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Ardell Lashgrip Strip Adhesive, Clear, 0.25 Ounce

For strip lashes. Holds lashes securely in place. Easy to use.

Key features

  • Holds lashes securely in place
  • Easy to use
  • Dries quickly

Honest reviews


Not the best, but not bad

This glue takes a long time to become tacky and although it is advertised to be clear, it comes out white. But don’t panic! It does eventually become clear. You only need a little bit of glue but beware: even the gentlest squeeze causes a LOT of glue to come flowing out of the tube. I’d recommend first squeezing a little bit of glue out on some sort of surface (maybe like a makeup lid or something like that) and then running the band of the eyelash through the glue…if you don’t do that, you will probably ruin your eyelashes and cause all sorts of chaos. Removing the eyelashes is really easy. For extra security, I like to put a little bit of glue on the end of a toothpick and secure the ends of the eyelash down with it. With all of this in mind, it is a very good product at a great price, and the tube lasts a long time.And another thing – I’ve read reviews elsewhere before buying it and a lot of people have said that they don’t like this glue because it’s too gentle. That is one of the very reasons that I like this one, because I don’t want it ripping my REAL eyelashes out.

Caryn Garrochales, PR

It’s good if you’re careful.

I received this yesterday and bought my lashes from a different site that arrived today, I tried it and the glue just comes out like nothing even if you push on one side. It can be really messy if you don’t know what your doing, or don’t know your own strength. When I first opened it, I put a little pressure on both sides, and it pretty much had an explosion of glue all over one pair of my lashes.Since I got the hang of it, (which took me relatively 10 minutes -_-‘) It does it’s job, but sometimes a real pain in the ass since it also dries quickly and it’ll wear off if you drag.I do like it as far as glue goes, I just wish APPLYING it was easier.. I prefer one with an actual stick applicator instead but hey, that’s just me.

Trudy Kiefer, OK

Cheaper elsewhere

It is a good product. Keeps lashes on all day. Peels off easily when ready to remove. I found this item cheaper at local dollar store.

Jody Delton, MI

Works perfectly even for a lash newbie!

This keeps my falsies on all day until I want them off. You have to use a very, very thin line – about the width of dental floss – to get it to stick just right. That part can be tricky, so squeeze lightly on the tube, enough to make some just emerge from the tube but not enough to overflow. Then lightly bring that slight bit of glue that’s poking out of the tube into contact with the strip. Slide the length of the falsie strip over the little mound of glue and that should get you the perfect amount to stay all day without incredible amounts of sticky crap on your eyelids. So in other words, do NOT apply it like toothpaste or this stuff will never set. Yeah, it doesn’t smell the greatest, so that’s even more reason to use a thin line. The smell goes away, but the eyelashes stay! If you were a pro in your application, and don’t get the glue globbered all over your real lashes, you’ll find that you can easily just tug at the corner and they come right off when you are ready. I’m new to false eyelashes but I’m having fun experimenting with them thanks to this glue. It’s great when something inexpensive actually works well, so I have to submit reviews when I get a good deal 🙂

Elisa Kadoka, SD


I have been using this for almost 3 years. Its the best. the glue is white but once u apply it, the color turns into clear glue so i love it.

Roxie Fishersville, VA


This adhesive works well if you use it correctly. You have to let it get gooey before you put the lashes on your eye. Make sure you read the directions before using this.

Renee Dripping Springs, TX

Ardell Lashgrip Strip Adhesive, Clear, 0.25 Ounce

Really good, but smells weird. I wish it had a brush because the squeeze tube can be messy at times

Bobbi Oneonta, NY

it works

it does it’s job .holds good and dries clear.. no complaints from me …. i dont wear eye lashes all the time but if you let the glue sit on the eyelash a lil bit before placing it on the lid , it works a million times better and longer

Ila East Hampton, CT


This stuff is the best. I am glad i bought it online, because it is very expensive to buy it at the store.

Polly Choctaw, OK

Pretty good.

I honestly wasn’t expecting much when I purchased this product but it definitely held my lashes. For the price, I’m satisfied.

Fran Wyandanch, NY

Love it!

This glue works very good. It stays on all day and keeps my lashes on. I will continue to buy this.

Camilla Liberty, NY

Doesn’t make eyelash stick

I was so excited about finally being able to put on my false eyelashes, but this glue is horrible, it takes way to long to get tacky, it doesn’t make your eyelash stick and when you finally get it to somehow stay on it lifts, this glue is by far one of the worst glues I have ever used in my life, my sons school glue works better than this stuff. I don’t recommend anyone using this product.

Kimberly Tuscola, TX

love it

Lash glue came in fast. Works great. Holds eye lash on strong…all day. Cheaper here then in stores. Retails about $5 in store

Justine Tallassee, TN

Works great. Does hot irritate eyes

This worked great for my lashes. It goes on clear and dries clear. Stays put but not difficult to get off. Did not irritate my eyes at all and I have pretty sensitive eyes

Jacqueline Denton, MT


This is super easy to use when your learning to apply lashes. Just watch the amount you use because it works really well. Very happy and will re-order!

Jade Mindoro, WI

Works well.

Works very well, super sticky. Once its on there and dried don’t try to take it off right away because it will hurt your eyelids lol.

Neva Moss, TN

Good for Dogs

This was suggested as a way to keep a sheltie puppy’s ears tipped while it was growing. Works perfectly and is easy to remove and clean off. Great tip.

Elda Port Alexander, AK


Good for lashes and great price. I don’t like the smell as much but it’s okay after a while. I would purchase again.

Willie Tipton, OK


This product is easy to use and very gentle. It can be washed off and removed without removers. Amazon presented it well. It was packaged well and came to me in a timely manner.

Katy Venedocia, OH

Not Bad at All

This product comes down to this fact, half the people who gave bad reviews just don’t know anything about applying eyelashes. I love this product so much! The only con is that, it stays sticky. I could have applied my lashes two hours ago, and then I look too far up and my eyelid gets glued to my eyebrow temporarily. Of course I sit there like an idiot slowly retracting my eyelid back to place, but this eyelash glue really does it’s duty. It keeps my lashes on perfectly, and I see no lifting in the corners. Don’t use the direct-eyelid method with this though. And one semi-con is that it comes out A LOT at a time, but you’ll get used to it within a week, so don’t fret.Direct-eyelid method: Put a generous amount of eyelash glue on an eyeliner brush and draw a thin line on your eyelid exactly where they eyelashes should go and wait for it to get tacky.This is what I do with glues that come with eyelashes, but this bad boy is too strong for that and you’ll just end up ripping out your eyelashes.But I recommend this product to everyone!

Autumn Lyons, NY

Works well

Works well and is quickly drying. Came swiftly and the price is certainly right! WIll buy again! Will recomment. Nice.

Angelita Sanborn, IA

I’ve had better

This glue doesn’t stick as well as I thought it would. I’ve never had a problem with using other glue before but this hardly sticks too your skin.

Abigail Wilton, AL


AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME product for its price. Would highley reccommend this product to other customers. And came a day earlier than posted !

Effie Beecher Falls, VT

Great adhesive for false eye lashes!

This stuff works great! It hold very strongly, dries clear, and very inexpensive. For best use, put a drop on your bathroom counter (or something of that nature) and dip the wide side of an orange stick (wooden stick used for nails) in it and spread onto the lash line of the false eye lash then apply eye lash. It keeps the excess glue to a minimum this way. Once you get that glue on your actual false eye lashes, they are ruined. This way will help prevent you from ruining the lashes also 🙂

Diana Ponderay, ID

Too thin and watery

This is one of the worst eyelash glues out there, at least the one I got in the mail was. Not sure if it was expired, or just watered down, but it was very strange, since I have used the black version of this glue in the past and it worked fantastic. Overall I would not recommend this version of this glue from my experience. Get the black one.

Trina Galesburg, ND