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Ardell – Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator, 0.25 fl oz

Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator is a concentrated serum of multi-proteins that works to immediately repair weak lashes and restore thickness of over tweezed or thinning brows. Conditioners soften dry, brittle lashes enabling them to grow longer, thicker and fuller. Regrow full, shapely brows and thicker lashes!

Key features

  • Regrow full, shapely brows and thicker lashes!
  • Added conditioners soften dry, brittle lashes ebabling them to grow longer
  • Helps restore thickness to over tweezed or thinning brows
  • Multi-proteins repair weak lashes

Honest reviews


lash growth accelerator 3 pack

The product arrived quickly. It’s too soon to know if it is helping the growth of my lashes.

Araceli Willow, AK

Uh… wow

I’ve only used this product twice and my eyelashes look incredible. The 2nd application instantly plumped up my eyelashes. Now they have a thickness I’ve only been able to achieve by using mascara! It’s only been the SECOND day! What I did to my eyelashes during the day probably helped speed up the process.What I did was I brushed on a little olive oil using a clean mascara brush. I did that a couple of times during the day. It makes for a great mascara replacement. I just curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler, swipe on some olive oil and I’m good to go.. Be careful not to get it in your eyes. It won’t hurt if it does get in your eyes but it does make your vision blurry. Then at night I put on the Ardell product.I know what you’re thinking (“olive oil?”) but it really works. It’s supposed to condition your eyelashes. I don’t think the same results could have been achieved with just olive oil. At least not this quickly. You’re welcome to try it out though.

Bernice Beaver Creek, MN

Give me a break!

I’ve seen better results from tap water. I’m so glad I didn’t spent much on this junk.

Judi Youngstown, FL

Great deal (for a few days) will use and keep updated.

When I got mine, it was 2 for $4.85, when only one was $4.85.They look a bit cheap, but it says made in the USA. The gel/product is clear, and isn’t runny at all. It’s like mascara. I will use them and keep you updated.Instructions are leave over night, I will use it a bit more though.

Tania Rayne, LA

really works!

This stuff really works! I have been trying to grow back my brows for years since I accidentally plucked them away in college, and they just refused to grow back. I thought I was stuck with my thinned down, “tail-less” brows forever. I decided to do some research on all the brow and lash products out there – I was willing to spend a lot of money to try all the latest products that are on the market. But I was concerned about the chemicals used in a lot of the products, especially those that contain chemicals that could change your eye color, cause blindness etc. I came across a website that reviewed each of these products and listed Ardell Brow and Lash with natural ingredients. And for it’s cheap price and generally excellent reviews on every review website I could find, I decided it was worth a try. Well, I’m glad I did because As soon as I started using this product , I noticed results on my brows within days. The lashes took awhile longer, probably about 2-3 weeks. But now I have my eyebrows back and really long lashes! This product is hard to find though outside of online retail stores where you have to pay almost twice its cost in shipping.

Consuelo Iroquois, IL

Lash and brow growth acceleator

I have not used this product yet. I am finishing up another purchase and this product, which was less expensive, was purchased as a replacement.I can say that it arrived in a very timely fashion and as ordered.Thank you!

Deanna Jackson, MO


its a great product, but its quality is not so good. I,d like to say it is really great,and i like it very much.

Kristin Tucson, AZ


OMG! I cannot say bad about this product.. IT IS THE BEST!!!!A few years ago, i was a no eyelash chinky asian. my eyelash was like 1 mm long and I hated it,After I got this, and after 1 day of use, the results were shown!!! Seriously.Now a year passed and I flaunt 1 1/2 cm eyelash!

Vonda Sudbury, MA

Please read ingredients!

I would just like to point out that the fourth ingredient on the list for this product is commonly known as TEFLON. Yes, the same nonstick coating they put on pans. Believe me, you do not want this on your lashes. I don’t care if it does give results, there are natural products out there that grow lashes without adding Teflon to your bloodstream. Don’t do it girlfriends! Were all getting cancer from Brazilian keratin treatments with formaldehyde and products like this!

Celina Mendon, OH

just got it

I got this product because I have 2 freinds that swear by so Im crossing my fingers that it works So try it wiith me

Sheri Gloster, LA

didn’t notice a difference

my lashes are pretty healthy to begin with I wanted to see if they would grow out even more but this can get messy the formula of the product gets all gross and foggy looking rather than its clear form to begin with.As a result of using this product for a few months I didn’t notice any change also using this with my eye brows did not notice anything different they just grow how they were before using this product I think its over hyped

Nikki Magnolia, DE


I’m Asian and I have short lashes with no thickness. I also basically have no lower lashes. I was overzealous when I was a kid and overplucked my eyebrows. I was looking around for lash growth products and all I saw were products that were incredibly expensive. I then saw the Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator at such an inexpensive price. I have to admit, I was rather skeptical. If the other products are around $70 to almost $200, how could this work? I luckily found this at an Eckerd’s for $4.19, so I grabbed one of the two that were there. I wish I bought the second one!I applied the product for almost four weeks, every night. I put it on my upper and lower lashes and my eyebrows. Today I curled my lashes and put on some mascara and they looked noticeably longer. Plus my eyebrows do seem to have grown back a bit. I thought I would never see them back, but I surprisingly have seen some growth! It lengthened my lashes, but it didn’t thicken. I haven’t seen any lower lash growth either, but I guess that’s not a surprise considering I didn’t have any lower lashes to begin with. I’ve been reading around and I’ve heard that the FDA-approved eyelash growth product Latisse lengthens AND thickens. But that’s only available through prescription and it costs $120 for a month-supply.Anyway, I’m happy with my longer lashes. This product exceeded my expectations. For the price that they are, I’m satisfied with the results. I’ll just thicken my lashes with a good mascara. Now I just need to find a good, thickening mascara that won’t weigh down my lashes! And the journey continues…

Lillian Pasco, WA

Makes a difference

It is definitely worth the price. I noticed a difference right away on my eyebrows. I continue to use this product just about every day now.

Vilma Scott, LA

good for brow gel

I don’t like using mascara so wanted to try this as a conditioner before curling my lashes. It doesn’t work for that purpose though. It goes on and dries a bit stiff. If you try curling your Iashes afterwards, it doesn’t stay. If you curl before then apply, the lashes uncurl. It’s better with vaseline or jojoba oil. As for growth, I already have dark eyelashes so I didn’t notice much of a difference in length. It might work for others though. It’s definitely good to use as a brow gel but don’t apply too much because it can get flaky.

Tonia Hamden, NY

This really burned my eyes.

The burning! I wish I could have used it but my eyes would not stop watering when I tried to wear it.

Esther Woodbury, CT

Works ok, but not as well as DHC lash growth

FOR LASHES:Quality: Comes in a durable container, lasts several months if you use it sparingly.Ingredients: The ingredients are so-so, not great, not bad. There are a few that could be done without, and that’s one of the reasons i gave this three stars.Does it work: I didn’t see any noticeable results when using this product. Yes my lashes were healthy..i guess… but nothing extraordinary.Alternative: I also tried DHC lash growth tonic and got amazing results after just 2 days!Overall: If you want healthy lashes, this product is a start. However if you want faster growing, longer lashes, i would do some research and find a product that better fits your lash-growing needs.FOR BROWS:Quality: same as above, since its the same productIngredients: Same as aboveDoes it work: This worked better for my brows than it did my lashes. Unlike my lashes, i did see noticeable brow growth within a week or so.Alternative: Once again i got better results using DHC lash growth tonicOverall: This is a pretty good product for brows, not the best out there, but its a start.

Amy Mertzon, TX

may work for some

I have only used this for a few weeks, I use it morning and at night, and so far, I can’t say that it does much, it stings if you get it in the eyes, so I advise being careful when using it. It is hard to get the stuff on the brush, it cakes up in brush edges so I use my finger to get it off the brush and then put it on the lashes. It seems to make the eyelashes soft, but so far not any length or thickening. I will use it until it is gone but will not re order it.

Gayla Palm Coast, FL

Slowly but surely

Patients my friends! Here’s my sob story. I started going to the salon to do individual eyelashes and got addicted to them like the fool. I was doing it for 2 years almost. Then I finally said to myself I need to stop, I sometimes continuously get the lashes because I realized that I have none of my own. The glue took them all away, so I looked like an absolute alien (said my cousin .. smh), not even mascara gave me a miracle to lengthen my own eyelashes. So I started doing my research on Lash growth products. I found a few products that had great reviews from customers but when I looked at the price I was turned off. Then I came on amazon and saw the reviews for this accelerator, and the price, I said why the heck not. Ok here’s my point of story. I started using the lash accelerator as SOON as it came in the package which was February 7th it’s now March 4th. I finally see length in my eyelashesss (and my cousin too) and I am HAPPPPYYYYY! I used it a lot though, I’d apply it at least 4 times a day, I even use it before I apply my mascara. Not every product is a miracle worker, some are just not meant for others.*KUDDDOSSSS*

Elda Shickley, NE


There is no point in thinking this is a miracle. It does not work, it turns white on your eyebrows and flakes off as if you used a cheap hairspray on them. It will NOT grow hair. Don’t believe the hype.

Jasmine Myton, UT



Cathy Osteen, FL

I like it.

I believe for how much it cost it does a decent job. The thing about the product though is that I use to twice a day. I did indeed felt a difference the second day in the morning when I realize that my eyebrows felt thicker and my eyelashes too. My eyelash may have looked the same but it felt supple. My eyebrows though, it got thicker. Eventually as weeks goes by my eyebrows grew back! My freaken stubborn bald part of my eyebrow grew back which was amazing! I really use this for my eyebrows but I did apply my lashes too everyday and that too eventually got longer. This does take time to grow within a week or so, so just be patient with the product don’t think about it too much and let it grow out on its own pace. But now I have fuller brows and I had my product since November till now. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll buy a new one since I’m working growing out my the end of my eyebrows, never again will I go to a professional to touch my brows and mess up my arch. So if you want to test it out its less than $5 buck its not gonna kill your wallet.

Wanda Garciasville, TX

Growth? It works

I must say I was sceptical! However when I tried it, the first time, it added almost a glow to my lashes and brows. With continued use my lashes started to show improvement and not too mention my lifetime thin growth eyebrows. I stand by the product

Jo Wampum, PA

Worked On Eyelashes, But Left Me Ingrown Hairs On Eyebrows

I have been tweezing my eyebrows for about 15 years now and when I was a teenager lets just say I went way overboard tweezing. I now have thin eyebrows even if I dont tweeze, which I don’t like at all. I was doing some searching on Amazon and decided to try this product for 2 reasons— the low price and there is a lot of positive reviews.I used the product on my eyelashes and my eyebrows-Its just like a mascara tube/brush. Was very easy to apply.My eyelashes are fine the way the are, they are not thinning or anything, but just thought I would try it on my eyelashes anyway to see what happend.After a week or so, I noticed my eyelashes appeared to be thicker and longer, not drastic but I did notice a change.Around the same I started to get a couple bumps around my eyebrows- and they ended up being ingrown hairs- they started to swell and were red- which by that time I did not see any different in my eyebrows and the ingrown hairs were gross and of course I stopped using the product.Maybe if I stuck thru it on my eyebrows I maybe might have seen a difference but the ingrown hairs were not something I was willing to end up with for using the product. After stopping using the product the ingrown hairs disappeared.But for my eyelashes I did see a slight difference after using only a week- but I stopped using the product all together because of the eyebrow issue.

Dayna Shelby, NC

Didnt work

Im using it now for more than two months no change at all . My eyebrows and eyelashes are still the same i dunno it didnt work at all

Camille Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Not So Sure Yet

I have been using this product for approx. 1 month. I have also been using Mavala Double-Cils AND Real Lash at the same time. I have been using the Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator on both my eyebrows and lashes. Also on a small patch of hair around my forehead that is thinning. As for the patch around my forehead, I see no difference at all. Even with using all three products, I see no difference in my lashes. I must admit though – There has been a couple of days here and there where I did not use 2x a day. Always used once a day. Therefore the 3 stars – haven’t used ‘faithfully’ – perhaps that is the reason? Just an FYI – I am 54 yrs old with average light-colored lashes – not thin. At this point, I’m considering ordering the Mavala again – the brush seems to cover the lashes better.

Jeanine Columbia, IA

read the label

This is an eyelash conditioner, it’s may grow lashes longer, but it’s not guaranteed. like you condition your hair to make it stronger and moisturized which aids in growth, this works the same way, there is no glaucoma growth ingredient in this. I like it, makes my lashes feel good and conditioned. You could also do the same with castor oil, it’s up to you

Kaitlyn Talbot, IN

I might actually be working

I’ve been using this product on and off now for 2 weeks. It seems to help in that it seems to keep my eyelashes from falling out as much as they would naturally. Also, it may promote the re-growth of the lashes that are growing it? I’m not sure. My lashes are no longer than they were before, but I’ll keep wearing it and see what happens. My eyeballs have certainly not fallen out yet. :)Update: So the product does not seem to do much more than keep your eyelashes from falling out as quickly. I don’t see any real growth promotion after several weeks. I’ve switched instead to Rapidlash and found amazing results. I have written a review of it too, if you’re curious about my experience.

Lina Clayton, WI

Five Stars

My lashes are growing

Consuelo Uledi, PA


I use this product regularly after an unfortunate experience of having false lashed professionally put on. When the false lashes wore off, they took some of my lashes with them. This product has helped me to grow back my lashes back much quicker.

Estella Ransom, IL

Love the brush

Love the brush but can tell this one will gloop up just like Mavalla does and you end up wasting some. I think there is some wax-like substance in both these products as they both harden inside after about halfway down making some wasted as you cannot get out of the bottle. However, it works and my lashes have definitely grown. Don’t expect your lashes to grow fast, tho, as it took me almost two months to see a real difference but now they really are much longer after 4 months. Will definitely repurchase.

Serena Butner, NC