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Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair – Wispies

Ardell fashion lashes look so real, so natural that others think you were born with beautiful, lush eyelashes. made of 100% sterilized human hair, each lash strip is knotted and feathered by hand to achieve the highest quality. when used with ardell lashgrip eyelash adhesive, they are easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and stay secure until you take them off. each pair can be re-used up to three weeks. application and care instructions inside package.

Key features

  • 100% Human Hair
  • Easy to apply
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Stay secure until you take them off
  • May be re-used up to three weeks

Honest reviews


Very natural

I have extremely short and straight eyelashes so I wear false eyelashes everyday. Sometimes it’s hard to find false eyelashes that look natural enough that you don’t have people ask you all day long “Are your eyelashes real?”. I really hate that but I also think it’s a waste when the false lashes don’t add length and volume. These Ardell Wispies are one of my favorites for every day use. They’re very pretty. Keep in mind, everyone has different eye shape and something that might look natural on me, could look ridiculously long on someone else. I’ve had to experiment with many different kinds to find what really works. Ardell makes great lashes at a very good price so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase a few different styles to find the one that fits best. I really like that the band is very flexible but not TOO flexible. I definitely recommend the wispies.

Alyce Richford, NY

Very good, very prety but for big eyes

These lashes are great! They look so pretty! They look so natural. Just make sure to check the Ardell website before deciding which to buy. These are for women with big eyes (which I do not have – I had to order different ones for me and gave this to a friend)

Nellie Marlboro, VT

Natural-looking and beautiful!

These are the only lashes that don’t look like you’re wearing ridiculous “fans” on your eyes. If you just apply eyeliner on the top lid and no mascara (or very little), people can’t really tell that you’re wearing fake lashes; they”ll actually think you have gorgeous, long lashes. They are neither too dark nor too long and -just like natural lashes- they are not all the exact same length. Perfect for special occasions like weddings, New Year’s parties or whenever you want to look extra nice. Love them!

Geneva Warrior, AL

Look like crap from your side profile

My friends can totally tell I’m wearing fakes with these just by looking at my side profiles. It’s very obvious. Spend an extra dollar and get the eyelure brand!!!

Jane West Kill, NY


This item arrived to me quite fast and on time. I haven’t tried it on yet but they are beautiful and nice. One thing that I would say is that it it’s a bit pricey for a pack of 4. I paid almost 20 dollars for it.

Brandy Pittsville, WI

Affordable and great product for the price

I have been buying Ardell lashes from Target for years and they have always been my go to. They are inexpensive and get the job done! It was a great surprise to see them for sale on Amazon.. in bulk! 🙂 Definitely saving money this way, since they are usually $3-$4 a piece at Target. Will continue to purchase these.. Why spend $12+ on one pair of fake lashes that you’ll wear for a day.. buy these, they will get the job done just fine!

Elda Tipton, CA


These are my absolute favorite lashes…i defintly recommend to buy them in bulk on amazon vs. your local dept store. these are perfect if you’re going for a natural but full look. i have asian eyes and they’re love love them

Octavia Ardenvoir, WA

Good lashes

These are a pretty good buy. I did receive a couple compliments, although they are not the best lashes I have ever bought. All around happy with my purchase.Fast shipping!

Mamie Dutton, AL


These are so pretty and light and feathery! They were a little longer than I wanted originally, but everyone loved them. They thought they were my natural lashes.

Maude Waterloo, AL

Best My Eyes Have Looked in years.

Easy to use, easy to take care of, they look real and I don’t know how I lived without them in my regime for so long !

Sondra Pond Gap, WV

I love them!!

I wear these type of eyelashes almost every weekend, I really love that they don’t look to thick. They look really natural. They make my eyes pop!

Hattie Redvale, CO


Would not hesitate to buy these again. They were very easy to use and looked great once they were applied. Wish they came with their own glue but oh well.

Ashlee Climax, MI


these are my favorite eyelash style to use, and this is a really good brand that is affordable, I used it with Duo glue and it held up really well for the day, they blend in nicely too, I have just about no eyelashes of my own, so fakes really helps

Ivy Coal Valley, IL

Try for yourself

This lash style was just OK for me. My eyes are rather on the small side, so these were a but overpowering.

Lacy Sweet Home, AR

would repurchse

I wanted to try these because theyre all over youtube…and i didd really end up loving them…not too dramati, and they gave that curled end look…very nice!

Jeanine Eddyville, IL

natural looking lashes

the price for the 4-pack is more economical than the individual price. once you find the brand and style you like, buy in bulk. they’re the same as the ones you can purchase at any drugstore, new and unopened. Sephora sells an eye lash applicator tool for $12 if you need assistance applying them

Millie What Cheer, IA

Natural looking

I have long, thick, and black eyelashes and was looking for falsies to enhance their look during special occasions. I didn’t want lashes that looked fake. These lashes did exactly what I wanted them to do.

Lula Barnum, IA

pretty darn nice

Can only recommend these. I use them with duo glue and find them easy to apply and remove. They give a dramatic look and for some, cutting the length may be a good choice- definitely a great buy.

Faye Glenoma, WA

Love it!

One of my favorite types!….will get more again! Awesome deal ..Natural enough for those glamour gals hat. Want to wear lashes during day

Carol San Simon, AZ

dramatic yet natural, pretty

skeptical at first on how they would look on me but these are really pretty and natural yet they look dramatic at the same time.

Marcy Indian Springs, NV

Wonderful lashes

These lashes don’t look false once in place. Many people tell me I have great lashes and then are shocked when I tell them they are false. Highly recommend.

Eugenia Connersville, IN

Great Lashes

They have a volume to them and are very glamorous–not natural looking. I was able to wear them with my glasses though.

Charlene Hutchins, TX

Beautiful lashes!

Ardell is, by far, my favorite eyelash company. I’m a novice lash applier, but even I can figure these out! If you are intending to apply these beyond the corner of your eye at an upward angle, it may be difficult, but standard application was very easy for me. They are long and beautiful, but also easy to blend in with my own lashes. The band hides nicely with dark glue and black liner for a flawless look.

Christa Junction, TX

One Star

I only got one, thought it was 4?

Jana South Britain, CT

Love these lashes!

I do wish they were a little bit cheaper, but they are great quality and can be used multiple times.

Latoya Coxs Mills, WV

Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair – Wispies (Pack of 4)

I love these lashes. These are my 1st pair of lashes that I bought and these are great. I love false lashes

Virginia Colmar, PA

Eyelashes aren’t what they use to be

You use to be able to order these and they truly were like realy hair now most of the time they are arriving like synethic hair and when you put the mascara on it just separates them so fine, that they look fake. Not natural and flawless.

Margret West Union, SC

Good lookin’

These are a little (lots) more spendy than the 50 for a dollar Asian fake eyelashes but worth it. These are more wispy than my present eyelashes and should look great.

Pamala Little Rock, AR

My go-to lashes!!

I’ve tried all kinds of lashes from the very cheap to the very expensive and these are the ones I ALWAYS ALWAYS come back to. I buy them in the packs of 4 off Amazon as they are less expensive that way. They give your eyes that pop without looking totally take. Easy to put on and they stay on well with any DUO eyelash glue. I definitely recommend!

John Winnie, TX

Great lashes

I love the Ardell lashes, they are very natural looking, the band is very comfortable, not like other brands where the band is so thick and pokey. would repurchase!

Melba Baldwin, LA