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Ardell Brush On Lash Adhesive

Ardell Brush On Lash Adhesive goes on clear and stays clear for an unmistakably sheer appearance that will hold lashes securely in place all day.

Key features

  • Conventional no mess applicator
  • Latex free formula goes on clear and stays clear
  • Thin brush allows effortless application

Honest reviews


doesn’t stick

Not nearly as good as Duo, Benefit or Revlon. I can’t get it to stick with anything, not even individual clusters, which you’d think would be easier. Gets crusty, flakes off, just super annoying all around. Waste of money. Buy another brand.

Kristi Pearl, MS

Glue for lashes…

I read several reviews on this item before I made a decision on buying…when I received this product I immediately tried it with my silken lashes…the reviews were spot on…There was a little smell to the glue but I chalked it up to being a glue product and how no matter what brand you decide on the smell will be there anyway…it didn’t bother me….The glue needs to be liberally put on the rim of the lash…it has to be a few seconds before applying to the eyelid so the lash will stick properly. As for flaking…it was there at the end of the night when i was about to take it off…as for falling off and having to reapply the glue…didn’t have to do it…I like this product…it does what it says…being new to wearing false lashes I will be trying other glues just to compare..but for now I’m pleased!

Berta Higgins Lake, MI

Does not adhere

I really wanted this glue to work and tried it many times, but every single time was a failure. This glue is like water, it does not stick whatsoever. It also forms visible white clumps when dried. Terrible.

Sydney Levering, MI

The best !

Now this one is better then the black but you can see it after a couple of times so you need to clean more . But I just love it and will always use it from now on .

Carolyn Isabella, MO

not bad for those days when my eyes give in the allergies.

I still use the white duo one but this works great since some days my eyes are too sensitive for the duo. It dry fast so as soon as u put it on the lash, apply the lash to your eye lids.

Sandy Rogersville, AL

It Stings on Skin when Applied!! Does not Stay very Good.

This product Stings when applied on Skin. It also does not stay very good, you have to put a lot. I accidentally got some in my eye and it hurt so bad! It’s hard to see the clear glue running down from the fake lash to your eye if you are not careful. It SMELLS BAD like TOXIC (Like Nail Polish or Worse). It dries up fast & looses it’s stickiness, lashes comes off after a few hours, need to re-apply.I will try the Revlon or the new Duo – I’ve seen one without the formaldehyde ingredient. I like Duo the best.Update:FINALLY I FOUND THE PERFECT FAKE EYELASH GLUE – It’s the DUO BRUSH ON GLUE – WHITE turns to CLEAR. It’s opposite of Ardell such as: No Smell, Does not hurt on skin, you can see the white glue & can wipe excess off to avoid going into the eye, it turns clear, It’s not gooey where it dries in seconds, even if its still liquidy you can apply lashes right away to eyelid & it sticks. It lasts all day & no re-apply needed. I fell asleep with it with a not so good fake lash (cheap ones from ebay) & to my surprise the lashes where still on! It does not hurt to remove. So Love the DUO HATE THE ARDELL.Save your Money! Most Ardell Glues are disappointing so don’t buy.

Sharlene Pinedale, AZ

Dries fairily fast

I went with this glue over the others due to the lack of latex. This glue dries in about 20/30 seconds and is ready to wear. It does NOT seem the stickiest stuff in the world so I’d beware of getting it wet (think dunking your head underwater) unless you want to see if your falsies float 😉 In dry times it holds (without being rubbed/messed with/touched) for about 16 hours at the most so I’m happy with it.

Nellie Tarzan, TX


its great!!! It kept my fake lashes on and it doesn’t burn my eyes!!! I know when I used duo it would keep falling off and after that I used a different brand and that one burned my eyes when I put my fake lashes on so I like this brand a lot better!!

Clarissa Frazeysburg, OH

Love the little brush!

I love this adhesive because of the little brush. I am new to the world of false eyelashes. The problem I am having is I either don’t use enough adhesive or it drys by the time I get the lashes in the right place. I do not feel this is the products fault…I will get the hand of it eventually If I keep practicing. That said, this product really has very little smell and goes on the lashes smoothly. I really do love it and would recommend it to anyone.

Doreen Lupton, AZ

Thank you for the brush

I tried a tube with a tubular tip applicator and trew it away after the first use because it is so messy. A brush works much better. .

Rosie Alloy, WV

Hate it

Bought this at a beauty store and it burns your eyes and lids. It’s hard and when it dries feels like plastic

Beth Hamilton, PA


It arrived on time and it does what its supposed to a great job at it too the only thing I guess I dont like is when you apply it on the lashes and then put the lashes on it kinda burns but it only lasts a few seconds other than that its a good product

Shari Womelsdorf, PA