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Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel – Clear 7.3ml/0.25oz

Brow Sculpting Gel is a lightweight gel that contours and defines brows while providing all-day hold and conditioning. The precision wand shapes brows beautifully for a full and natural-looking brow.

Key features

  • Quick and Easy
  • Contures and defines brows
  • All-day hold and brow conditioning

Honest reviews


Holds Eyebrows in Place

I use this everyday when I do my eyebrows and I’ve had zero complaints. My eyebrows stay in place all day with no smudging.

Rachael Windham, NH

Very Good Brow Gel

I gave this brow gel 4 stars. You have to put it on rather heavily for it to hold. It does not cake and holds fairly well. I recommend this gel if you are looking for medium holding power.

Beatriz New Concord, OH

Nice brow gel

My eyebrows were very defined which I loved and it kept my brow in place all day this is a keeper.

Jasmin Holualoa, HI


After using this products a few times I noticed that it does not set the brows as much as it claims. It actually appears to make the pencil on the brow disipate. I will next time try the Measureable Difference; it is a little more but claims to really set the brow.

Lorraine Kalkaska, MI

A quick “you stay in there!” fix for your brows

I love it. It’s so fast and nice to use. It works very well and keeps my brows looking awesome.

Rocio Kingsford, MI

Not bad

I usually buy Anastasia eyebrow gel but it is just so dang expensive. So I was looking for a cheaper version. This seems to work ok. I have noticed sometimes I apply it more than once a day. So I guess it is not sticking as much.

Jessica Elk Creek, CA

seller sucked, product is ok

This stuff is ok. It has a strong scent. Not unpleasant but a little body spray/perfumy. It also doesn’t hold things in place all that well, it’s got a very soft grip which means that your brows won’t necessarily stay put all day, re-application MAY be necessary. The gel is quite watery.The seller of this product was bad (rockGlam or something?). They didn’t send it for ages, had to email them first and they they ended up sending me TWO both of which they charged me for. They’re cheap though so I wasn’t too upset, but crappy customer service.

Lily Hickman, KY


After a horrible waxing experince at a salon, I’m growing my brows out all crazy, long and bushy and this helps keep them wild but still tamed in a brow like form. I know a lot of people use clear mascara to tame wild brows BUT those brands all contain parabens,and many many crazy chemicals, this doesn’t as a matter of fact it has a little castor oil in it which helps brows grow and only has a few ingrediants. I like it and will use in on my bad boys for ever.

Rosetta Rosemont, NJ

Worked pretty well

This was my first brow gel so it’s hard to tell if it worked well. I am happy with the results at first although they do not last. However, this product did not smear the makeup I wear on my eyebrows and it didn’t feel heavy. I would recommend it with the warning that you’ll probably need to re-apply it during the day, depending on your eyebrows.

Sally Manchester, MA

Good gel

This is very good for keeping the brows in line…last all day it gets hard after drying…will order again..great shipping…

Olivia El Dorado Hills, CA

work ok

Thought it would be a little thicker and push the hairs a little bit more but it does keep the hairs in place. I give this produck a thumbs up. Just use the brush to spread the gel to straghten the hairs and leave them in place.

Tammie Huntsville, OH

No flakes

I love this sculpting gel for my brow. It does not leave my brows flakey. My brows look great and natural. Thank you.

Marla Elbow Lake, MN

Best one I have ever tryed.

This is like hair spray for your you brows, hold them in placed all day long, I usually put to coats, and it work perfect.

Belinda Osceola, IN