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Aromatherapy Herbal Soap Sampler

This Soap Sampler is a favorite for the entire family and is great to use while traveling. Our Soap Sampler contains 1.2 oz Ambrosia, Cassia Clove, Patchouli, Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemongrass Aromatherapy Herbal Soap.

Key features

  • 6 sample bars of our best-selling soaps are included. 7 oz. total weight
  • Hand-crafted using all natural ingredients, it includes 100% pure essential oils and organic botanicals.
  • Known as Castile soap, our base is one of the gentlest and moisturizing of all soaps.
  • No preservatives, colorants or fragrance oils added to our products, just pure natural ingredients.

Honest reviews



I Love the Natural smells and the clean feeling the natural soaps leave behind. Just wish they were a full size to last much longer. Highly recommended.

Bianca Freeborn, MN

love these soaps

my skin felt like silk after i used this soap. gave one to my husband and he loves it also. no more shower gel for me

Gertrude Woodruff, SC

A good way to pick your scent.

I bought this for my mom and she just raves about it. She loved the peppermint soap. They do smell similar when you first open it but with the real bits of herbs in each bar they smell great on their own.

Mamie Carrington, ND

aromatherapy herbal soap sampler

The package was a day late but thats okay, it was worth the wait! the soaps have a strong scent to them but i like that ! they are vegan soaps so you are getting high quality products. they can even be used on your face!the picture of the product does look like they would be big, BUT they are samples for a reason. in my opinion its worth the money. i do see myself buying this again.

Rosemary Lakewood, NY



Michell Gotha, FL


Beautiful packaging and absolutely divine scents! Nice and mild for sensitive skin, works great, I’m very impressed. I will be purchasing more clove soap.

Aurora Greene, RI


This is a great starter pack if you are unsure of the smells and such! They are not giant bars, but they are a good size for a sample. They are bigger than most hotel soaps. And they are aromatherapy for a reason.. they smell amazing!!

Eunice Salem, NY


They all smell pretty good. I wish they had been individually wrapped so the smells didn’t run together. They were to drying to my skin to use in shower or bath so I used as hand soap instead. I would not buy again for the price and size.

Fanny Sheldon, WI

Was a gift my friend was thrilled

My friend was thrilled when I gave her this soap as a surprise gift…i hope someone sends me a gift like this someday…she said they smelled fantastic!

Evelyn Brookhaven, MS


I like the candle too and the sampler is a good idea too. I just have to try them all.

Michell Mexico, IN

Sweet-smelling aromatherapy

A nice and natural-looking assortment of herbal soaps in soothing colors. I purchased these for my daughter-in-law who is into massage therapy and organic products. The bars are a bit small – the reason for only 4 stars. I have not used them myself, as they are a gift. The package smells quite nice, however, and they will make a nice gift instead of the very “perfumey” smells and artificial colors of soaps from the body-shops.

Marianne Plum Branch, SC

Good product to determine which scent you like most

If you aren’t sure what all these scents smell like, I’d recommend buy this sample pack. You can figure out which scent you like best and then next time purchase the larger bar. If you use these bars for showering, you will probably get about 10 washes out of them (they are not standard size soaps, more like the samll soaps you get at hotels). I like the patcholi best. Plantlife seems to put out the strongest smelling essential oils soaps.

Jan Turbeville, SC

Great Sampler…not sure if the regular soaps are as good

The sampler soaps have great scent…although I must point out that I ordered the regular size sopa of one of the samplers and the scent was not as near as noticeable. It seems to me the samplers are added more fragrance or ingredients than the regular soaps….so bottomline…the sampler is good for handwash soap…the regular size stuff…not so good.

Willa Columbus, WI

A GREAT Way to Find a Favorite

The soaps were a bit smaller than I had expected them to be, but it DID state that it was a SAMPLER. As such, the soaps are adequately sized for people to get an idea of which ones would be favorites. They have a beautiful fragrance, and I’ll have fun trying them all out.

Corine Chest Springs, PA

love these!

Great price, great smells, great soaps! This sampler is a good intro to the brand and to get an idea which soaps and scents that you like. My favorite was the clove but all of them were sooo good. They don’t last very long for me, maybe just a week? Would make a really nice gift or just as a treat if you’re looking for non toxic soaps!

Louise Wilmore, KS