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Argan Magic Nourishing Hair Cream 8fl Oz by Kodiake

Argan Magic – The Moroccan Beauty Secret.

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  • Argan Magic Nourishing Hair Cream 8fl Oz

Honest reviews


Five Stars

This is the only conditioner I use. Detangles so well, and moisturizes with out weighing my hair down.

Nichole Tanana, AK

Argan Magic Hair Cream

This hair cream is very nice. I applys softly, keeps my hair nourished and lasts a good while. It does have build-up; so use it somewhat sparingly.

Lenora Garber, IA

If you have curly, frizzy hair, YOU NEED THIS. Trust me.

I was at my wit’s end with my frizzy, curly, wavy hair. It never behaved. But a friend on Tumblr mentioned that she used this, and since her hair was similar to mine in type and texture, I figured I’d try. Why not? This was a relatively inexpensive product and if it failed like everything else, well, I was still in the same position.So I bought it. And I tried it.And I was amazed.First of all, it smells FANTASTIC. Second, it absorbs really, really well. I can put it in my hair and not have it feel greasy or waxy or sticky. Granted, I have to use a little at a time and rub it between my hands before I put it on, but I used to do that with other products and either have them not make any difference or immediately make it look like I’d dumped Shellac over my head.This is an excellent product. The only bad thing is that the cream plugs up the nozzle thing sometimes so I have to hold it under scalding hot water and poke at it with hair pins to get it to unclog. Or i just take off the cap and squeeze it out, which is fine.I’m so glad I found this. It means I can wear my hair in curls the way it naturally is!

Ashleigh Westby, WI

finally a good argan oil!

I have tried several different oils on my hair throughout the year and had yet to find one that worked well before this oil. I have long, thick and wavy hair. I color it occasionally and straighten/curl it daily so it was getting pretty dry. I applied this oil after the shower on my damp hair and noticed a difference immediately! It smells great (clean, maybe slightly citrusy? smell). My hair is so thick it usually takes FOREVER to air dry but this cut the time in almost half! My hair is also much, much softer and shinier after using. This one is a keeper!

Estella Eagletown, OK

Good stuff and doesn’t hurt the wallet

Here is an inexpensive product that does what it says it will do: Hydrate & condition; eliminate frizz and provide a soft flexible hold. I used this hair cream after I shampooed and conditioned. I applied to my hair once I absorbed some of the water. My hair wan’t drenched but more than damp. This cream gave me shine, definition, and softness. I tried it on dry hair, as the directions say it can be used. My dry hair didn’t like it. The cream is very thick and the application is not smooth on dry hair and my hair did not absorb the product. This 8 oz. bottle will last me for a long time. I am happy with the ingredients and the scent. I believe that this product would work well on all hair types, you just need a dab for fine tresses and a dollop if you’ve got thick, long hair like I do.

Lynda Jeffers, MN