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Ardell Heated Eye Lash Curler

Now you can have perfect, curled lashes in seconds! With the Ardell Lash Curler, there is no pulling, crimping, or any damage to your eyelash or eyelid. It is quick, easy, and absolutely painless. The Heated Eye Lash Curler is battery operated with a temperature-sensitive silicon pad that changes color when it is ready to be used.

Key features

  • No pulling, pinching, or crimping
  • Quick, Easy and Absolutely Painless
  • Temperature Sensitive Silicon-Pad Changes Color When it is Ready to Be Used

Honest reviews


What a complete ripoff

When it said "pack of three" I assumed it was talking about the curling pads — but it was three whole heaters…IOW: you get what you pay for which is not much. You have to hold the "on button" the entire time you are waiting for it to heat up, it then kinks your lashes rather than curls them, and even the crappy kink doesn’t last. Don’t waste your money or time.

Loretta Dateland, AZ

Ummm, it was OK

This works fine for what it is. It works best if you have a little mascara on before using it. I kept 2 of them and gave the 3rd one away. The first one never worked again after the first battery died. The second one seems to be doing OK. It is on the second battery now. The annoying part is that you have to hold it to get it to warm up. I suppose they do this to keep you from forgetting to turn it off, but I had rather turn it on then when it is ready use it and not have to hold it while I am waiting.It works fine, just not one of my favorite models for a heated lash curler.

Harriet Penwell, TX

Did not work

I had to return this. Product didn’t heat up enough to at least make a difference plus the opening was so small it’s difficult to maneuver you lashes in and get a good curl.

Kay Rexford, MT


Who would have thought of using heat to curl your lashes! Makes sense you curl your hair, but boy! What a difference this makes! I love this product!

Marina Manito, IL

It took me a second to love it.

At first I was wondering, how am I suppose to get my lashes into this?I moved it around my eyes trying to get my lashes and thought, "This is weird." I went on youtube and saw some reviews and after I figured out how to use it it was really nice. I could feel the warmth coming from my curler(not so hot I’d wonder if it would burn me) and it was actually curling my lashes with no effort of my own. They look really natural and it didn’t hurt to use the curler. The price is also outstanding, one of these babies are about $12 for one. I love this and will definitely buy it again.

Keri Perry, OK