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Ardell Accents Lashes Pair – 305

Accents will enhance your look not create a new one. they are shorter than a typical strip lash and are to be used on the outer corners of the eyes for an audrey hepburn look. the shorter length is perfect for a natural look and fool-proof application. accents can be worn for every occasion from formals to just a night out, they’ll create natural looking lashes with a touch of glamour & sophistication.

Key features

  • 100% Human Hair
  • Used in the corner of your eye for an Audrey Hepburn look
  • Fool-proof application
  • Any occasion

Honest reviews


need a fuller lash

I have long lashes to begin with, but I found that only making half my lashes longer did not make too real looking. Next time I will purchase a lash that is long for the entire lash

Jeanne Dunn, NC

easy to apply

these lashes are super hot, they give you a cat eye effect in an effortless way. in my point of view these are much easier to apply than the full lashes , they make life so much simpler. if you use them carefuly and apply them in the correct way you can reuse them also just do the following:= when you remove the lashes, remove the glue off the end.= use a makeup applicator comb which you normaly use for your eyebrows and use it to comb the hair and remove any excess mascara if you have applied more for extra drama.= reapply the glue and go ahead and reapply the way, just a small feedback, i dont remove my lashes, i keep them for one week on using the duo eyelash glue, i dont wash my eyes, instead i remove any makeup or eyeshadow by using wipes, this helps prolong the usage of the lashes and keeps you at a low maintenance.good luck! you will love it! i will definatly repurchase!

Kim Neffs, PA

I have not yet tried them

I have lots of Ardell # 308 lashes and other half I have not had the chance to try these though I am not sure if I would try them. They look a little too thick for my eyes. In order for them to look natural or at least blend with my lashes I would have to put a tremendous amount of mascara on my lashes which will cause them to look clumpy and nasty looking .

Marla Fort Defiance, AZ

Not natural

Needs to have the hair spaced out more. I don’t know why they insist over putting the hair so tight. You can easily see the band.

Autumn Daisy, GA

looks natural

looks natural and that’s what’s important. when you’re wearing false lashes, you never want it to look like you’re wearing falsies, and have spider eyes like the kardashians. it’s soft, subtle and very easy to use.

Katy Delavan, WI

Too obvious that I’m wearing lashes.

This would work best for someone that already has a pretty good set of lashes on their face. I have short and not-so-lucious lashes, so if I put these in, it’s pretty obvious where my lashes end and the fake start. In my case, it’s better to put on a full set of lashes so I have uniform coverage.

Jean South Shore, SD

Naturally glamourous looking 🙂

These are the perfect length and shape to look “naturally glamourous.” They give the extra pizzaz without looking like you are wearing fake eye lashes. You know, where everyone just tells you that you look great without pin-pointing what is different. 🙂

Meghan Westmoreland, NY

Very natural

Great for daytime wear. If you want more of a dramatic look you may want to double the lashes. They ate very light, feels like you aren’t even wearing lashes.

Rosario Windfall, IN

I absolutely ADORE! these!

I get compliments all of the time when I wear these. I mostly wear these on nights out. They make my eyes appear seriously seductive, very sexy, sultry and just overall HOT! HOT! HOT! Never discontinue these, Ardell! I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE! them. I place a HUGE! emphasis on LOVE. 😉

Roberta Harbor View, OH

Best False Eyelashes

These are awesome. Easier to put on & hotter looking than a full lash. The price was right and they came quickly. As long as the service & product stay this way, I will be a repeat customer.

Louisa Zapata, TX

Really Great

These are awesome. Did you know Marilyn Monroe wore half-lash, corner lashes ? That was her look and her preference. I love these. But I switch it up and sometimes wear the 120’s, a full lash in this brand as well: love them both.

Norma Stanton, NJ

It’s okay

I’m asian and I have medium amount of eyelashes and they are medium lengths too. This product is good for people with longer and fuller eyelashes. It’s too obvious on me. And also this product seems pretty cheap cuz at the ends of the eyelashes you can see the white glue points so when you put eyeliner and place the lashes, the white dots are visible.

Margarita Brilliant, AL

1st order was 5 star this shipment 2 star

The first time I ordered these I would give them a 5 star rating.They look gorgeous on. Easy to apply.However, this shipment, there was so much glue holding lashes on the right eye that 3 pairs are ruined so far out of 6. Nothing worked to remove the thick layer of clear glue that went halfway down lashes. I ordered 12 pairs and the glue is inconsistent throughout hopefully no more pairs will be ruined. It is a shame because they look so nice when on.

Leigh Livonia Center, NY

uncomfortable, unnatural…

These lashes did blend into my lashes after I trimmed the longest part of the outer edges off slightly. They felt uncomfortable and did not look like real hair. They did thicken my outer lashes a little bit though. I have had Ardell lashes that looked more real, but at the same time added more thickness in the past. I will not be repurchasing these.

Patricia New Suffolk, NY

I was shipped Andrea 305

These Andrea lashes good, but have heavier strip. I purchased duo adhesive and had good results. Was disappointing at first, but now like them fine.

Connie Four Lakes, WA