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Arganesse Argan Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment, 3.4 Ounce

Arganesse is fitness for your hair. Because healthy hair is beautiful! We have transformed argan oil – known as “liquid gold” – into a revolutionary hair treatment. For centuries, this highly-prized, rare Moroccan oil has been used to protect hair from harsh desert conditions. High in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, argan oil alone naturally hydrates for silky, shiny, frizz-free hair. It also leaves hair a bit greasy so we set out to create a formula that would eliminate oiliness while retaining argan oil’s restorative properties. Thick or thin, curly or straight, coarse or fine, Arganesse enhances the natural beauty of hair unlike any other product. Cyclopentasiloxane (CPS) and Dimethicone are two kinds of silicone present in Arganesse. In general, silicones lubricate, waterproof and provide shine. Some types are very heavy and sticky, others are very lightweight. CPS is water-thin and very good at dispersing thicker, greasier silicones. For this reason, it’s often used with dimethicone. It’s also volatile, which means it will evaporate and won’t leave hair feeling weighed down. The fact is, hair treatment without silicone will be oily. Arganesse contains just a small amount of CPS and dimethicone to give your hair that healthy bounce and shine minus the greasy look and feel. Shiny hair is healthy, greasy hair is not. You regularly workout for your body, why not for your hair? Arganesse in a 3.4 oz bottle lasts a very long time even when used everyday. For your daily hair workout, just rub a few drops of oil over your palms and then comb your fingers over your hair. Each bottle of Arganesse represents health and beauty not only for every man and woman who uses it, but also for the wonderful people who make it, and for the global community that benefits from it. Arganesse is produced using the People, Planet, Prosperity business model. $1.00 of each purchase goes to the Christian Foundation for Children and Ageing. We are committed to respecting the environment by using recycled materials in our packaging, and offer $10.00 off your next purchase if you return the bottle and cap through our website. We stand behind our product and provide a 60-Day-Money-Back, no questions asked 100% Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, contact us within 60 days of your purchase and you will get a full refund.

Key features

  • Arganesse comes in a 3.4 ounce bottle and lasts a very long time even when used everyday
  • Arganesse is loaded with Vitamin E that prevents premature greying of hair and heals damaged hair caused by UV rays, hot hair tools and hair dyes
  • Arganesse is not 100% Argan Oil; it contains the silicones cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone that prevent oil buildup, provide elegant hair, work well with argan oil, and can be used in leave-on and rinse-off hair products
  • Arganesse applies with ease, tames frizzy hair, defines curls and keeps hair manageable; works with all types of hair, for both men and women; with a light, sweet scent
  • The product is beautifully boxed, with a velvet pouch, and the bottle itself is a gorgeous glass flask; perfect for any-occasion gift to your loved ones or as an addition to your beauty care collection

Honest reviews


Mostly Silicone, It Smoothes the Hair at a Ridiculous Price

The first time I used this I thought it was so slippery it must have silicone in it & after reading the ingredient list, it does. I use pure Argan oil nearly every day on my hair & my face & I knew right away that this is not the “100%” stuff. Argan oil is the third ingredient in this treatment after two types of silicone. It has a slightly heavy cheap perfume that I’m not crazy about but yes, it does smooth out the hair without making it greasy but… does pure Argan oil at much lower cost and without the cheap perfume scent.I personally don’t like to use a lot of hair products with silicone because I find they build up & dry out my hair if used too frequently. If you do like the effect of silicone products on your hair, it is a good idea to use a shampoo with “sulfate” ingredients such as “sodium lauryl sulfate” to remove the buildup. Dimethicone is an especially non-soluble (won’t wash out with water) silicone & may even take more than one wash to remove. Sulfate shampoos can be more harsh on hair so if you are prone to damaged/dry hair, you may want to avoid those shampoos or use them occasionally to remove buildup. I could still smell this stuff in my hair after one shampoo & it was a shampoo with sodium lauryl sulfate.I won’t be using this Arganesse on my face (too much silicone!) but it is OK on my hair. I wouldn’t pay $115 for it – that’s crazy money for this product IMO. A slippery glass green bottle & a velveteen bag are not worth the extra expense. There are several Argan hair treatments with similar ingredients for a lot less money. This is a “good” product at a ridiculous price.I also do not like that there is a built-in donation for every bottle you purchase. I prefer to decide where I donate my money. “Arganesse donates $10 for every bottle purchased to Christian Foundation for Children and Ageing ([…] That is not currently mentioned here on Amazon & you have to go several clicks in to the Arganesse website to find this info. CFCAUSA may be a fine organization (I really do not know) but I find it very misleading that it is not mentioned on the packaging or on Amazon’s page. This should be stated clearly.Ingredients are listed on the box (not the bottle):Cyclopentasioxane, Dimethicone, Argana Spinosa Kernel Oil (Argan), Tocopheral Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate), FragranceSo what are some of these ingredients?-Cyclopentasioxane: This is silicone in liquid form. Evaporates so doesn’t weigh down hair or leave a “greasy” feel.-Dimethicone: A silicone-based polymer that provides smoothness. Can cause acne breakouts in some people.-Tocopheral Acetate: A form of Vitamin E that is more stable.Update 10/22/2013: The stinky perfume in this finally got to me – it stunk up the room even with the cap on. When my husband walked in & asked “what is that stinky perfume smell?”, I tossed it in the trash. Besides, after using it 2 times, I couldn’t bring myself to put that stink back in my hair.If you like silicone smoothers, I would suggest either of these (you can always buy 100% pure Argan oil & add the amount you want):John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solutions Control, 2 OuncePantene Pro-V Heat Shield Heat Potion Serum 50 Ml, 1.7-Ounce

Bonita Moorhead, MN

Good but Too Expensive

To be perfectly honest, I love this stuff. It makes my hair nice and soft, easy to control, and it does what it says it will: reduces frizz. The bottle has a screw on lid and you pour the stuff into your hand which made me nervous because that’s a good way to spill and waste a lot of product but the stuff comes out rather slowly so it’s easy to control how much you get, and you don’t need very much for one treatment. When I first smelled it in the bottle I thought it smelled very strong and very much like my grandmothers perfume, but on my hair with the smell more diluted, it’s fine.However, I got this for free from amazon vine in exchange for a review, so when I saw the price, holy crap! I mean, it does it’s job so if you can afford it, and you’re fed up enough with your frizz, then I’d say this is definitely the product for you. But, there are definitely products out there that you can get more of for a lot less money that will do the job just as well.I will try to update this review on how long this bottle lasted for me.

Olive Marlow, NH

mostly silicone, so I decided to experiment…

Before I got this product, I searched everywhere online for a list of the ingredients and frustratingly didn’t find them. This is the ingredient list:cyclopentasiloxane (a silicone which evaporates after you apply it)dimethicone (a silicone)argan kernel oiltocopherol acetatefragranceSince argan oil is the third ingredient, by my calculations this product cannot possibly contain more than 33% argan oil. However, it might contain 1% argan oil, it’s impossible to say from this information, only that the product is MOSTLY silicone. So, I decided to do an experiment. Because, you know, maybe there is still something amazing about this product that I’m not seeing, that makes it worth a super extra premium price.I ordered an ounce of actual argan oil from amazon (for twelve bucks) and grabbed a bottle of silicone laminate (I had a bottle of Citre Shine so that’s what I used, I think a bottle of Frizz Ease might simulate this product a bit better.) Silicone laminate products are generally pretty inexpensive. You could get a four ounce bottle of Citre Shine for four bucks or a 1.69 bottle of Frizz Ease for eight bucks last time I checked.First I washed my hair, towel dried and applied this Arganesse Hair Treatment. My hair has had some severe chemical damage lately, but I’ve been trying to baby it and save it rather than ending up bald or with a weird mullet, so that is why I was looking at argan oil products in the first place. The smell is like really cheap drugstore perfume…not nice at all, but fortunately not noticeable once hair dries. I found that my hair was very nice and shiny and smooth after using it.Next, I waited a few days and washed and towel dried my hair, but this time I applied the el cheapo Citre Shine with a little bit of argan oil mixed in. Once my hair dried…it was exactly as nice and shiny and smooth as it was with the Arganesse.Finally, I tried mixing this product with the argan oil, and it did a good job of helping to spread my supplementary argan oil around my hair, but otherwise the results were the same as with the previous two attempts. The effect on the hair seems to come from the silicone you are putting on it. Silicone can actually make your hair look really good. It’s not repairing your hair at all, but it can hide damage very well. You should probably do a clarifying treatment every once in a while, as silicone can build up too much and weigh your hair down.I’ve thought of doing a few more variation of the experiment. I really think the result is from all the silicone you are putting on your hair and not from the (unknown quantity of) argan oil at all, so I was thinking of doing a clarifying treatment on my hair and then trying again with JUST silicone laminate, and then maybe trying again with just some argan oil mixed into some non-silicone leave in conditioner, and I’ve also thought of trying this product:Hair Ecstasy Shining Silicone & Argan Oil Hair Polisher 6 Oz, which looks to be pretty much the same thing at about 1/10th the price, but for now I’m satisfied that this is just an overpriced bottle of silicone and not some magically wonderful treatment for your hair that simply must be amazing because it’s so expensive.

Silvia Solon, ME


I am not in love with this hair smoother. First of all if I had paid 115.00 for it, I would be very disappointed. It does accomplish the job of smoothing, but so well I would pay 100 plus dollars for it. I am not wild about the texture or feel of it in my hand or in my hair. Id this was a 10-20 dollar product I would probably advocate it as a great hair smoother, but it is not the best one I have ever used so I can not recommend it based on price and effectiveness.

Elvia Washingtonville, NY

I like it, but it’s too expensive for what it is

First off, this does make a beautiful presentation – it comes beautifully boxed, with a green velvet pouch, and the bottle itself is a gorgeous glass flask.The product does leave my hair very soft, and quite shiny. It doesn’t smooth my hair much, but it does make it more manageable. It says to use a nickle size, but I have really long hair, so it takes me more like a quarter size. You wash your hair first, towel dry it, then use this and leave it in. The fragrance is nutty, but not at all strong. It’s nice but very subtle.One thing I notice is that it really makes my hair wavy. It never makes my hair greasy or oily.Sally’s or Amazon both offer Argan oil products- pure, mixed with other ingredients like this one – which has silicon and vit. e oil – or argan oil mixed with pomegranate oil, which I find even better for much, much less – about 1/10 of this price!I wrote the company because I suspected some of their profit went to environmental and social causes. They wrote that $10.00 of each purchase goes to the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, so that’s nice to know. They also committed to environmental causes, and use recycled materials in their packaging, and offer a 10.00 off next purchase coupon if you return the bottle and cap on their website.

Lela Mill Hall, PA


When I spotted ARGANESS HAIR TREATMENT, 3.4 OUNCE, I just had to try it. My daughter has long, course, dry, wavy – if not curly – hair. I’ve tried several products in the past, and I have to say ARGANESS HAIR TREATMENT is the best I’ve run across thus far. It truly leaves your hair silky soft, and less frizzy. The price is a bit out there, but in comparison to other products I’ve purchased at the store, it’s huge. It only takes a small amount, so it should last awhile. As a gift it’s beautifully packaged from the box, to the velvety pouch, to the bottle itself. It works well, though I wouldn’t go as far as to say it works miracles. My daughters hair didn’t go from out of control, fly-away frizzy, wavy, to smooth, straight, and healthy. But still a good product.Product information:* A daily leave in therapy with beneficial argan oil* High in vitamin E and essential fatty acids* Pure argan oil moisturizes skin, adds a frizz-free shine to hair

Amanda Delafield, WI

Silicone and Argan oil

Amazon’s product description doesn’t list the ingredients for this leave in treatment. Upon inspection, this is what it contains:Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone (two silicones)Argania Spinasa Kernal oil (argan oil)Tocopheral Acetate (vitamin E oil) and fragrance.I don’t like putting silicone in my hair because of the buildup, and drying qualities of it. It basically coats your hair with ‘plastic’. I also did not care for the strong fragrance. It’s hard to place the smell, but it reminds me of one of those old lady perfumes from the 90’s, like Jovan Musk, or Vanilla Fields.I’m giving this product 3 stars though, because my hair does look better. It’s definitely shiney and has body, and the bottle will likely last a long time as I’m only using a dime size amount at a time. I appreciate that the company doesn’t test on animals and is made in the USA. However, since I prefer natural/organic products, when this runs out, I’m going to try a bottle of pure organic Argan Oil, which can be purchased on Amazon for a fraction of the price.

Carolyn Saint Inigoes, MD

Absolutely Awesome Product – Way Too Expensive

I have been using DHC After Bath Hair Treatment for about 6 years and am a huge supporter of leave-in conditioners. Until now that has been the only product that goes on my hair after its washed.What can I say? From the stunningly, sexy, classy bottle with the elegant velvet, draw-string pouch to the way that it leaves my color-treated 50+ year old hair super shiny, satiny smooth and looking as gorgeous as it does when I just get it colored (3 weeks ago!), this Arganesse stuff is incredible. I have very short hair but you don’t need much to rub between your hands & then run it thru your hair to get such fabulous results.I used it 3 days in a row before writing this review and I kept looking for a flaw, but couldn’t find any. Except for the price. Now I’m not saying it isn’t worth it – but in my budget this would have to qualify as a true splurge as opposed to my everyday regime.So I hope the manufacturer’s out there will take note. You have an incredible, bonafide, guaranteed winner of a product. Now isn’t there some way you could maybe restructure/modify the presentation or any other ways to make such an excellent discovery more affordable for everyone?

Jane Satsuma, FL

This argan oil

is really good and its not the first time I have had experiences with the argan oil. Everyday after I shampoo my hair I use an argan conditioning mask and rinse it out. I’ve used it for over 2 years but I get it from Sally’s Beauty at a much lesser price than this oil.This product will last me I would guess in excess of 2 year. Although the product directions say that I should use a quarters worth in my hands, my hair is short short so i used about a nickel or dimes worth. After menopause and cancer treatments my hair turned into a brittle mess so I keep it short and conditioned well. I used this product for about a week and my hair looked and smelled great. My husband came up behind me and told me that my hair smelled so good and asked if I had gotten a new perfume. This argan oil does have an amazing smell. So, after I had used it a week I was out of town and didn’t have it…it is in a glass bottle that I wouldn’t put in my bag, and I noticed that my hair didn’t look or feel nearly as nice. I was glad to get home where I can use it daily.I just shampoo and condition my hair as usual and after I towel dry it I put the dimes dot worth in my hands and then distribute it through my hair. As far as not being greasy, it isn’t but if you put it in one spot it will have the appearance of being a greasy spot. If you are a woman it is akin to serum that would be put on your face. After distributing this serum though my hair I style as usual. I love this product but I can say that unless it goes down to 20.00 I won’t be buying it. I think this is a temporary fix. When I wash my hair I think it washes out the effect. It’s not like taking something for your stomach and the meds gradually building up a resistence to something bad. When you wash your hair its gone.Over 100.00 for a hair product like this? Maybe someone could afford this but it isn’t me.

Antoinette Johnson City, TX

Lovely sheen and control. Pour/bottle design could be better

I chose this product since my go-to hair oil (Rose Veil) is not available at this time. I have waist length hair so I go through a lot of leave in product to make it behave. The Arganesse Hair Treatment is great stuff and does what it promises. It leaves my hair with nice shine but not feeling weighted or oily. it also helps me to control the dry ends without over-conditioning my crown.One the side of price, I do see why people think this is an expensive product. However, the bottle (for this type of conditioner) is enormous. It has 100 ml of product which will last me at least 6 months. For my whole head of hair, I need no more than 5-10 drops. I do believe the bottle design is a mistake. The opening should have a drip type spout to deliver a smaller amount of product with control. I think with an open top it is far too likely that a user could spill or use too much. This is highly concentrated. The bottle is pretty but I would advise that change for better delivery.I was disappointed by the lack of scent in this product. I can smell absolutely nothing when the product is in my hair. Some may find that to be an advantage. Nothing is stopping me from mixing in some essential oils with the product to get the scent I desire.I am thrilled with this hair treatment and will continue to use it on a daily basis.

Lindsay Fort Harrison, MT

Excellent job on my hair

I have color treated hair, the ends of which are very abused. Even using Wen products, I have a great deal of frizz on the ends of my hair. This product is the first product that has absolutely tamed the frizz utterly and completely. I am really shocked by how silky smooth my hair is.I needed less than the amount called for – I used a spot about the size of a dime. My hair is almost shoulder length. This bottle will last a very, very long time.I have used argan oil before, and other oils have left my hair feeling a bit greasy. This Arganesse treatment leave no greasy residue. It’s glorious on hair. I have been searching and searching for a product that would give me healthy, shiny, soft, silky hair. I have used a number of expensive products, but this one actually delivers.Now for the cons: Why oh why is there no pump dispenser? At this price point, there should be a pump dispenser included in the fancy packaging. It would be far more useful than the velvet pouch.Unlike other argan oils I have used, there is a very strong scent to this one. Unfortunately, it’s not a scent that I actually like, although others might like it. It’s very deep and earthy. I generally prefer lighter florals.It has a thick, almost sticky texture to it. While I love using this on my hair, I do not like how it feels on my hands or rubbing it into my cuticles (as I do with my other argan oils). Perhaps this is why it is so perfect on hair, and not at all greasy. In any case, this is really only suitable for use on hair.

Julie Tarkio, MO

Doesn’t *Retexterize* Poofy Hair, But It’s Good For Moisture

The ARGANESSE LEAVE-IN HAIR TREATMENT is packaged and presented beautifully (for the price it should be) and it has thick consistency like syrup.It has a very light scent like honeysuckle(?), I’m not sure what it is, but it isn’t strong and cloying and it doesn’t linger.This potion goes on easily and my hair absorbs it, making it feel very soft and well conditioned, but not greasy or wet looking.The only thing it doesn’t do for my hair is make it less poofy. I’ve got really thick and dry hair, so I must use some type of leave-in conditioner, and even though I really only have 1/3 of my hair to deal with (it’s shaved/trimmed all around the sides and back, leaving only the crown with hair I have to actually style) it still poofs up. The ARGANESSE didn’t do anything to keep it down by retexturizing it, so keep that in mind. However, my hair was nice and soft.Looking at the price tag and I can only give three stars. This is a good product if you have money to burn, but you can get the same results with either one of these leave-in conditionersLuster’s Pink Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion 32 oz,Profectiv Mega Growth Break Free Daily Leave in Strengthener 15oz,Creme of Nature with Argan Oil- Oil Moisturizerall of which are a fraction of the price. Even though these products are marketed toward Black hair, they work wonders for anyone who has dry, thick, brittle and poofy hair that’s either been damaged from over use of chemical or heat styling products or just naturally big.

Deirdre Vershire, VT

Doesn’t leave hair feeling oily if you use a small amount

I used a lot less then a quarter. Maybe a dime size but I have medium length hair. I didn’t like the smell at first but once it is on the hair there is little to no smell. I worry about using products like this because I have oily hair when I straighten it and it hasn’t been washed for a couple days but the ends start to feel like straw and I need something to soften them. I liked this because it doesn’t leave an oily feel but again I used smaller then a dime and had a lot left on my hands. Oh and it feels really good on your skin:}

Vicky Greenville, MS

this is really good

I’ve been kind of done with oil stuff because it looks good for 1=2 days and suddenly your hair dies.This makes it silky and it has far longer that it looks good. My hair was reprocessed becaue I didn’t like the color and it was really dry but it’s my secret with this stuff.

Carlene Carrabelle, FL

Helps my thin lifeless hair

I have always wanted to try Aragon Oil- With long thin hair there is little that I can do with it ( I wear it up a lot ). I have been using this product for a month now- I wash my hair every other day, and apply this after my detangler has detangled..I apply about a quarter size drop, and run through my hair- And I apply some mouse on my roots for volume- My hair is so full of shine- And its thicker down to the roots- I love this stuff..The price is really high, I probably would try other brands first before this brand due to my limited budget but if I have the extra cash, I would buy again.. It truly makes a difference..

Nadia Braggadocio, MO

What A disappointment

Ridiculous price for a product that doesn’t deliver. While the presentation is lovely, the actual use of the product leaves much to be desired. Of course, your opinion may vary based on the condition and type of hair you have. I found it to be too heavy and flattening for my hair. I normally do have somewhat dry hair, for the most part, and had high hopes. I think the product is way too silicon heavy, just making the hair look like it has too much product, rather than more body or shine.

Savannah Damascus, OH


I have very dry hair so I was looking forward to the Arganesse Hair Treatment. I found that it does help the dryness without feeling heavy or greasy. The smell is light and pleasant. It gave my hair shine and made it a little smoother. The biggest problem that I had was the bottle. It is pretty and reminds you of a nice perfume, but it is awful for a hair product. There is no pump or even a cap to allow for even distribution. You basically have to carefully pour it out in your hand. That is way too much trouble for a high end product. If you aren’t careful you will spill it or just pour too much out. I don’t understand why a product this expensive was put into a bottle that easy to waste.

Lorene Topeka, IN

Silicone Product with some Argan Oil in it

I was every excited to try this item. I have been experimenting with a variety of oils & products in the last year, largely due to dry hair that was the result of silicone products. I have 2-3 inches of healthy hair, then 12 inches of silicone-damaged hair. In a sense, I am a good test case.Unfortunately, I don’t have good news to report.First off, I was expecting an argan oil product. This is not an argan oil product. Instead, it’s a silicone product, which I immediately recognized by the slick feel and subsequently confirmed by ingredients. The first 2 ingredients are silicone. The third ingredient is argan oil.Second, the scent of the product seems artificial & quite frankly cheap. The scent reminds me of Bonnie Bell’s Skin Musk, which women of a certain age can identify with. It certainly is not a scent fitting for this price point. Admittedly, I am a fragrance snob. But that also means that I know what many niche & luxe fragrances smell like. Scents at this price point don’t smell like this. Scents in the mass market smell like this.Lastly, my results are mixed. Remember that healthy & damaged hair that I talked about. Well, this product is great on the healthy hair. It transforms it into shiny, manageable hair. However, my silicone-damaged hair didn’t respond very well to this silicone product, and I tried this product a number of times.Personally, I get much better results with other products. Oleo-relax is a product which is half the price and always gives me a perfect hair day. Pure argan oil is about a quarter of the price and gives me better results. Finally, the cheapest product of all — food grade coconut oil used before shampooing — consistently gives me glossy, frizz-free hair.There are many products to experiment with. I wouldn’t put this product at the top of any list. There are far too many good products out there at a fraction of the cost.

Katina Texico, NM

I like it, but at this price I can’t afford it.

I’ve been using this product daily, but I have yet to see any dramatic results. My hair does seem softer and less prone to split ends than when I was not using the Arganesse treatment, but it is still incredibly frizzy and poofs up whenever I go outside.The treatment itself is very light and easy to use. It has some sort of old-fashioned fragrance – it reminds me of violets, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t the scent – that is initially very strong, but after a few minutes it dissipates. I like that it isn’t sticky at all. After applying the treatment neither my hair feels fine nor my hands have residue on them – although of course, I wash my hands just in case.Most of the serum-like treatments I’ve used have been significantly less than this Arganesse, which retails for $120 and, as of this date, is still over $100 on I like this treatment, but it’s not so amazing that it justifies the exceptional price. $30, $40, I could *maybe* see even $50 for the product. But $120? No thanks, I’ll make do with a cheaper alternative. For what it’s worth, the manufacturer tries to dress the product up with a fancy box, velvet bag and lovely glass bottle. But the window dressing doesn’t matter to me – it’s the product itself that counts! And I just don’t see a $120 hair oil here.

Bernadine Walton, KS

More package than product

I got this primarily for my wife, who has a couple solid feet of thick, Asian hair coming off her scalp and loves to try new hair treatments. We had previously tried out theSuave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Moroccan Argan Styling Oil, 3 Ounce. I liked the Argan oil smell (I’m a sucker for that kind of marketing) and she loved the way it smoothed out her long, long hair. When that ran out, we were ready to try something different, and along came this “Arganesse Hair Treatment, 3.4 Ounce.”The difference in price between the two is extreme. The “Arganesse Hair Treatment” is over a hundred dollars, while the “Suave Professionals” was less than six. I’m not sure what justifies that massive price jump. It certainly isn’t the quantity of Argan oil. These are both primarily silicone products with a splash of Argan oil thrown in. In fact, pure Argan oil is much cheaper than this “Arganesse Hair Treatment.” My wife actually loved both products. She was amazed at how silky and smooth they made her long hair, and did say this “Arganesse” did a better job than the “Suave,” but not by much.Clearly the packaging is where quite a bit of the price goes. The product is packaged for presentation–with its decorative bottle, little velveteen sack, and pretty box it is clearly meant to impress someone as a present. The bottle, by the way, is refillable: but only if you send it back to the company who will give you ten dollars off your refill. That’s not much of a bargain.Also, as stated on their website, Arganesse makes a ten-dollar donation to the “Christian Foundation for Children and Aging” for each bottle sold of this product. In reality, they pass that cost onto you–it’s you making a donation to the Christian Foundation, not the company. That’s fine if they (and you) want to do that, but it isn’t advertised. In fact, it’s even hidden a little on their website.At the end of the day, my experience with the “Arganesse” and the “Suave” convinced me (meaning convinced my wife!) that Argan oil is a pretty cool product with some actual effects on hair. She likes it, and I imagine it will become a permanent part of her hair product collection. But not this brand–it is simply overpriced for what you get.

Ila Raywood, TX

Elaborate Presentation, Effective Product

This silicone/argon oil treatment comes elaborately packaged in an attractive sliding box, ombre bottle and velvet carrying case. The serum itself has a light sweet scent and applies with ease to damp hair. It left my fine, wavy, color treated hair smooth and manageable.This company is definitely trying to position itself in the luxe/high end hair care market. The packaging, while impressive, is not practical. The glass bottle is pretty but not likely to be taken by travelers. The velvet bag is pretty and I will be using it for jewelry rather than this oil. The fragrance reminds me of Jovan musk, pleasant but not especially expensive. The website does have a recycling program wherein you receive a $10. coupon code for your next process upon return of the bottle and cap. They pay the postage and arrangements are made through their website. Additionally ten dollars of every purchase is donated to a charity which supports poor children and aged people overseas. I do applaud the recycling efforts but prefer to make my own charitable donations. (I like to donate locally usually to impoverished local animal shelters.) Essentially they add a ten dollar donation to a cause you may not wish to support and charge you a ten dollar bottle deposit. The product itself is easy and enjoyable to use and performs admirably. But the results were not significantly better than lower cost treatments. Additionally, I have been limiting my use of silicone products. They are effective, for sure, but do lead to build up. I suggest using clarifying shampoos regularly.This is a nice and effective product with impressive presentation. The large bottle should last long but overall I am not convinced that the benefits justify the price point.

Pansy Alexandria, KY

Expensive, But Worth It

When I saw how much this product cost, I vowed that it had better leave my hair looking like spun gold.So I finally tried it – and it does exactly what it claims to do. It left my hair (on first application) softer and even less frizzy though I dried it with the hair dryer and it has no nasty cheap perfume smell to get in the way of my own cologne. It just leaves my hair smelling fresh and natural. There is no greasy feel, it does not weigh my hair down in any manner – as a matter of fat my hair looks fuller and feels thicker.I have been lightening my hair for years and it is very dry and damaged. I have been trying various products without the results I wanted to see. I started to feel like these products only worked on the hair women with a different genetics than I am. That perhaps blonds missed the gravy train when it came time for these oils to work on their hair.Frankly this product really works. And like the other reviewers have said, it is quite pricey. However, you only need a tiny little amount (not as much as recommended on the package) so this bottle may last me a year, if not at least 6 months. That alone makes even this price worth it. If I add up all the other inferior products I have wasted my money on this year (like my fiasco withIt’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, 10-Ounce Bottlethe cost of useless products would come to be a LOT more than the cost for Arganesse.This will make a lovely and impressive Christmas/Holiday gift for any woman on your list. The bottle is gorgeous and comes packaged so beautifully, that any woman would be proud to have this on her shelf.

Matilda Dora, AL

Argan-ish: 3rd ingredient is Argan oil

Oh Yes – My hair and I love it. Keep in mind I have thick, curly, long, Irish hair that is post menopause dry. Literally, after 2 applications my hair is soft and manageable. My brush glides through my hair. I like the feel of it on my hands and on my hair. The light scent is very attractive.The bottle is elegant. My only complaint is it leaks easily so always keep it upright and never travel with it.I have been using it daily for almost 60 days and only have used half the bottle.Keeper.

Dora Milner, GA

Works Well But Overpriced

The Argannesse Hair Treatment is a very expensive high end hair oil. It comes very nicely packaged in a glass bottle along with a velvet pouch. The scent is not particularly memorable but it is not offensive like some hair oils (especially coconut oil). The instructions state to use a small amount and the results are about on par with other hair oils that I have tried. I tried using this product for a few days and then switched to coconut based oil and my wife was unable to tell the difference. If it were only slightly more expensive than coconut or mineral based oils then it may be worth it but at the current price of over a $100 for 3.4 ounces it is over $90 more than any other oil product I have used. That is a huge difference to pay for a product that does not produce any noticeable difference over the cheaper alternatives. If you like the idea of paying a premium for a “high end” product then this will appeal to you, for me the $90 dollars extra are better left in my wallet.

Allison Polk, OH

Interesting product. Works ok.

The idea of putting oil in my clean hair, and leaving it there, seems very strange to me. Isn’t it going to be greasy? And frankly no leave-in conditioning product I’ve ever tried has accomplished much. But it seemed interesting and I wanted to give it a try.So, the good news is: no, this does not make my hair greasy at all. It leaves my wavy/curly hair very soft and pleasant. It helps a little with frizz, but not as much as a dedicated anti-frizz product. Over time, it does seem to be making my hair healthier and smoother. It’s even just a tad darker–probably the scales in the outer “cuticle” layer of the hairs are being flattened. The scent is very mild and pleasant.So, the big question is: LOOK AT THAT PRICE. Can Arganesse be worth that much?? I’d say… probably not. If this was pure argan oil, I think it might be worthwhile as a long-term treatment for long/damaged hair. But since it’s largely silicone, you can’t keep using it without buildup. Still, if you have damaged or dry hair, and feel like splurging, this is not a bad product to try.

Camille Ellenburg Center, NY

Not for me

For being such an elegant, expensive bottle, this product was very disappointing. Let me start off by saying that, unlike other reviews, I actually like the smell. Everything about the presentation–bottle, drawstring bag, and smell–was appealing. Except, perhaps, for the cap, which has a tendency to collect oil on the lip of the bottle.However, in my experience using this, I have noticed none of the promised benefits. In fact, all that has changed is that my hair looks oilier–not shinier/healthier–after use and loses volume. I discontinued after a week’s worth of use.This may be a good product for someone with drier hair, but for mine (combination), it does not work as described.

Antoinette Curtis, NE

Nice, but not inexpensive. Made WITH Argan Oil, not a 100% Argan Oil product…

Oddly, this is not even close to pure Argan Oil, but as others have mentioned more of a sillicone product WITH some Argan Oil. The product in and of itself is nice enough, and it certainly works well enough, but so do similar products that one can find in a drugstore or department store.The packaging is DELUXE, and I imagine that were one to get this as a gift, one would be aware this is a high-end exclusive product.I do not dislike the product, but it is rather costly. The results are good, and you only need to use a small amount to get a desired effect. Your hair will have a a nice reflective/shiny finish after using it, perfect for that photo-op !

Bette Peridot, AZ

Beautiful Packaging

This Arganesse Hair Treatment would make a lovely gift. It comes in a gorgeous green bottle with a velveteen cover, and it comes at a price that is impressively spendy.I have very long hair these days, and at the moment I’m in need of a trimming, because the ends are all snaggy, fly-away, and generally uncontrollable.And yet when I used this product I was pleasantly surprised that it left my hair very shiny and very manageable. Even the fly-away ends! I can run my fingers through my hair and it feels delightfully silky.Now, looking at the ingredients it’s clear that some of this comes from the silicon. But that’s alright with me because I’m not convinced that argan oil can actually do anything permanently for long protein strands, ie., hair. Maybe on the face it might work wonders, but hair is dead and most of what we do for hair doesn’t do more than improve the appearance, not recreate the hair strands. So in these terms this product performs well.So, if you’ve got the funds to spend on say, a special secretary, or someone like a wife or daughter that you’d like to impress, you might consider this product just based on how it is packaged. It would be a pretty addition to any makeup table.

Inez Hustontown, PA

Didn’t work out for me. Wait a minute…

I know this is a high dollar product, but that doesn’t make it great, FOR ME. I had such high hopes too. My hair is a challenge. I have very fine, naturally curly hair and live in a place where the humidity is often over 60%. I gave it a fair trial of 2 weeks. The scent reminds me of Avon Skin so Soft. I used it every time I washed my hair. Some days I let my hair curl, other days I straighten it. It was better on the days I straightened it, but I still wasn’t happy with the results, especially considering the price. I used the recommended amount exactly the way the instructions said. On the curly days my hair went limp and looked and felt dirty. On straight days it was soft and smooth for about an hour. Then it felt weighted down, but still managed to frizz a bit. I am going back to Biosilk. It’s much less expensive and works just as well, if not better on MY hair.I also didn’t care for the glass bottle. I wouldn’t want to travel with it. The velvet jewelry pouch that it came with seemed a bit silly and a waste of material. It wouldn’t protect your clothes if the bottle broke in your suitcase and no one would put the bottle in and out of the case everyday, so I didn’t see the point.I’m sure this hair treatment must be good for someone’s hair, but not for mine. I gave it a generous 2 stars.Okay, I didn’t give up that easily. I read the other reviews and tried reducing the amount I was using, by HALF. My hair is almost to my shoulders. Instead of the nickel sized, I used a large pea sized drop. The results were much better. More like I expected. My hair is soft and less fly-away than without it today, so I’ll give it another week and see how it goes. I’ve upgraded it to 3 stars.

Tiffany Bloxom, VA