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Ardell Hair Color Bottle, Unred, 1 Ounce

Eliminates unwanted red tones. Softens hi-lift tints. Decreases fading.

Key features

  • Softens hi-lift tints
  • Decreases fading
  • Use 10 drops for every ounce of color
  • 120 applications

Honest reviews


I never recieved it.

I ordered this product and I never received it.I got an email saying it was shipped then days later I got another email saying they were out of this product. I would think they would know they were out when it was ordered,not after they contacted me and said it was shipped.It is a good product though, I had to order a much smaller size from somebody else.

Rebekah Yalaha, FL

So far nothing..but I’ve only added it to my conditioner not my hair dye.

My hair is a light brown, some ashy tones but it can get a lot of red hues in it due to my heritage (Irish, Italian and German) and I don’t like the color of that. I’ve dyed/highlighted my hair for about 20 years, and I decided to dye it darker, which people actually like. So, I used Garnier Medium ash (cool) brown, I LOVED the results – a nice medium ash brown….BUT….as always, within a matter of washing it a few times (I wash my hair every other day, I’d go longer but I"m neurotic about clean hair ;-)) the red comes out. So, I took my Pantene conditioner and some mayonnaise (great conditioner) and 10 drops of the Unred, I let it sit for an hour. I washed my hair and there’s was no real difference. ;-( So, I’m going to add it to my hair dye the next time I do it. Here’s hoping! I’m also ordering Jhirmack shampoo – my hair is not blond but I’m hoping this will bring out the ashy tones in my hair and decrease the red tones. I also am going to use Revlon Frost and Glow highlights in a few months to break up the medium brown hair. Anyway, it’s an experiment, but what I CAN say is this; Unred is not permanent, so you really aren’t risking much by trying it, I think it’s best to add it to your hair color. I also think you should ALWAYS use ASH tones when you color your hair if you do not want red – it’s not a 100% solution against getting red tones BUT it does help. Good luck to everyone and feel free to email me if you have any questions…I love experimenting with my hair 😉 Oh, one more thing, I’ve also started to take Biotin by Natrol, bc all this dyeing and highlighting has made me loose hair (and stress and being 45 ;-(( so, I’ll keep you posted on how (if) that works!!!

Elma Walnut Grove, MN

It works

It simply works! I wasn’t really expecting the result I active with this product! I used it in combination whit a purple toning shampoo…and I don’t have any red/orange in my hair anymore ((: sooo happy!

Willie Mansfield Depot, CT


It really helped to remove the redness from my blond coloration. However it is not permanent, you need to do it every 2 weeks or so.

Dorothy Dillonvale, OH


It did help to reduce the brass and redness, a bit. this was less effective than Ardell’s other product for reducing both red and gold tones.

Marlene West Liberty, IL

No Red

Use this in a darkest ash brown hair color and have not had a problem with any red showing up. I dislike red in my hair and this permits me to add an extra layer of protection to the colorant to make absolutely sure I have no red highlights.

Eleanor Williamstown, KY