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Argan Hair Skin & Body Treatment Oil – Natural Pure Moroccan Ingredients – 3.4oz/100ml

Key Features • Strengthen and replenish hair • Natural moisturiser for feet, skin, hands and nails • Alleviate symptoms of psoriasis and eczema • Prevents and helps to fade stretch marks • Fight acne breakouts About Our Argan Oil This luxurious fusion of Argan Oil, and Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant provides intense hydration to dry hair and skin. Specially formulated to help reduce frizz and drying time this unique treatment instantly smooths texture and adds shine to hair for a glossy, radiant finish. Smooth over skin that needs special care and instant moisture for nourished results. Directions Of Use • For short hair: apply 2 to 3 pumps in to the hand and distribute evenly through damp hair. • For Long hair: use 4 to 5 pumps. • As a skin moisturiser: apply 4 to 5 pumps to dry skin areas. Quality Guaranteed We have taken time to source the very best ingredients to ensure a great quality product that will not disappoint! Ingredients from around the world have been brought together here in the UK using the best manufacturing techniques. Please Note External use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

Key features

  • Only a few drops conditions your hair leaving it smooth and silky
  • A great natural moisturiser for feet, skin, hands and nails with antimicrobial properties helping to protect your skin while fighting the signs of tell-tale signs of ageing
  • Help alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema
  • Prevents stretch and helps to fade stretch marks
  • Reduces oily skin and helps fight acne breakouts

Honest reviews


Healthy Oils

This contains not only argan oil but coconut oil and avocado oil. It feels kind of thick when you pump it into your hand, but don’t let that scare you. This stuff absorbs well into my hair, face and body. Under my eyes, this stuff is a very gentle moisturizer. I am comfortable using it all over my face and neck.My hair is a little too fine to use this as an all over treatment. However it works great for treating my fried ends. If you have coarser or curly hair, I suspect this stuff would be amazing. It isn’t BAD on my fine hair, but it doesn’t take much to weigh down super straight, baby fine hair. But I have to say, if you have damaged your hair like I have recently, it is a fine line between wanting to have frizzy hair or weighed down hair! Luckily I have found a compromise with this oil.As a body oil this is heavenly. It absorbs completely and has only the slightest fragrance…so faint you have to sniff hard to detect it. My skin soaks this stuff up and is left soft and supple…not at all oily.I am really pleased that this product is paraben free. I feel like I am rubbing really healthy vitamins and oils into my skin and not putting nasty chemicals or endocrine disrupters on myself.Sample provided for unbiased review.

Kaitlin Farmersville, IL

Mixture of Argan and other oils for nourishing

Argan oil is the "in" thing right now–you can’t walk down a beauty aisle and not see it in products made for nourishment of the face, hair and body for a reason. It’s been shown to elicit excellent results in diminishing fine lines via moisture and keeping the hair shiny and reducing breakage.So, although it’s a big deal n shampoos and conditioners, you never know how much is actually in the bottle.For that reason, I like to rub some Argan oil on my hair and body prior to going to sleep and just letting it soak in.It should be noted that this Argan oil is cut with some other oils but they are all nourishing–you just might need a bit more of it than you would had you used the straight Argan.It moisturizes wonderfully and my hair looks excellent and color stays in longer. No dry flyways!I also suggest eliminating sulfates from shampoos if you are looking to boost hair moisture.Product provided by Blush LookReview is my unbiased opinion.

Daphne Shelbyville, TN

Don’t Let this Treatment Oil Leave Your Side! First Rate Multitasker!

I have always liked ease of use when employing beauty and skin care products, but more than that I prize effectiveness. This generously sized bottle of Argan Oil (combined with Vitamin E) is a great, truly effective product.I have very fair skin which gets extremely dry in the winter, so I focused trying Argan Hair Skin & Body Treatment on my skin.It has a slight tint to it, and a light fragrance which reminds me of fruit. I like the fragrance, and the tint disappears when you apply the few pumps required to add the treatment oil to your skin.This calms your skin as well as adding the needed moisture. My legs and arms look 100 percent less flaky and dry. As I used my hands to apply this treatment, I love how they look now as well! They haven’t looked this good all year! Also on the plus side, my hands are not greasy–I am typing this review with no problem. The Argan oil absorbs quickly and yet you know that it is doing its job. The bottle states that the treatment offers “intense hydration”, and the bottle is very right!I plan to use this every day, because it is fast and easy! I can apply it everywhere except the eye area (it to not supposed to get in your eyes). I also applied it on my hair. I like the silky feel of my hair after trying this treatment on my hair a LOT!Round up your products and replace them with this great Argan Hair Skin & Body Treatment Oil. It is the real thing. I am so happy with the results I have received by using this treatment. It is a do not miss for you if you have dry skin or hair or need to repair your skin which is suffering from effects of eczema or psoriasis. I cannot say if it is the answer to the last two without a doctor’s OK, but it really really helps. And it helps visibly instantly … and it continues to help.One great product, many uses! Love it!thanks,jean

Marina Pinola, MS

Does what it says.

I’m currently testing a hair conditioner (Simply Beautiful Marvel 10 Effects – 10 In 1 Keratin Based Leave-In Hair Treatment ) so have been using this on my face and body. Its comes in a plastic bottle ( good as my hands were slippy a couple of times and I dropped it…) with a pump dispenser. I found a little goes a long way. Its very light and easy to absorb into skin. That’s especially important to me when its my face, stupid I know but if a cream or oil is too thick and "sits" on my skin I feel suffocated, as if I can’t breath, and have to wipe it off…Its got a very very slight cinnamon fragrance, and feels slightly warm to apply. That might sound odd, but its actually quite a pleasant sensation, not like those that make you shiver as you use them. I usually prefer unscented products, but this is very slight and using it first thing in morning I found it had dissipated by the time I used perume, so there’s no overlapping fragrance.Its been great on my face, I’ve dry skin with – like many – a less dry and at times slighly greasy area on nose and chin, but this has been perfect all over. No irritation, and i’ve a very sensitive skin, many creams give me a raging red, inflamed looking face – not a good look. On my body its easy to apply, glides gently over skin leaving a slight sheen and is quickly absorbed so there’s nothing to get on clothes and mark them. I’ve very, very dry skin on my feet and this has been great. I’m a wheelchair user so the slight slipperiness that is there for a couple of minutes didn’t bother me, but I’d recommend others use slippers, or sit til its absorbed.I tried it once on my hair just to see what its like. It was fine, being so light it didn’t leave greasy looking locks , and got tangles out easily leaving my hair soft and shiny. My hair is waist length so tangles easily and i need products which will enable me to get them out without trouble and hair breaking.

Mercedes Chappaqua, NY

Thought it would be greasy on hair, but it’s not!

This stuff is amazing. I used a few pumps on my medium length coarse wavy hair. It’s amazing! My hair looks healthy and it tames frizzies. It responds very well to the straightener when I’ve used this product and gets much straighter than it normally would.I’ve also used it on my rough heels and like the result so far.The scent is a fruity musky mix, but it isn’t something that is overpowering, and I don’t notice the scent on my hair. A friend of mine with shorter finer hair used some when she was staying with me this weekend. She’s very sensitive to smells, and it didn’t bother her at all. It also didn’t weigh her hair down. She used just one small pump.Disclosure: I received complimentary product in exchange for my honest review. I got it free this time, but it’s definitely something I’d buy in the future!

Hallie Cowarts, AL

Love This Stuff!

I’ve tried a couple of other Argan Oil products, but I like this one the best. I have been using it mostly as a daytime moisturizer and a nighttime skin treatment, and have occasionally put any excess from my hands into my hair. My hair is very fine, short and straight, and if I use the oil in it several days in a row, it tends to flatten out. The first couple of days, it looks great and my hair seems to have more body. So many hair products seem to darken my "dirty blonde" hair, but this one does not – a real plus. On my face, my skin tends to be on the oily side, so I’m thrilled that this product is absorbed quickly and completely so that there is no shiny surface on the skin. It leaves no trace of oil on clothing or bedding – something I was concerned about at first. I haven’t been using an additional moisturizer and am very pleased with the results – no break-outs or skin irritation at all. There is a very slight coloration in the oil, and although I’m very fair-skinned, I don’t see much evidence of that. I also really like the light, fresh scent that all but goes away as the oil is absorbed in the skin. I’m very happy with this product and highly recommend it.I was given a free bottle of this product to evaluate for an honest review.

Luann Blue Mountain Lake, NY

Wow – an amazing product

Argan Oil products do seem to be all the rage at the moment. I’m absolutely delighted with this – it’s one of the most versatile products that I’ve tried for a very long time.The packaging is great, it’s classy and looks nice on the bathroom shelf. The pump applicator is easy to use, gives the same amount every time and the cap is well fitting. It doesn’t leak either.The oil seems gorgeous – it’s very calming and relaxing, especially when mixed in with the steam from the shower – almost like being in a steam room in a plush spa resort.This particular product is not just for hair, it is for the skin and body too. I already use a different Argan Oil for my hair, so keep this one specifically as a body lotion – it’s perfect and a tiny drop goes a very long way. This bottle will last for ages.It may seem a bit scary to put an oil on your face, but honestly, a tiny tiny dot on the face, under regular moisturiser really does seem to make a different. My skin has felt very smooth and clear since I’ve been doing this.I really love this product as a full body moisturiser best though. I apply it straight after getting out of the shower or the bath, when my skin is still a little damp – this really helps it to sink in fully. Again, as with the face, you really don’t need a lot. A couple of drops per leg and per arm is enough to cover well and sinks in well. The results last for ages, even in the harsh winter months when the legs are hidden away and the hands are exposed to the cold and wind. Oh yes, it’s a great hand lotion too and does wonders for the nails and cuticles.Wonderful stuff – I would recommend to everyone

Nina Fairfield, ND

Wonderful as a Massage Oil

Argan oil is a perfect massage oil. It absorbs into the skin but also leaves a slick almost invisible layer that allows you to massage the skin very effectively without needing to use a lot. The bottle this comes in is a pump style bottle which allows for economical use. This oil is a blend of Argan, coconut and avocado oils. My mother tried some of this oil on her cuticles and loved the results. I blend Argan oil with essential oils to make perfume as well. This oil is pink and has a very delicate fruity scent. I have tried a variety of Argan oils and this is one of my favorites.~The Rebecca ReviewI received this free for review. This review is my honest opinion.

Helena Marianna, AR

rich beauty oil promotes healthy skin and hair

The Argan Hair, Skin & Body Treatment Oil – Natural Pure Moroccan Ingredients – 100ml is a remarkable health and beauty treatment for skin and hair. Rich, spicy-fruity and sumptuous, this “oil” absorbs into skin and hair without leaving a greasy, sticky feeling. The scent quickly lightens, leaving just a pleasant trace of fragrance. This product is like a “spa in a bottle”–so much pampering from one slim pump-bottle. The combination of Argan Oil and Vitamin E provides natural nourishment and beauty enhancement to feed your skin and hair. Massage it into your cuticles, heels, knees, and elbows for immediate improvement.Review Product Gratis Second Glance Beauty

Beatriz Garden City, SD