Ardell Lash & Brow Excel, .25-Fluid Ounce, 1 Package

Strengthens and revitalizes sparse, weak hairs to create thicker lashes and brows.

Key features

  • Strengthens and revitalizes sparse, weak hairs
  • Creates thicker lashes and brows

Honest reviews


Great Cheap Entry into Lash/Brow Accelerator Market

Glad I didn’t buy the 3-pack because I think after using 1 bottle the effects plataeu but its also an excellent lash primer if you want to keep it around. DO NOT GET IT IN YOUR EYES. It stings sooooooo bad! Just be careful in your application and you can avoid this. I def’ saw results by the 4th day and now I can go to the “beauty bar” at the Benefit counter and get movie star brow shaping and I could not have grown my brows out for that without this product due to over waxing my brows on the part of my former nail salon. Yeahhhhh!

Edith Natoma, KS

Pleasantly surprised

I have to say I was quite skeptical- stuff like this is usually such a scam, but because I was in no way willing to risk or pay for Latisse or any other expensive name brand lash treatments, I went this route.I’ve been using for about 1 1/2 months now and I do see results. I apply it only at night after washing off makeup. My lashes have definately gotten stronger and shiny, and seem a little bit darker. The length has increased slightly- thickness not so much, but I will continue to hope for further progress. I can’t get away without an eyelash curler because nature gave me naturally straight lashes, but i can tell a different with and without mascara on.. and lashes seem to hold a curl better/longer.I’m happy!

Francesca Vidal, CA

This Works!

While at Target I bought this on the off chance it might help. I’d wrestled with thyroid problems these last few years and had lost half my brow above both the left and right eye. This is common when there is a thyroid issue. I’ve always had great eyebrows. By great, I mean they are naturally shaped. I do not have to shape them. There is only one or two stray hairs on each side that I pluck once every 3 months. Since my thyroid has improved I decided it was time to try regaining my eyebrows. The first two weeks I felt some itching at the brow area. I thought “This can’t be working already…” Before the first month was out I had enough eyebrow on each eye to be content. I started Ardel in November and it is late January now. I can say I have good eyebrows. They are fuller and the parts which had disappeared are completely filled in. I had no idea this was possible! The eyebrow hairs are longer, too. I was beginning to get bald spots in what eyebrow I had left and this also filled in beautifully. I do not need an eyebrow pencil at all now. This is a really wonderful product for me!

Rosalind Hamden, CT


Before this I used Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel which worked pretty well. I switch to this one to see if it would do a better job. I was amazed by the results. It worked much faster. I can see some new growth along my lash line and my eyelashes are even longer than they were before. I’ve only been using this product for maybe a week and I’ve already got some amazing results.

Pam Stockholm, WI

It Works!

Used it for a couple of weeks and it is working already. I over plucked and needed a fix. This is it. Highly recommend!

Constance Wacissa, FL

Good lash lengthener

This works well, but definitely takes some patience to notice the difference, noticed a difference after about 3-4 weeks of use.

Lynn Manson, NC

Just OKAY. Won’t repurchase.

This product was just okay. I’ve used the other Ardell lash and brow enhancer, so that’s why I purchased this one. Unfortunately, I haven’t experienced any significant growth as a result and I even put some sulfur powder inside to help accelerate the growth. I will use until it’s finished, but I will not repurchased.To give a background, I didn’t really have any eyebrows January 2012 and started focusing on products to help me re-grow. Now, two years later (it really only took a few months to see a difference), I no longer fill in and my eyebrows look great. I use the Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator, 0.25-Ounce (Pack of 3) and that’s what I can attribute most of growth to. I would buy that product (which is cheaper, btw) and skip this one altogether.

Freida Moscow, IA