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Ardell Hair Color Bottle, Unred, 0.25 Ounce

Eliminates unwanted red tones. Softens hi-lift tints. Decreases fading.

Key features

  • Softens hi-lift tints
  • Decreases fading
  • Use 10 drops for every ounce of color
  • 30 applications

Honest reviews


…no difference.

This did absolutely nothing, brassy tones are not reduced at all. Cant really say any more about it than that.

Ginger Bonneau, SC

Didn’t work for me

I have naturally dark ash blonde hair that always seems to turn out orangy/golden when I dye it light ash colors. I was really hopeful that this would product would help produce different results with my last home coloring efforts, but sadly it didn’t.

Cara Brownsville, OR

Didn’t work

Didn’t work. My roots are as orange as ever. I used Ash Blonde. I put 40 drops in a box of hair color. It said 10 drops per ounce and it was total 4 ounces. I wasn’t sure if I was putting way too much, but it didn’t end up doing anything. Disappointing. I think I’m going to try Wella toner. I have heard good things.

Eloise Laurinburg, NC

Didnt do anything for my hair.

Didn’t seem to help anything. Used in my hair dye shampoo and conditioner an didn’t notice a difference. I wouldn’t waste my $ just buy a toner or toning shampoo.

Lidia Alvarado, TX

it works…but it’s not magic! 🙂

ok first of all, i didn’t buy it on amazon. i messed up my hair at home – i have very bright blonde (professionally highlighted hair) and my roots are a boring mousy brown…i tried to lighten my roots a few shades so that i could extend the time between expensive salon trips. well the result was AWFUL orange-y/reddish roots!! it looked like my roots were glowing orange while the rest of my hair was a very pretty natural blonde. so came online and found this unred stuff and thought…”i can’t wait a few days to get this in the mail, i need it NOW!” so i went to sally beauty supply. sadly they didn’t have a bottle like amazon does…they just sold the little one time use packets. so i bought a few. here’s the part that my review may differ from others. i know you’re supposed to mix it with your hair color but since i already screwed up my color i didn’t have that option. so i took a very thick conditioner i have and put some in a bowl and mixed it with the unred. i used a highlighting brush and applied it to my roots. ((heads up…this stuff is full on black when you apply it to your hair…terrifying but normal)) i left the conditioner/unred mixture on for about 40 minutes and then rinsed. my roots are NOT glowing anymore and they are a much more normal shade. i’m extremely happy with this product..and i think in a week or so…i’ll do it again. it is amazing the difference and i didn’t even use it with hair color like they recommend. next time around when i do my roots between salon trips i’ll add the unred and come back and update my review. for now..this stuff is a very cheap and great answer if you mess up your hair or need to tone down orange/red tones. 🙂

Jill Thornton, WA

Went from medium brown/light brown to dark golden brown/fixing the red and burgandy highlights.

I used Loreal Dark Golden Brown which I’ve went dark before but not with Loreal. First off buy a better brand. Nice and Easy has worked better for me in the past. Dyed my hair 4 days ago along with my daughters hair which was a dirty blonde. Both of us had the same problem it went a darker red hers more lighter than mine but mine was dark brown with dark red hightlights and more light red at the roots. I was not happy. I did a lot of research yesterday with the Ardell Unred and Ardell Red Gold Correcter Plus trying to see the difference and maybe what it would do for me. I said why not and went to the local Sallys Beauty Supply and bought both products. (You can’t get the .25 bottle of unred at Sallys just the packets).So last night I added 1 packet of unred to about 2 ounces of my conditioner for color treated hair after I shampooed hair so my hair was pretty wet when i applied. I let it set 30 minutes and then rinsed it out. Although my hair was still wet when I went to bed it didn’t look much different. This morning I woke up and decided to try the Ardell Red Gold Correcter Plus. I used a 3 minute deep conditioner (3oz or so) with about 30 drops of the correcter and I put it on my DRY hair with just a touch of water to get it smoothed through. I let it set 30 minutes, rinsed it out, dryed it and straightened it. AND I CAN tell a difference. It looks less red and less brassy and more ashy. I think if your using this stuff (either one) as a correcter instead of adding it to your dye then it will take some time and more than one treatment. I am thinking that the red gold corrector worked a little better but it doesn’t hurt to try both.

Ellen Brandon, IA

Really good one,i mixed it with Revlon frost and glow.

Really good one,if you don’t want to have a redness on your hair,just buy it and get some glamorous look.

Dora Volga, SD

did not help a bit

maybe I expected too much, but even putting it on right on my orange hair, leaving it on, mixing it into shampoo or hair color, the discoloration did not leave my hair. Carrot top!

Rosalie Ladonia, TX