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Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator, 0.25-Ounce

Brow & lash growth accelerator is a concentrated serum of multi-proteins that works to immediately repair week lashes and restore thickness of over-tweezed or thinning brows. added conditioners soften dry, brittle lashes enabling them to grow longer, thicker, and fuller.

Key features

  • Longer
  • Thicker
  • Fuller

Honest reviews


It is a great primer and also helps lashes grow.

I am using it with Rapid lash and my lashes are longer and much thicker than before. I know Rapid lash is working for sure. All I can say negative about Ardell is don’t get this in your eyes!!! This really burns. Do not use too much and do not use on the bottom lashes. It finds it’s way into eyes. Trust me.But, I will continue using this. It makes my lashes feel really good.Edit; 4/12/2012This product makes your lashes very thick. It helps with the growth of your lashes and the best way I FOUND to use this product is….I put the first coat of Ardell on my lashes and let it dry. About a minute. Then I apply a second coat and make sure you get it on like you would mascara. Let that dry too. Wait a few minutes and it you use a eyelash curler use it now then use your mascara over it. But, as thick as this makes your lashes you will soon no longer need mascara.6/11/2012- I have found I can’t live without this now. I sometimes put this on (2 coats) and curl them and don’t even need mascara. I love this stuff!! That doesn’t mean I quit using mascara, it’s only when I am not going out. But it does make your lashes thick and long.

Rita Fairview, SD

love it!

You really can’t beat the price for this, and I started noticing results almost immediately! I don’t quite look like a cocker spaniel yet, but my lashes are noticeably longer, thicker, and seemed to have multiplied! Great product!I took the suggestion of another and dab a few dots on the top of my eyelids and then rub it in along the lash line. Then I use it as I would regular mascara. I apply it in both the morning and night.

Tammy Medicine Bow, WY


I have been using this exactly 2 weeks. I use it in the morning after washing my face and in the evening after washing.I have very light blonde eyebrows and lashes. I can’t say this made them darker in appearance but, it has definately made my lashes longer and thicker. Also, it has helped grow my eyebrows, although not darker. I still need to use some type of eyebrow product to make my eyebrows stand out so you know they are there. However, it has helped my eyebrows grow, especially in places where they were bald. I hope with continued use, my eyebrows will eventually fill in more.I will keep on using this product, since in the 2 weeks of use I have put in, it has already made an Amazing difference!

Hester Deerfield, MA

This works quickly and well

I’ve used this Ardell Accelerator off and on for a few years, and am always impressed with how well it works. It doesn’t thicken up your lashes the way something like Latisse (which I used for a few months) will, but it makes them grow long and feel really healthy.I’ve also tried Revitalash, and that did nothing for me. This much cheaper product has been more effective for me than Revitalash. (Latisse was the best, but I was worried about the consequences of using it.)I apply it a half-hour before bed on clean lashes most nights of the week, and see a difference in my lashes within about a week or so.I just ordered a three-pack of this so I can use a new tube every six weeks or so and have it be more sanitary.It’s cheap and effective, and I definitely recommend giving it a try!

Madelyn Farmers, KY

They’re all mine

I started tweezing my eyebrows sophmore year of high school, by senior year I had hardly none at all. Looking back at my prom pictures it’s all pencil. A year after I graduated I started filling them in thicker but the hair still wasn’t there which made getting the right shape nearly impossible. I went about 2 years before finding this (with very little growth) and it has really transformed my brows. I bought the 3 pack and before I got to the last tube, I had at least 50% THICK re-growth. It also works on eyelashes although mine are naturally long so I don’t think to put it on. I actually stopped using it because I reclaimed my shape and using more would probably make them grow out of shape! This is always my first recommendation to women who want their brows back.

Catalina Ortley, SD

Still using

I gave this only 3 stars because I feel it is still too soon to rate. I got a pack of 3 and am still on the 1st one. I feel that it may be working as I ‘ve seen some change in my eyebrows. The price was worth checking it out.

Bernadette Hollister, CA

Works great so put it on carefully

I was kind of sloppy the first few times I used it so had to tweeze some of the hairs that grew in. Works pretty fast – I have almost no eyebrows at all since I got lupus and my hair fell out. It’s thin on top of my head but did come back; eyebrows not so much. Hey, I don’t have to shave under arms or legs more than every couple of weeks or more – that I like.So this does work and I use it about once a week is all. I’m not sure that’s even what I’m supposed to do but it’s how it suits me.

Lara Thermopolis, WY

Love this stuff!

I’ve been using this for several years now, and for some reason, tried another brand a few months ago. Needless to say, I just re-ordered this again. I am notorious for over-plucking my brows, and this really gets them growing after just a short period of time!

Lynnette Pacific, MO

Works great

This works great! I can see a difference just after applying to my eyebrows two or three nights in a row. I wish the applicator was a bit different, hard to apply to eyebrows though very easy for the eyelashes. I don’t often use for my eyelashes because at night if I rub my eyes at all it will make them sting. But very good product!

Kathie Stebbins, AK

just had it

so i got this product for a little more than a week now. i use at night and in the morning also on days i dont wear make-up. i use it on top lash and bottom lashes. so far i notice that my bottom lashes are fuller and getting slightly longer. as for my top lashes, i cant really tell if they are longer yet but they also seem a little fuller. but like i said just been using this product for more than a week. im sure the results will be better once i use up the product. i will sure be back to review on the results then.

Jeannette Freeland, MI

hurts my eyes

I have been intermittently using this because it irritates my eyes. My friend who recommended this just said that I just need to make sure it doesn’t get into my eyes. That’s what I have been doing! I stopped for a few days then tried using it again. It still hurts! I ended up buying fake lashes now hahaha. got effing tired of this. I’ve also tried rapidlash too and it just causes redness on wherever I applied it. Hope my fake lash glue won’t do the same thing. I’m such a loser.

Sadie Wardville, OK

hope it works

i’m very excited and wish to have a Little fuller eyebrow and eyelash. i give 3 stars because i just start using it, but i have 1 issue that i have to replace it myself. the brush that comes with it, it’s very rough, i mean it’s not soft at all. i feel like a metal brush after i tried to use it several times. now i gave up, and switch to my own soft brush. when i apply it on my eyelash, i have to be so much careful to don’t get it in my eyes. the gel does not smell, and does not bother me. i will wait after 4-6 weeks for the result, then i will post my update again. after i read all reviews from the so helpful customers, that’s why i bought it. thank you so much that everyone has taken your time to write the reviews.

Tina Putnam Station, NY

Still need more time but………………………

I have to say so far I love this product I haven’t seen much improvement on my eyelashes but they take longer to see any change. Where I have seen a huge change is my eyebrows. Haven’t had this long and oh boy they are growing in at the ends where I had problems from over plucking and the difference is huge. So if for no other reason I gave it five stars, nothing has worked until now so I’m very happy indeed.

Janet Carrollton, TX

Did not work for me

I have been using for 18 days, never missing a day and applying twice a day at times. NO change! NO growth. Bummer, I will try another brand.

Melissa Joaquin, TX


Where would I be without this stuff? I know! Still filling in my brows with mascara! Well, guess what? It took about six months, but I was able to stop filling in my eyebrows with anything.I had lost eyebrows because of bad waxing and over plucking as many women have down, but thankfully, I found this product. Regarding the loss of eyebrows, this was for over a decade. One day I finally decided that I was tired of how long it took to get ready to go out because I had to fill in and clean up my eyebrows. So I started researching products and this one was cheap and had decent reviews.I started using in January of 2012. By July/August of 2012, I saw so much improvement that I didn’t have to fill in (though I still chose to). By the one year mark, January 2013, I was no longer filling in at all, but still receiving compliments from people. I love it! I’ve recommended to other people who had lost eyebrows as well and all report the same thing…improvement in growth.I will say that I think for those of us that have lost eyebrows, it is a product that you have to use consistently and possibly for life. I’m still not at the thickness that I would like, but I continue to apply and am confident that these eyebrows will one day be back to their childhood bushiness. Will recommend and also repurchased myself. With the three pack, it literally lasts forever, maybe a little more than a year.

Chrystal Marks, MS

A trick for getting more of this on to your eyebrows

Here’s a trick for getting more of the product on to your eyebrows – squeeze the bristles and the product will go on to your finger tips and then use your fingers to apply it to your brows. You can get more of the product on your eyebrows this way. You can still go back and brush them afterwards if you would like. You have to work a bit fast as the product seems to dry quickly.Has this worked for my thinning brows? I have only been using it a week now so far and it appears to be working slightly. I will know more as time goes on and will update this review. I am not sure if this can grow new hair though I am sure hopeful as I seem to be losing my eyebrow length, which for me is hereditary. No one in my Asian family has eyebrows to speak of after they go to about the age of 30. Even when younger, they were very thin.

Adrienne Cedar Point, IL

Five Stars

Amazing results.

Tonia Glen Rock, NJ

seems to work very well but unfortunately i cant enjoy the benefits as it burns and itches my eyes

seems to work very well but unfortunately i cant enjoy the benefits as it burns and itches my eyes. =-O ill stick with the amazingly effective and affordable select lash!

Hannah Clinton, IL

It Works!

I was skeptical. I have used the Latisse which works like a perfect charm. But who wants to pay that price every month if there is something else that works well. Of course, this does not work as well as the Latisse, but for the price, it’s good enough.

Velma Madison, AR

Swear by it

I use nothing but this product on my eyelashes. I cannot stand the hastleof mascara and this makes my lashes look long with keeping them healthy.

Gretchen Longmeadow, MA

I see results

My lashes seem longer but not fuller. I am satisfied with the product. I want the lashes to be thicker.

Melanie Coalton, OH

Irritates my eyes

I haven’t been able to give this a real try, to see if it works to grow lashes, so I can’t comment on it’s effectiveness. I tried it just a couple of times, but it really irritates my eyes and makes them water continuously until I wash it off.

Josephine Rowesville, SC

It’s a great lash conditioner.

I’ve been using this for 2 months. It’s very similar to the results I got with Loreal’s product, but this is much cheaper! I use it to coat my lashes before mascara. It keeps my lashes from drying out and breaking off. So the lashes you have look healthier, but I don’t think it makes new ones grow in. Not for me anyway. But it is a great lash conditioner and at a great price. I’ll keep using it.P.S. I’m also using this with RapidLash (as another reviewer wrote) and between the 2 products, I have LONG, healthy lashes!

Aida Greenfield, IA

Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator

1. It doesn’t work to accelerate or grow lashes or brows.2. But it does work as a setting gel for brows after you’ve used your brow treatment.3. For the price, it works for #2, but not any price for #1.

Arline Gridley, CA

This item works!!

My eyes feel so moist and my lashes and brows have a nice sheen to them. You do notice some growth after regular use.

Abigail Maple Plain, MN

really works

It does help. My lashes start growing within days. Apply before bed. Wash it off in the morning before you put makeup on. Sometimes, I even apply a little before mascara, but be quick. …it dry fast and the mascara won’t look good. So product, then quickly put on mascara and you are set.

Loretta Leroy, TX

So far so good

I have been using this on my brows and I notice a lot more hair growth! I only gave it 4 stars because I noticed when I put it on my lashes and it made them hard to curl and put mascara on…the hair grew in kind of tweaked (for lack of a better word). So I stopped using it on my lashes, but it is working on my brows! Came in a pack of 3 for the price! Awesome deal since it is working 🙂

Mara Murray City, OH

Does not work for growth

Although this product is called a growth accelerator, I have yet to notice any growth or gain in my eyelashes or eyebrows. However, it does condition my lashes and keeps them from falling out as frequently as they did. I would recommend this as a condition if you use a lot of make up and want healthier lashes.

Young Franklin, PA

Miracle grower

Yay, my brows are finally growing back. This stuff really works. Goes on clear and I have seen noticeable results just after a week. I would definitely recommend, great product!!!

Cecile White Horse Beach, MA

Didn’t do much.

I bought this product after reading the reviews because I am trying desperately to regrow the ends of my eyebrows. I had very bad acne once upon a time and would break out underneath my eyebrows. My acne has since cleared up, but unfortunately, has left me with only half of my eyebrow on both sides. I have to pencil in the ends of my brows so I don’t look like Spok. I decided to give this a try (and it was cheap so I figured why not?). Well unfortunately, it didnt really do much for me. I was very vigilant with applying this every single night on a clean face before going to bed. I did this for probably a month or more. I saw a very very small improvement but nothing worth the hassle of remembering to use it every night so I stopped using it. I have since had some more growth to my brows but I attribute that more to my not using facial lotion on my brow area as to not clog my follicle. They are coming back slowly but surely but unfortunately, no thanks to this product. :/

Bobby Long Creek, OR