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Ardell Natural Lashes, Wispies Brown

Ardell invisiband eye lashes allows you to pump up your natural lashes in seconds. Natural look and feel. Invisible band. Easy to apply. Hand made. Natural look and feel. Invisible band. Easy to apply.

Key features

  • Natural look and feel
  • Invisible band
  • Easy to apply
  • Hand made

Honest reviews


buyer beware!!

maybe it is my inexperience. or trying w/ not the best glue. they looked unbeleivable. i still feel that way. i even tried wrapping them aroung a pencil. they just would not stick.

Ingrid Rockville, RI

Favorite lashes

I’m a love of dramatic lashes, but sometimes I just want to wear some that emphasize my eyes and these were definitely able to do just that. They look super natural and have a very thin band so people may be fooled by them 🙂

Saundra Hooversville, PA

Love them!

You can’t go wrong with these babies. I love to cut what doesn’t fit off the end and dbl ply them on the ends to get thicker fuller outside lashes and use dark glue, that’s the ticket there!

Felicia Wolfforth, TX


If you like false eyelashes that provide a bit of drama…well these are it! They are soft and easy to put on. But they are very full and dramatic…so if you are looking for a "natural" look these may not be what you are looking for.

Casandra Franklin, ID

Look Natural

not too dramatic. Look great on and no need to add mascara to your eyelashes.I buy in BULK! LOVE

Melody Rose, NE

Four Stars

Have yet to use them but I like them love the price

Sheena Venus, TX

Love them!! So real

They are the best fake eyelashes I have ever tried !!They are so light on the eye I even forget they was there!

Lenora Highland, NY

Good for Glamour

THIS IS NOT A SELF-STICK LASH, so the 2 star review is not fair. It is not the lashes fault! Use Lashgrip adhesive for strip lashes and hold on until it sticks! I have been ordering this style for special events or photography shots. Unlike other lashes, it does not necessarily have the look where people will think, “I know you are wearing fakelashes”. Especially, if you know how to trip them. I could of sworn for those mascara ads that they sometimes use this style. I give it a 5

Alisa Midland, MD

Nice Eyelashes.

I’ve been using these eyelashes for a while and I really like them. They are a bit long, but that’s what I wanted. They are soft, lightweight, and natural looking. I’ve even washed a reused them a couple times and they still look great.

Janet Riderwood, MD

Exactly as described

I wanted some dramatic lashes and these looked like they would fit the bill exactly. They were well packaged and the product is exactly as described with invisibands. Would definitely buy again!

Josefa Melvern, KS


Initially I believed these to be the Demi Wispies from Adrell, but they are just Wispies. They quality is good, but I would not be repurchasing because they are to long for I what I like.

Etta Bryant, SD


I’ve been having a challenge with thinning middle-aged lashes, and yes it is a challenge for a lifelong glamour-girly girl . I tried expensive eyelash extensions, and those are utterly fantastic but you can’t do it indefinitely. And I don’t want to use weird hormone potions that make your eyelashes grow but who the heck knows what side effects can occur years from now.So I turned to the dreaded false eyelashes. What a hassle. Tried different sizes and makes, and tried the flares, and had to learn how to best use the glue, etc, etc. I tried some regular Ardells that had a lot of good reviews, but I couldn’t wear them because they have a white band that shows unless you use a lot of liquid eyeliner over them. I went to local beauty supply and found these Invisiband and bought two different pairs. The “natural” and these “glamour”.These glamour style make the look I am going for – the look of abundant natural lashes with mascara on them. I put eyeshadow on, then a thin line of pencil liner, then the glamour lashes. The look is perfect – just the right length and thickness. No liquid liner or additional mascar needed, so it takes no more time than putting mascara on would. I’m happy I found the Invisiband and I don’t understand why all false lashes don’t have the invisible band – I guess the materials cost more?

Rhea Hydes, MD

Adds just enough for a natural look.

I like these lashes because they are not too thick or fake looking. They add just enough to give a great impact for your eyes to pop but not overly done.

Marjorie Naruna, VA

natural and pretty.

beautiful and usually hard to find. Thank you Ardell and Amazon~!

Alyson South New Berlin, NY

best eyelashes

love these there super big super thick comfortable i can use them over and over and wont mess up love these

Anna Cromwell, AL

cute but really short and thin

These are cute but unless you want a minimalist look, go with another one. It’s barely noticable. They are short and thin.

Marian Independence, WI

My new every day lash!

I was afraid to wear these at first because of how thick they look, but they’re a very natural and pretty kind of thick! They’re essentially that really pretty kind of natural look and they’re not Drag or Burlesque eyelashes thick so you won’t look too dramatic.They’re a FANTASTIC addition to your look without overpowering it! If you want dramatic, go for the Natural Demi Wispies. Same prettiness but much thicker and fuller!

Kasey Fulks Run, VA

Natural Looking!

I like these lashes because they are not “over-the-top” looking! They look very natural to your eye-lash. I don’t like the “Lamb-Chop’s” looking lashes. You remember the puppet cow or whatever animal the lady use to talk to on the kid friendly channel?! I just think makeup should compliment you, not emabarrass you. Anyway, these lashes are very nice, if you do not want the clown look. Sorry, no offense to anyone….

Lucile Sheridan, CA