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Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair – 110 Demi Lashes

Ardell fashion lashes look so real, so natural that others think you were born with beautiful, lush eyelashes. made of 100% sterilized human hair, each lash strip is knotted and feathered by hand to achieve the highest quality. when used with ardell lashgrip eyelash adhesive, they are easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and stay secure until you take them off. each pair can be re-used up to three weeks. application and care instructions inside package.

Key features

  • 100% Human Hair
  • Easy to apply
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Stay secure until you take them off
  • May be re-used up to three weeks

Honest reviews


Not what I expected

I ordered these to wear to a Christmas party, received them the same day as the party. I thought they were self-adhesive and the perk of the product was not having to get glue. Well I have no adhesive and one of the steps listed is "apply adhesive". So I guess I don’t know very much about false eyelashes.

Tami Franklin, LA

Too long

Got the impression these were shorter in length than what they really are. Was disappointed in that. Wish I knew how to shorten the lash length on these. This is definitely a popular brand so for someone who loves that dramatic look, these are good eyelashes.

Whitney Reserve, LA

Just a little too long

I’ve bought several lashes and I’m looking for long but not spiky. 110’s are the ones. They are too long and need to be trimmed so they don’t pop up on the inside corner. Other than that, they are good for everyday wear and don’t look fake or overly dramatic.

Adeline Cape May Court House, NJ

Vary Natural Looking

These lashes are great, they add volume and length but do not look obviously fake. Easy to put on and take off. My favorite fake eyelashes.Love them coming in a set of 4, so I don’t have to buy them new as often.

Eula Brook, IN

My fave.

For times when I’m way too lazy to put on eye makeup, or for nights out when I want my eyes to be a bit more noticeable, these style lashes are my go-to. I have teeny-weeny Asian eyes with super short-n-straight lashes, so this style is just long enough for me without making me look like a tranny. And on Amazon, you can buy’em in bulk for way cheap. Gotta love that.

Kelsey Walworth, WI

Great If You Like The Natural Look

Wore the first pair several times before they wore out. They’re durable, easy to apply, even if you’re new to wearing false lashes

Mandy Modena, UT

Could be better

The band isn’t black, so even if you use a dark toned adhesive, you would still need to go over the “roots” with a black eyeliner. On top of that, the lashes cost too much to use for an everyday look. They can be reused but they lose their shape. You’re better off buying the other brands that cost less such as Red Cherry 747s or Creme. These brands have lashes that are knotted and look more natural.

Deidre Union Dale, PA

White filament renders these lashes useless!

The hairs on these lashes are knotted onto a white-colored filament, so when you glue them on, the white filament shows between the knots. So I can’t use these at all and don’t know how others are managing this – maybe applying lots of liquid liner over them. Pencil liner didn’t work and I don’t want to go through having to carefully apply liquid liner over and on top of the strip to cover the filament. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t use clear filament.

Therese Hague, NY

Ardell #110 lashes

I gave only 3 stars because I haven’t used these lashes, yet. I have an extremely hard time putting them on. Glue was not included in the package. Now, I have the glue and I’ve ruined one pair. Once I get them on correctly, I’m sure they will be nice.

Noemi Willow Island, NE

Just perfect.

These lashes are my daily "go to" and they are super comfortable. They are the perfect length, don’t look fake, and add the perfect amount of length for daytime or night time. I always get asked what mascara I use, but little do they know these are falsies. I love that they’re reusable too!!

Leanna Puxico, MO


These are ok. Nothing special about them but for the price they do offer a pretty frame for your eyes.

Selma Bunker Hill, IN

Great for an everyday look

These falsies are great for an everyday look. They aren’t flashy, super voluminous or thick…but they add just a touch bit of length and fullness to your lashes that enhances your overall look. The lash band is super thin so it feels like you’re wearing nothing, and easily works with any glue. Despite being thin, these lashes are very durable and can be used multiple times. Don’t get this if you want something dramatic 🙂 I love wearing these lashes everyday.

Wilda Paoli, IN

Love the four pack of lashes.

Ardell 110 are great for those with shorter lashes wanting a bit more extra. These won’t look all spidery and overdramatic. Good quality lashes.

Tammie Woodland, MI


Wore these today for the first time, they looked natural but yet not so natural my eyes didn’t pop, my fiance loved them on me 🙂

Coleen New Sarpy, LA

Perfect for everyday daytime

I love these lashes because they look natural on me during the day and you can’t tell I’m wearing any.

Wendy Pollocksville, NC

great lashes.

I love these. I have hardly any lashes. and these look pretty and natural. no one even realizes they are fake. I like buying the pack online since its cheaper than stores, I think salon select in walmart is the same. but I never have time to drive there. I keep buying the 110 demi, they are my favorite style.

Candy Clayville, RI

Not Long Enough

These lashes were not long enough for me. VERY natural looking, so if that’s the look you are wanting, then these are for you. They are pretty much disposable. I don’t see how anyone could wear them more than once, not to mention that just seems unsanitary.

Trudy West Tremont, ME

Love em! But cost too much!

These are my favorite lashes but I refuse to pay this price for them ever again. I’d rather go to a beauty supply or order another brand. They’re great if you’re willing to spend the money though.

Elise Calvin, KY

Looks like your natural eyelashes….

I like them they look like my natural eyelashes. So far they last longer than a day unlike the ones I purchased in the past. I admit it has taken me a while to learn how to apply fake lashes, but these are so easy to apply and reapply. It’s good value for the cost. Still cheaper than the store.

Annie China Village, ME

natural looking, full lashes

they’re full, natural looking lashes. people said i looked different and better without really knowing why. they’re the lashes! no one would notice otherwise. it’s more of an everyday lash! which i wanted. good for professional settings/date nights. stay on, i didn’t really have to cut to fit my lashes, and even though i have asian eyes they fit relatively well!

Elma Pendleton, SC

Ardell Fashion Lashes

I’m a beginner to the falsies world, so I played it safe with these. My natural eyelashes are basically non-existent, lol. These lashes make me look very awake and my eyes always look glamorous whether dolled up or plain faced, which I love!

Michael Purdum, NE

These are beautiful!

These lashes are great!
• They look very natural, so it doesn’t look like you’ve done too much. Very desirable effect.
• They are long, obviously, but not too long as to disrupt your view or anything.
• Obviously, easy application and removal, since they are all in one, not individual lashes. Very good.
• They don’t start falling off in the middle of the day or anything. They are durable, and tear-resistant.
• They curl amazingly well, and stay curled.
• They’re good for up to 3 weeks of re-use!The application process is very simple and written on the back.I recommend using it with Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive. That way, you’d get the absolute best performance from your lashes.These are great for any use, and yes, even everyday use. That’s awesome, right?I will definitely repurchase these lashes. I’ve tried "Red Cherry Lashes" as well, and they weren’t as good as these.

Robin Mont Vernon, NH

Perfect for Daytime or Nighttime Wear

These lashes do not look unnatural; they are perfect to enhance your own lashes. It is pretty amazing what a few false lashes can do to enhance the look of your eyes. You can easily trim these lashes to better fit your eye, or do what I do and cut one pair in half and use as half lashes on both eyes. I also run a black sharpie over the lash line strip so that the strip does not show with black eyeliner. If you don’t put mascara on these lashes you can reapply them several times.

Jackie Paullina, IA

came one time and great pricing

I loved it, the first time it came with 4 separate packaging (great for stocking stuffers) the second time i ordered it came with a single packaging in four pairs. Great but i liked them separate. wonderful natural-like lashes. you can see the base line so just ink it out with your liner.

Alfreda Hope Valley, RI

Great quality

Love these lashes. I can usually reuse each pair for about 3 to 4 times after proper cleaning and storage. They are soft and natural looking. Great for everyday wear.

Teri Middleburg, NC

Natural looking lashes for everyday use.

These lashes go on easy, stay on, and look really natural. They’re not too thick or too long. They’re just right! This is a great price too, especially if you have Amazon Prime. At Rite Aid these lashes are $4.00 a pair, so this is a big savings. Great lashes, great deal, what could be better?

Charlene Ambler, AK


Looks natural, my fiancé told me it look great! 🙂 I’m very happy.I use revlon black adhesive with it. Just over $3 at Walmart. It’s awesome.The only thing is that my fiancé said its not that diff from my own eye lashes. My eye lashes are longer than normal ppl..So I got too lazy and don’t use it anymore :-/ but I will again when I feel like using it to make it look a lot more 🙂

Ida David, KY

Saves Me Money!!

I suffer from Trichotillomania and I find these lashes to look very natural to concealthe fact that I have no lashes of my own.Buying these in a bulk order of four saves me on average $5 from the price at my localpharmacy. 🙂 Very happy with these.Good quality and most certainly will repurchase them.

Marisa Pocasset, OK

Perfect for beginners

I am new to lashes and these lashes are great. They are not too much perfect for day to day. Comfortable on eyes not too heavy love these!

Nannie Alzada, MT

Love these lashes

I love the Ardel 110 Demi Lashes! They are super natural looking, the band is not too thick, the lashes are very durable. The Demi lashes are smaller across than regular lashes, and fit smaller eyes better, if you have big eyes the Demi lashes may be too small for your eyes, but if your eyes are small, the Demi’s will be perfect. Will repurchase!

Mona Laura, OH