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Ardell Brow Defining Powder, Mink Brown, 0.08-Ounce

Brow defining powder is a brush-on powder that darkens and enhances eyebrows for absolutely defined brows. the concentrated color allows you to create perfectly arched brows and applies easily with the slant-tipped brush.

Key features

  • Create perfectly defined and arched brows
  • Quick and easy
  • Slant-tip brush included
  • Concentrated color
  • Shade selection: Medium Brown to Black hair colors

Honest reviews


… It’s $3 at the local Drugstore.

Don’t get me wrong, I own this product and it works -Amazingly-. I got hooked on it when I borrowed it from my sister to try out, and I really thought it wouldn’t make a difference- my brows look fantastic! I don’t usually do this, but I’m definitely going to submit a picture.But $12? Are you SERIOUS? I can get it for $3 at the drugstore. Come on.

Rochelle Lyme Center, NH


This worked well on the eyebrows but it is too light for me. I have dark eyebrows (black) so it definitely doesn’t work for me. Probably better if your eyebrows are a shade lighter than black though

Elba Fulton, IL

Right Color for Me!

This is my first time using eyebrow powder. I was worried I’d get 3 of the wrong color but the price was right enough for me to take a chance. Glad I did.

Cynthia Crystal Bay, MN

I love it!

This stuff is so beautiful!It is very easy to apply and a little goes a very long way.I love that it looks 100% natural even when you extend the brow line.It is a cinch to make your brows look fuller and glamorous!This three pack will last a longggg time⁢’s a fantastic price.The mink brown is the perfect color for my dark brows.

Goldie Medora, IL

nice but

very messy and hard to come off…looks very elegant otherwise jsut very message to take off…makeup remover doesn’t work as good..

Mildred Iuka, IL