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Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair – 105

Ardell fashion lashes look so real, so natural that others think you were born with beautiful, lush eyelashes. made of 100% sterilized human hair, each lash strip is knotted and feathered by hand to achieve the highest quality. when used with ardell lashgrip eyelash adhesive, they are easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and stay secure until you take them off. each pair can be re-used up to three weeks. application and care instructions inside package.

Key features

  • 100% Human Hair
  • Easy to apply
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Stay secure until you take them off
  • May be re-used up to three weeks

Honest reviews


Fun, but obviously fake

After wearing theArdell Fashion Lashes Pair – 110 Demi Lashes (Pack of 4), I wanted to try something a little different and fun. These are fun, but they are also much more obvious that you are wearing fake eyelashes.

Desiree California, MO

Nice lashes

Very nice quality on this product, but somehow the appearance of the lashes disappointed me. They are, however, very comfortable to wear and durable too.

Rosalind Ragsdale, IN

Quality is awesome and human hair? Can’t beat for everyday wear!

I have been wearing lashes for approximately 8 years now. I have found a few brands to be my favorite. I love Ardell and this number #105 is actually my favorite! This is great for everyday wear. NO, if you are an experienced eyelash person and put this on right, it looks amazing! I get compliments all the time from other women about my all so natural eyelashes! This is my favorite eyelash to wear whether everyday or for special events!IT really becomes an addiction we cannot live without! What girl does not want to look beautiful everyday of her life if she can help it? I know I do! Anywho, I say, get it! Amazon offers a great deal … this costs between $4 (Walmart/ Target) and $5 nowadays in beauty supply stores like Sally’s. Get them here on Amazon while its cheaper and there is no sales tax and the shipping is free if you order above $25. Now, Personally, although this one is my favorite, I have gone to a cheaper alternative to the Red Cherry #100, and #87, #76 which is about $2.00 depending on where you get it. A little savings but adds up to be a lot of savings when you wear eyelashes just about 365/year! lol Hope this helps. I do a lot of research to get the best lashes at the best prices.

Katie Ransom, KS

I loveeeee this product.

Was introduced to Ardelle last may in a beauty convention in Baltimore and fell in love. The look the quality and the price are AMAZING. I have yet to try any other and might not need to.

Rowena Blackwood, NJ


they’re great, the best "cheap" fake eyelashes there are, really durable and blends well for something that is fake, I use the Duo glue

Amalia Dayton, MT

Great for Evening

I gave these a four, only because I think they are to long to wear during the day. Evening would be fine, but not for everyday use.

Kimberlee Kittanning, PA

Love them

I loves these eyelashes. They don’t look too fake and everyone compliments me on my eyelashes. I will definitely be buying more of these.

Katina White Plains, MD

After a year and a half, this is it

I thought I found it with corner only lashes. Nope, for whatever crazy reason those became difficult to apply. Weird…. not sure what changed.These are perfect.I like dramabut not ridiculous. These are that: glam but not like you know, tranny looking. ahhhh, Seriously… they suk at making themselves up usually unless they are pros, no????Buy these

Elaine Powell, OH

my HG of false lashes

Having naturally long lashes, the 105s are the perfect lashes to make my lashes look thicker (without it looking like I am wearing fake lashes). These are my every day lashes, so I was so excited to find them in a 4 pack (the savings was almost like buy 3 get one free!!)

Alma Crestline, CA

Love it

This Eyelashes are the best the are human hair so the are really easy to put and the are no heavy at all

Michael Buckeystown, MD

Great deal

This was a great buy compared too buying them in single sets in the store. Shipping was fast and I would order them again when I need some.

Sherri Fort Meade, SD

Love ’em!!

I wear this brand & style of lashes all the time. They are easy to apply & have a great natural look. They are typically $5.00 in the store for a single pack, so this is a great deal for a pack of four…I plan to make another purchase when needed…

Beverley House Springs, MO



Margret Rio Vista, TX