Ardell False Eyelashes 6 pack InvisiBands Babies Black Strip Lashes

Invisibands False Eyelashes – Babies 6 Per Package Black

Key features

  • Made From Sterilized, 100% Human Hair.
  • Adds A Touch of Glamour & Sophistication

Honest reviews


Great Lashes!

For the price, which is much less than MAC, these are good lashes. They do not leave me looking like I have on “fake” lashes, in fact, they look quite natural. Since my lashes have thinned out with age, these are a good choice for me.

Anita Milan, IL

dont fit

even trimming them they don’t go onto my lid. maybe it is because they are too firm? I have never had trouble with getting lashes on before

Luella Avon, SD


The first time I wore it, the adhesive that they used to adhere the lashes to the box stood out so badly that you could see a white line on my lashes. When I took the lashes off, it lost the shape so bad that I couldn’t re-use it. I used a second pair and took off all of the adhesive off to avoid the white line but it again lost its shape when I finally put it on. I will not repurchase, such a waste of $20!

Christa Antrim, NH

My favorite lashes.

They stand up to many many alcohol washes. I have used them for as long as 2 weeks over and over, soaking them for a couple minutes each night to get the glue off. They could probably go for longer than that. They retain thier shape (unlike other brands) and the glue comes off of them easily with a short soak in alcohol and an old toothbrush.

Eileen Sparland, IL

natural looking

i don’t wear false eyelashes everyday … only on special occasions. these look natural and give my eyes that ‘special’ look … i love it!

Lacy Albertville, MN