the following properties: moisturize and detangle my hair. Honestly that is it. This leave-in conditioner on the other hand, provided minimal of the two. It detangles my hair but I have to use an generous amount and this 8 ounce bottle is pretty pricey, even if you stack coupons and catch it on sale. Even with the amount I used, my wide tooth comb didn’t glide through my hair. I will admit that my hair is very tangle prone so that might be my issue. But the problem I mainly have with this leave-in conditioner is that it didn’t moisture my hair at all. Even when I use the DoubleButter cream in conjunction with this leave-in conditioner, in eight hours my hair is drier than the Gobi desert. Mind you that even though I have kinky-curly hair (4a/b/c if you follow the Walker system), my hair is thick but fine so oils and their ilk can easily weight down my hair (for about a day or two). This would work for someone who has slightly dry hair. I guess my hair is too thirsty for this. Ironically I cannot get heavy-handed with Shea Moisture or else my hair stays greasy for about 3 days. All I can say is if you are curious, I would purchase it via Sally’s local store because they can let you return it. Otherwise you can end up with a ~$15 regret.

Tammy Olmstead, KY

Another Winner for me

Okay so far I have tried at least 6 of the As I am products and I can honestly say that with the exception of one products the As I am brand has been a winner for me. This leave in conditioner is no different, I washed my hair with the Coconut cowash… I used the Hydration Elation for 30 mins. I put a little of this leave in, a little jojoba oil and braid my hair into cornrows with the double moisture cream….air dried my hair and I have a wondful defined hair style!

Claire Navarre, MN

Leave In Conditioner! Wow there was no difference!

I bought the hair line of the Leave In, Hudration Elation Intensive Conditioner and the Twist Defining Cream and it just didn’t work for me. I was so impressed with the young lady on You Tube which prompt me to purchase the three products. Still in search for the product(s) that will work for my natural hair texture. Been natural for almost a year.

Tammie Elmhurst, PA

I guess it’s good

So I bought this to try out since I had heard a lot of positive feedback from YouTube users I subscribe to. But it was just meh. It smells yummy and is lightweight, but my natural 4a-b hair requires something thicker. I will continue using it until it is done in my spray mix. I wouldn’t purchase it again but that’s because it’s not for MY hair.

Amy Garyville, LA

It actually detangles my hair!

I’m lovin this brand! I have kinky curly hair and normally its a nightmare to detangle and I’m praying for it to end quickly. With this product I can comb through it pretty quick. I really like it.

Beulah Big Stone Gap, VA

Not the best leave-in

I’ve tried better leave-ins that were cheaper but I’m so stuck on this line of products that I have committed to using it. Does work well for detangling, but again, not the best I’ve tried.

Eunice Royal, IA

I love this leave in !

This leave in is lite and has good slip. It has a nice smell and a little goes a long way. This is great for my 4B hair.

Rosie Idaho Springs, CO

Perfect detangler. NOT moisturizing after hair dries, though.

Wonderful for detangling kinky hair. Leaves no finish once your hair has dried, so plan on adding something else later on if you need daily moisture, cause this ain’t it. I use it every time I wash my fine, 4b hair to keep hair on my head post-shampoo and/or co-washing. Wish it came in a bigger bottle, because you USE this stuff.

Abigail Holloway, OH

Not for me… But

I am 4C natural. This product dried my hair out so I gave it to my husband. It worked wonders in his hair.

Joy Elmwood Park, NJ


Best leave in conditioner I have ever used. It saved me from having to cut off all my hair due to a Keratin treatment gone wrong. I use it with and without heat at night. YOU WILL LOVE THIS CONDITIONER.

Jamie River Edge, NJ

different strokes for different folks

i was looking for something new and different from the leave in i always use. after washing my hair, i squirted a little in my hands and noticed that it was really oily. after applying the leave-in and letting my wet hair dry, i noticed that my hair was super dry. what i mean by supper dry is that, my hair was in need of some moisture. im gonna stick with my shea moisture leave-in for now on. although my hair isn’t too fond of this leave in conditioner, i still think the people who is looking for leave-in conditioners without protein should give this a try.

Dorothea Jersey, GA

GREAT condition for leave ine

Awesome as usual. All thier products are wonderful for my 3b curly hair. only complaint is the scent is too strong for those with fragrance senitivities. JessiCurl make no fragrance 3b curly hair products.

Lorene Broaddus, TX

It’s okay.

I was disappointed at this product because I could not use Olive Oil with it. When I tried the combination of the two, there was a white film left over.

Jan Brooklyn, MS


This is a good product to try for new lady are going natural or textured hair. To keep it healthy

Christian Montague, MI

One of my favorite leave ins

I have been using this leave in for about 4 months now. I alternate with another one only because I don’t want to use up my As I am Leave in too fast. But I love it. My hair feels very silky and hydrated when I put it on. It does feel very light so those of you who prefer a heavier leave in may not like this. But even though it is light it still hydrates my hair very well and last all week until my next co wash. I don’t hair type but I know some do and it helps them when reading reviews . So if I would have to give a type I would say 3c-4a is probably what some would say my type is. Hope this helps someone.

Lucy Stockport, OH


3 years of being natural and with all of the conditioners that I have used (including professional salons) by far. Almost time for me to order more! I love it!

Kristen Redding, IA